Dance in the Vampire Bund Episode 1 – Twilight Can Suck It

I’d post a screenshot of the title and such, but SHAFT pretty much never has an OP song and video in their shows until the second episode, so I’ll put it up then.

Anyways, it seems there has been a boom in the vampire craze lately, mainly due to the Twilight series (/vomit). Not all the shows spawned from it suck as much as it does though, such as this show. This show shows lots of promise, and is one of the highest “looking forward to shows” of the season for anime watchers.

This post shouldn’t be too long (although I took a nice chunk of screenshots) due to the fact that not too much happens this episode. It’s summed up pretty easily.

Also, the visual effects in the episode were REALLY good. Basically, just know to add about a billion times more epic to all the screenshots you see for an accurate opinion.

The show starts off detailing an attack on a girl named A-san. Basically, that means her name is A. >_>

Moving on, the attack was supposedly done by a vampire according to her telling of the story.


Friendly neighborhood vampire.


The poor wall didn't know what was coming. =(


Taking hickeys to a whole new level.

After she finishes telling her story, we find out that this whole thing is being done on a television show. People have been calling it a game show, but there’s too much debating for it to be one in my opinion.

So anyways, the topic for the show is obvious: do vampires exist in real life? The first vote of the five judges is pretty predictable.


I wish court cases were decided like this. It'd make them 100x more awesome.

So after this quick pre-voting, we’re introduced to the judges. The judges who chose False are: #1, #2, and #4. The judges who chose Truth are #3 and #5.


Kind of annoying, but thinks scientifically and logically.


Thinks vampires don't exist because they're scary. She annoys me the most.


Thinks they exist because they're hot. She's actually just as annoying as the hag.


Says they don't exist, since that's why they're in his manga.


Says they exist because his movie role says so. All the women cheer whenever he says anything.

The debate basically involves the show trying to prove vampires exist, while the judges kind of bicker back and forth. Isao speaks the most though, since he thinks realistically and only believes in scientific proof and such.

After this has been going on for a while, Isao manages to convince Yumi (the model) that vampires aren’t real and she moves her vote ball to the False side.

Then we get to see something interesting.


Mina Tepes, Queen of Vampires, seems to be enjoying the show. She forgot her popcorn. =O

Also, what the hell is up with those faces, SHAFT? Though, SHAFT is known for these kind of things. They’re more funny than annoying anyways. Though, what the hell is up with the 4th girl on the second to last row in that pic? She looks like she has bloody drills for hands lol.

Anyways, moving on. Mina mentions that it seems illogical to base the existence on vampires by what we know from manga and old stories and such. Vampires could be vastly different than we assume they are. This is pretty much a subtle way of saying the vampires in this story won’t completely conform to the common beliefs about them. I don’t see any problems with that.

Well, as long as they don’t f’ing sparkle.

Now that the votes are 4 believing vampires don’t exist and only 1 believing they do, the show decides to give some new evidence. Here’s what they said happened after the discovery of the crime.




We know she isn't the REAL queen, so what are the vampires planning?

Obviously she’s aware that just showing up on the show and telling the judges that she’s the Queen of Vampires isn’t good enough, so she brought a nice little treat for them.



All of the judges are pretty shocked, but Isao still attempts to fight back. He questions whether there were any scientific studies on the arm to prove its origin, since it could belong to some other species, or be a fake entirely. They assure him that it isn’t a fake.

Though they don’t have any decisive proof to prove its origin, Isao knows that he’s on the losing end of the argument due to the arm being shown to them. So he takes a different approach, and brings up a great point.


"OBJECTION!" comes into my head whenever I see this scene.

He questions what possible motive the vampires could have by revealing themselves to the public. The ever so helpful Mina Tepes decides to give him an answer to his question.





The show sees this as a perfect time to add onto this, and decides to interview a random bystander on the street.



Happy loli! =D



Uh oh...



Seiichi now decides to actually do something and takes the lead in the debate. He questions her if she really is the Queen of Vampires, and she assures him she is. For some reason, this statement pleases him. Without so much as giving a reason why, he changes his vote from True to False.


Why don't you believe her? And you voted for True, bro. Why the change?


All the judges have been convinced.

The fake Queen of Vampires (whose name I should mention is Bella, by the way) then gives a nod to her maid. They have a trump card left to play.

Bella then comments that the vampires live by a hierarchy system, and that whoever attacked A (>_>) didn’t have approval. She calls the attacker despicable and a nice slew of other adjectives. Then we start to notice the truth.





Seiichi then goes all Bionicle and uses his mechanical arm to grapple his real arm to him.


I imagine Golem from Lord of the Rings voice when I see this part.

All of the judges start to panic, and Seiichi decides to have some fun.


She enjoyed it so much that she passed out.

He then decides to transform, and boy what an ugly form it is.


He's like a chameleon mixed with a turkey. O_o

After jumping around a bit, Seiichi jumps onto the scale, and causes the Truth end to slowly tilt and outweigh the False end.



Then the rampage starts.


This whole episode is from the perspective of the TV cameras.

After causing a nice amount of destruction, Seiichi goes to the roof. One of the workers for the show grabs a camera and follows him. What looks like the Secret Service of vampires show up to take him down, but before they do, Mina Tepes decides to take the matter into her own hands and go completely and utterly badass on him.


Well that explains the chameleon thing.




The loli has freaking MIND POWERS. She ain't the Queen of Vampires for nothing.


Well she put him in his place.





She turns to all of the humans that watched this on the roof, and confirms the existence of vampires. They’re pretty scared and ask her what she wants and what her intentions are. She gives a pretty straightforward answer.



Yes, 'bund' is a real, English word. Look it up.

She then bids them farewell, and the episode ends.


Cliché, but still so awesome.

CONCLUSIONS: This was a pretty mild first episode, especially for a SHAFT show. I thoroughly enjoyed the debate, and the ending scenes were incredibly awesome.

I see awesome things coming from this show, and can’t wait for more.

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