Baka to Test to Shokanju Episode 1 – POKEMON?!

I was going to say what the title translated to, but that picture pretty much does the job for me. Oh well.

So yeah, this post didn’t come yesterday because I’m lazy. Oh well. (By yesterday I mean the 10th. It was like past midnight when I posted this. >_>)

It’s time to take a little break from the awesome and watch a comedy. Of course, that means I had to put all the funniest parts (from my perspective) in this post. Basically, expect a LOT of screencaps.

The show starts off by showing a bunch of students taking a placement exam. The scores they get on this test will determine which class they will be in. We see the main character say how he’s ready for this test, and how he can handle it.

Moments later, we see a girl at another desk start to breath heavily. After a couple seconds of this, she falls sideways out of her desk and the main character catches her.


That's me in the morning. Zzzzzzzzz...

He tries for a little bit to try and help her and suggests that she needs to go to the nurse’s office, but the test proctor is not amused.



Before we can see what happens, we time jump forward to the start of the next school year. Or maybe it’s just the next semester? Whatever, it’s not that important.

The main character, whose name we find out to be Yoshii (yes, that’s the first thing that came into my head too), is heading to school when he runs into a man who you can purely guess is a teacher. He hands Yoshii an envelope saying that the grade he got and the class he’s assigned to is inside. As he’s opening it, the teacher talks to him.




Then the OP song and video play. While the song certainly isn’t for everyone, the video is quite artsy and enjoyable. Here’s a video to watch it. It’s small, but it’s translated!

We then return to see Yoshii walking through the halls of the school, quite depressed at his score.


Fancy nametag.

As he’s on his way to his classroom, Yoshii stops by Class A to see what he’s missing out on. He’s quite stunned at all the amazing things the class has. When he arrives at his own classroom… well depression is an understandable feeling to get. Just look at the difference!


This is just a SMALL portion of Class A.


This is ALL of Class F.

Class F isn’t even cared about enough to have a seating chart. After sitting in his seat, Yoshii complains about how there’s no stuffing in his cushion, the windows are nonexistent, and that his table breaks, all in that order. The teacher’s response to all 3? “Deal with it.” This is truly a hard knock life. Well, actually he does get glue to fix his desk.

Not much later, the teacher’s own little podium breaks in half, and he leaves to get some tools to repair it. Yoshii meets all his friends that are stuck in Class F with him at this point.


The Best Friend.


The Tsundere. (Google is your friend if you don't know what this means.)

Yoshii can’t help but let out a jab about Shimada though, saying he’s not surprised she’s here because she’s stupid. This was not Yoshii’s smartest move. He then further digs himself into the hole by not learning his lesson and opening his mouth again.





However, this does give another of Yoshii’s friends the perfect moment to appear since Shimada’s legs are apart.


The Pervert.

He’s looking exactly where you think he’s looking.

This leaves just one more of Yoshii’s old friends to make their appearance.


The Trap.

Now that the old group is back together, they begin to discuss just how crappy their classroom is. Yoshii even looks around to comment on the people in the class.


It would be ironic if they were playing Pokemon.


THAT is me in the morning!


I lol'd.

Yoshii is quite dissatisfied with his other classmates, so he turns back to his friends. Now you’re going to find out why I labeled Hideyoshi as The Trap.





I wouldn't be surprised if she said that in fear that Yoshii thinks she's a dude.

Since Shimada is obviously a tsundere and therefore likes Yoshii, I guess she feels the need to remind him of her gender. However, Yoshii refuses to accept that Hideyoshi is a guy and that Shimada is a girl. He even starts to give a speech about it.




Theory: Yoshii is secretely a masochist.


A true pervert never lets an opportunity slip by.

Before Shimada can kill Yoshii, the class gets a visitor though, and Yoshii gets another friend added to his circle.


If she's here, then Yoshii really did take her to the nurse's office during the prologue.

She spot Yoshii and heads over to him and they exchange greetings. Before she can ask him anything further though, she comments about how Shimada has him in yet another painful wrestling hold. He then screams in agony.

Then the unpredictable happens. The class has no windows, so a strong breeze flows in. I believe you can ascertain what happened simply by giving you the picture and the hilarious follow-up ones.








