Ghost Hound Episode 2 – TMI


Yeah, even after cutting out what I could, I still have SO many screencaps for episode 2. Then again, Ghost Hound is just one of those series where almost anything said is important.

Oh, and there were some fixes to Shinsen-Subs’ subs for this episode. Tarou is actually Taro, and Oogami is actually Ogami. Both of the names Taro and Ogami have accents over the ‘o’, meaning it should be a hard ‘o’, which is why they added the ‘o’ and ‘u’ after them. I guess they decided to change it.

Anyways, on to the episode.

The second episode starts off by giving us a quick recap of important scenes from the last episode, except the audio isn’t the same. The scenes flash before you as creepy sound effects play, such as the sound of water gurgling whenever a character was supposed to be talking. I can’t really explain it much more than that, you have to watch/see it for yourself. It sets quite the mood.

Then it’s time for the actual episode to start.


Creepy title is creepy.

It starts off with Taro having a memory of waiting in front of his sister’s school so he can walk home with her or something. However, since Taro has been going through trauma because of the incident 11 years ago, his memory is fuzzy to say the least.


Lol, she got censored.

She then gets mad at him for some reason we can’t determine, since there’s no audio dialogue whatsoever, and then they run off down some alleyways. Not exactly the safest decision? When they come out the other end, that tall thing from the first episode is waiting for them.


That's what you get for running down alleyways.


She went limp. And DANG that dude is still tall.


He should do one of those Orbit gum commercials.

Taro then wakes up not too long after, and starts to record his dream like he usually does. The cassette actually runs out, and he puts it in a case along with some others.


Dang, he's got one for each month.

Taro then leaves the house to head to school, and listens to his father talk to some guy about something. The conversation topic starts to enter the uncomfortable range though, and Taro heads off.

Once at school, he decides to look up some info on the computer. We aren’t sure what he’s looking at yet though. Nakajima then decides to make a glorious appearance, and brings up the incident 11 years ago. Someone has been doing his homework.

I won’t go into details, but he basically talks about how the kidnapper got killed when the police intended to question him about where he had taken Taro and his sister.


The static video scene here was really well done.

We also find out that Taro’s sister’s name is Mizuka.

Nakajima then continues to erotically smile at Taro, but then Taro puts him in his place.



Taro closes his session and then leaves the room. Nakajima watches him go, then decides to be a sly devil and checks up on what Taro was looking at on the computer.snap9




I think stalking people gives him a boner.

Then we watch some characters walk around doing stuff at school and heading home afterwards while Nakajima, and occasionally Taro, explain the incident that happened 11 years ago in more detail.

I’m not going to type up a bunch of crap about the incident, so instead I took some screenshots. The first bit is about the kidnapper accidentally getting killed




Still pwned.

Then we learn something interesting. It seemed to be implied last episode that Ogami’s father had something to do with the kidnapping, or possibly had been the kidnapper himself. This episode tells you why that isn’t possible.




Obvious symbolism is obvious, Production I.G.


So he was murdered?


Those jerks.


You can see the knife if you looks closely.


...Wait, what?! This is all connected somehow?!


Poor Kid Ogami.


That sucks. No wonder Ogami glares at everyone.

All of the information about the incident was like 1/3 of the episode. That’s just too long…

Moving on, Taro decides to go find the Stair Girl and starts heading up the stairs. It turns out someone lives up on the hill, and Stair Girl helps take care of him by going to buy groceries and sweeping out front and stuff. I don’t think she’s his daughter though.

Once Taro reaches the top, he sees a forest entrance that absolutely intrigues him. He decides to investigate.



It doesn’t take long before some really freaky crap starts to happen. Though by now this is pretty much expected to happen around Taro. The kid’s life just seems to be one giant shroomfest.


I so called it...

The forest starts to fog up for no reason at all, and then we get to see some very strange events. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so I’ll let them do the talking.


Does Taro NOT realize he's tripping balls?





You again?!


Wait, he's going to run into his out-of-body form? WAT

Yeah, I don’t quite understand what happened in that last screenshot. It’ll probably get explained later, but… it’s so confusing! How can he run into his form that he’s only in during his sleep?! Mind = blown.

When he gets back, Taro spends a bit of time trying to talking to Stair Girl, but she either ignores him or gives him incredibly short responses.

Off somewhere else, it seems Nakajima is getting some information from another classmate about what happened with Ogami’s dad. There’s some talk about his grandmother being the cause, but it’s not enough information to make sense to the watcher.





I believe Nakajima just accidentally created foreshadowing.

Before Nakajima can get any more information out of the kid, he sees some other students approaching which spooks him. Nakajima notices this and lets him go, but not without paying him first. And what did he bribe him with? I believe it’s the OP song to the show lol.


Nice self-reference, there.

Before leaving, Nakajima looks below the bridge and sees the river. For some reason, he seems to get really nervous. I think he’s either afraid of heights or hydrophobic, and I don’t doubt it’ll somehow play a part in the future. Then he leaves with a collected smile and the episode ends.

CONCLUSIONS: Hopefully Episode 3 will supply the last bit of backstory information, and then we’ll get to see some awesome stuff happen. But yeah, this episode was a bit slow, though that’s because they’re trying to get all of the backstory out of the way.


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