Ookamikakushi Episode 1 – Scythes Are Awesome

Awesome, first blog for me for the Winter season of shows. First up, Ookamikakushi.

This show is being done by AIC, and is based off a story done by ultra popular author Ryukishi07, who wrote (and is still writing) the When They Cry series (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru).

Like all of Ryukishi’s other stories, it’s labeled as a psychological thriller. He’s also known for his infamous mindrapes he always has in his stories.

Enough fanboy rambling about Ryukishi though, lets get on with the show.

The show starts off with a scene that’s obviously going to happen in a couple of episodes. It’s not an uncommon move, and it always makes you wonder how you’ll get from Point A (beginning of the story) to Point B (the little prologue scene).

We’re shown a guy – obviously the protagonist – being somewhat heckled by a girl around his age.


Lol, what a wimp.

Things get stranger as Isuzu tells him how much she loves him and all that fun stuff. But it has a twist.





Isuzu goes all evil eyes mode and Hiro starts to freak out and tries to get away. He doesn’t go that far though. She follows him and continues to tell him how much she loves him. This is the strangest way to communicate your feelings I’ve ever seen.

She doesn’t get to keep rambling and say she wants his babies or whatever, because they get some company.


Maybe they're angry she stole the red eyes look?

It doesn’t seem like their company has any intention of doing anything to them except surrounding them though. The new guys easily outrun them and even circle them a few times.

As this happens, Isuzu starts to hear a voice telling her that she’s wrong and that she isn’t actually in love. The argument doesn’t last long though, as the speaker makes her appearance. A very dramatic entrance, I might add.


You're SO screwed.


Creepy mask. It should be my next Halloween costume.

The prologue ends literally right after that screenshot.

The OP song is really catchy (though it’s not like I can memorize the words), and the video that goes along with it matches it perfectly. In fact, here’s the OP song and video for you.

And now the show starts.


After the OP, we see Hiro and his sister, Mana, along with their father, driving to their new home in Jouga. Once they arrive, the dad asks Hiro to bring in the luggage since he’ll be showing Mana the new place.


Mana is SO damn cute.

Hiro watches them enter the building and then starts to daydream for some reason. He’s broken out of this state when he hears the sound of a bell.

The sound came from Isuzu, who’s behind him. Specifically, the sound came from the bell on her wrist. I’m not quite sure why she has it, but I don’t doubt it’ll play a part in the story somehow.

The two characters kind of stare at each other for a while, not quite sure what to do about this new person each of them is seeing. Isuzu has a happy kind of, “OMG he’s cuuuuuuuuuute!” smile, while Hiro has a strange, “Who the HELL is this person?” look on his face.

Then Isuzu gives him the most unusual greeting I’ve ever seen.


She should try out for football.

They exchange names, Isuzu excitedly, and Hiro scared out of his mind. And Isuzu runs off with some kind of victory smile going on. Quite the strange person.

Fast forward a couple days, and the family is having some breakfast before Hiro and Mana head off to school. Their father asks about their opinions of the schools and such, and Mana brings up Isuzu and how she has a massive crush on Hiro. After Hiro manages to dodge the subject by saying they’ll be late for school, both he and Mana head off.

They don’t get too far away from the apartments before someone “greets” them.


She clearly thinks he's a football.

After Hiro, Isuzu, and Mana all say good morning to each, they drop Mana off at her school. Then Isuzu somewhat forcefully has Hiro promise that he’ll walk to school with her together from now on, and they run off to their school.

When they arrive, all the students in the class gather around Hiro to give him a little announcement.


Lucky punk.

Before any crazy party can start, the teacher/best character in the entire show arrives.


Now THAT is a man.

The guy barely has any screentime, and his name only pops up for like half a second, and yet he radiates sheer awesomeness. I don’t know if it’s his dialogue, or how he behaves, or if it’s because it looks like he just ran 10,000 laps around the school, but he has pretty much become my favorite character within like 2 seconds of appearing.

Everyone sits down to get ready for class, and Isuzu asks if she can sit in the same seat as Hiro since they’re acting all lovey-dovey, but she gets instantly cockblocked.



Not much happens after that, but the show goes to the transition screen where commercials would usually play after it. It’s pretty cool.




Even more awesome.

The show returns with a not-so-important lunch scene. Hiro talks to a classmate, Kaname, about some stuff. Nothing really important.

However, something VERY important and strange happens right after this. Isuzu and Kaname leave the classroom for a reason I forget, and then a bunch of students start crowding around Hiro and bugging him to join their clubs or hang out with them.

Before he gets overwhelmed, Ogasawara (the guy who announced they were throwing him a party) starts dragging him off in what seems like an attempt to help him. Though something seems strange…


Kinda creepy, dude.

Before Ogasawara gets too far, a female classmate, Nemuru Kushinada, stops him.



Caught in the headlights look.

Kushinada holds some kind of power over the class, because they all leave Hiro alone after this and leave. Hiro tries to thank her, but Kushinada doesn’t give a crap what he has to say and leaves.

As Hiro leaves the school with Isuzu and Kaname, they spot Ogasawara looking blankly at the distance. When he turns and sees them, he panics and runs off.

Hiro and the other two then go off and do some uninteresting stuff, though we do learn a few things from their conversation.

1) The town practically worships hassaku, which are kind of like mandarins.

2) The town is divided into two parts, one being the Old Town and the other being the New Town. Apparently the town had been getting a large influx of people moving there, and there were quite a few people who opposed to it. Those people now live in Old Town.

3) Night comes early in this town. By 7:00 P.M. all the shops have been closed.

Also, what the hell was with this part?


Nice position, there.

After night falls, the creepy people with the masks come out to play again. Just like in the prologue, they’re chasing after someone.


I want one of those masks.


So that's where Ogasawara went!

Ogasawara now has red eyes, which we know from the prologue is a bad thing (well DUR). He runs down some alleys in an attempt to shake off his pursuers, but he there’s only so long he can last.




Woah, he's transforming into something...


Gonna jump like that EVERYTIME you attack?



The scene then changes to a television screen, which is showing a commercial about hassaku.



Then the scene changes again to a guy looking over what looks like a miniature 3D replica of the town. He gets quite the frustrated look on his face about something.


Something tells me you're a main character.

The next day when Hiro shows up at school, he notices that Ogasawara’s desk is missing. He asks some nearby students what happened to him, but the whole class hears him ask the question. All of them give him a confused stare, as if they have no idea who the hell he’s talking about. Then Kushinada shows up to give him an answer.



I'm calling bull.

Then the episode ends.

CONCLUSIONS: Whew, that was a long post. Guess I felt like I had to make up for the delay.

Anyways, this episode was definitely interesting, and there’s always more to Ryukishi’s stories than he’s willing to let on, so I’m very curious to see what happens.

Also, their teacher needs more screentime. Or at the end when all the bad guys have appeared, he should show up riding a scythe like a skateboard, and own the crap out of all of them just by staring at them and flexing his muscles.


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