Dance in the Vampire Bund Episode 2 – Lolicon Paradise


This’ll be a short post because I realized how hard it is to read, get sleep, watch movies, play Starfox64, and do an anime blog all in the same day.

ヽ( ゚д゚)ノ

Anyways, on with the show.

I can knock out the first half of the show in two sentences.

Akira (the dude interviewed in the first episode and who made Mina cry) is chilling at school and everyone is talking about vampires and if they really exist or not and such. Some chick tries to flirt with Akira but she probably won’t have any important roles in future episodes.


This chick.

Yeah, I’m not sure why the second episode of everything seems to be about nothing this season. It’s quite strange.

Also, lol at studio SHAFT for using distorted real life pictures as settings.


One of many LOLSHAFT moments.

As Akira is ditching class because his heart starts to hurt whenever vampires are mentioned, he notices someone watching him.




It's a wabbit!

Akira ignores her, not knowing what her intentions are. As he notices that she’s going the same direction as him at the same pace and stops when he does, he decides to put an end to her games.

When Mina realizes she’s been found out, she tries to make a run for it, but Akira grabs her arm. He sees tears in her eyes and he gets memories flooded into him, causing a srs bsnss migraine.



Mina initially intends to help him, but she sees Yuki (in case you already forgot (I don’t blame you), she’s that chick from earlier who was flirting with Akira) heading towards them and thinks it best she leave.

It is then we notice that the stalker is also being stalked.


This is what you get for sucking so much at stalking.

Later, when Akira is heading home, Mina stops him to announce her presence, this time with the full intention of not running away.


I'd be lying if I said she didn't look hot in that outfit.

Akira tries to brush her off and continue on home, but she manages to keep his attention long enough to bring up something about him not remembering his past.

Before the conversation can go any further, a helicopter shoots some missiles at them.


ヽ( ゚д゚)ノ

Akira and Mina retreat to a warehouse, where Mina tells him that her Shade Gel is wearing off. This is apparently a full-body lotion substance that stops the sun from turning the vampires in this universe into a pile of ashes.

Mina then taunts/manipulates Akira into applying the lotion to her glorious, naked, loli body. I decided to not take screencaps of the scene because I wanted to save time, and because I don’t want WordPress to think I’m blogging porn and delete my account.

Moments after he finishes applying the gel, two human assassins appear and attack them. I also didn’t take screencaps of this scene in order to save time, and because the fight lasted about ten seconds. The male assassin gets staked accidentally by the female one, and Mina sucks the female’s blood, knocking her out cold.

Also, I know that it was dark with almost no lighting, but…



As Mina and Akira are walking off, the topic of Akira having lost his memories is brought up again. Once again, this doesn’t last too long since they get a visitor.





No, really, he actually IS a spider.

Mina tries to use her awesome mind powers on him, but apparently they only work on vampires who are of the same bloodline as Mina. Of course, since Mina is the Queen of Vampires, being of a different bloodline is odd, to say the least.

She then gets strung up by the spider-vampire and he also smashes Akira into some buildings for the lulz. Mina begs him to stop hurting Akira, so he throws him to the ground while they’re hanging a good 80 to 90 stories above the ground.

As he’s falling and hears Mina’s cries, his memory comes back to him. He remembers he promised to protect Mina back when he was a kid.

He also remembers his heritage.



Akira is a member of the Earth Clan, and they are werewolves apparently. He transforms and runs up the building, and then kills the spider-vampire in literally one hit.

He then transforms back and catches Mina as he jumps off the building.


LOL, transforming made him naked. XD

Then the episode ends with a howl (yes, literally).

CONCLUSIONS: This episode was pretty meh. It’s cool that we have werewolves now, especially because I have no idea how they’ll tie into the story.

This show is definitely wierd, though this should be expected from SHAFT of all studios.

I’ll keep watching, but I hope we start to get more violence.

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