This scene made me ROFL so hard. XD

Yuuji then takes this time to comment on just how crappy this classroom is.


His cushion has mushrooms growing on it. O_o

After a bit of thinking, Yoshii and Yuuji come to the conclusion that they have to do something, anything. They only have one idea, but it’s their only shot. They have no other choice but to resort to…


Why yes, this DOES sound like Pokemon.

Yuuji as the class representative then gives a huge speech to the class about their idea. The whole class agrees that their room is crap and they’d take a better one anyday, but they aren’t completely convinced about the Exam Summoning Battles. Yuuji then declares that since they’re already at the bottom of the rung, they have nothing to lose.

You might be a little lost. Since the rules for the Exam Summoning Battle are both interesting and hilarious at the same time, I’ll simply post screencaps detailing the general rules.



If this doesn't motivate kids to do well in school, NOTHING WILL.

Along with the fact that they have nothing to lose, Yuuji tells everyone that they have a secret weapon… Yoshii. Yuuji reveals to the class that…


Sounds kinda kinky in my opinion.

Yoshii’s moment of glory doesn’t last too long though, since Himeji asks Yuuji what a Punishment Inspector is.




Lol, Yoshii doesn't even realize what they're saying yet.

Now that the class has agreed to the plan, the next thing to do is to declare war on Class E. After beating them, they will work their way up to Class A.

I think I might have forgotten to mention that due to Yoshii being a moron, he’s easily manipulated. As his best friend, Yuuji takes complete advantage of this on a frequent basis. Such as now, when Yuuji tells Yoshii to be the ambassador and tell Class E that they declare war.





Now that war has been declared… well, all that’s left is the fight.

Class F’s strategy is simple, yet a massive gamble. Your Being has the same attack power as the score you got on your last test, which for everyone at the school was the placement exam. Basically meaning that in a normal ESB, Class F would lose easily to any of the other classes. However, once a battle starts, you can take tests to restore your Being’s power or just to give them a higher attack power.

So the plan is to delay the fight as long as possible, and have Himeji go take tests to get power since she got a 0 on the placement exam and is therefore essentially useless. Everyone knows she’s on the same intelligence level as Class A though. She doesn’t have that much time though, since once either of the class’ representatives get beaten, the battle is finished.

The fight ensues!


Your Being is a miniature version of yourself.









We then get to see a bit of the combat system. It’s mostly real time and pretty much ideas from Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! combined into one.





After this first lackey falls, we also learn a new rule about how the ESB works. What happens to the losers?





Oh god Japan, where do you come up with this stuff? XD

Not too much later, Class E has broken through Class F’s defensive line and have reached Yuuji and Yoshii. Yuuji somewhat frightens Class E by telling them that Yoshii’s Being has special powers. Here’s what happened.





That's pretty neat.



Before Yoshii can even fight, as his Being runs toward Class E, it trips and slams it’s face into the ground, essentially giving Yoshii a massive migraine and rendering him useless. However, there’s one last line of defense before Class E can take on Class F’s class representative…


I can't do an "OVER 9000!!!!!!!" joke. :(

Himeji single-handedly annihilates Class E without even breaking a sweat.



However, even though Class F won, they Yuuji says they don’t want to take Class E’s room. After all, they have bigger fish to fry.

Before any planning towards the next step can be done though, they get a visitor. One who Yoshii mistakes for Hideyoshi, although for an understandable reason. It’s Hideyoshi’s sister.


Dang, so one of them ISN'T a trap.

Without so much as a nod of the head, she gives a rather big declaration.


Well that was fast.

The episode ends with Yuuji smiling. ALL ACCORDING TO PLAN.

CONCLUSIONS: This took SO long to do. >_> It was worth it though.

Anyways, this show was absolutely hilarious. There were actually a lot of funny scenes that I cut out so this post wouldn’t be too long. Yeah, good job that did.

Plus, this show is a heck of a lot like Pokemon in a way, which gives it extra epic points. I look forward to more.

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  1. Annan says:

    I lol’d @ the kinky bit

    • Riyoga says:

      OH GOD THE FORMATTING ON THIS POST IS SO BORKED. Just goes to show how old this post is.

      I’m both happy and confused that I get comments on these old posts.

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