Ookamikakushi Episode 3 – IT’S RAPING TIME!


I’m starting to lose hope of the teacher ever appearing again. Man, I’ll miss him. R.I.P. Teacher Who Wasn’t Even Important Enough to Get a Name. 2010-2010.

Ended up taking more screencaps than I expected. Oh well, I don’t have much text to write unless I find out I’m forgetting something.

Not sure if I can do a second blog post today since I have homework for once in my life, but I’ll try. If anything I’ll just get the screencaps ready for tomorrow.

Oh, right, Ookamikakushi. On with the episode!

The episode starts off with Hiro, Issei, Kana (Kaname), Isuzu, and Mana heading to a small river to chill and have a picnic or whatever. Hiro is in the passenger seat while Issei drives, and they chat a little bit. We also find out what that hassaku thing in his car is. It’s an air freshener/smell dispenser or whatever the hell those things are called.


Believe it or not, this is important to know for later.

We also get subtle (or not) hints of what is to come.



Eventually, the crew makes it to their destination.


I don't have a witty comment for this picture. D:

A bit later, Hiro is chilling with Kana as they set up for the picnic, and she goes creepy mode.



THE TREES ARE ALIVE! (P.S. That movie was terrible, Shyamalan.)


That was deeeeeep, man. *passes pipe around*

Hiro gets the same feeling I did and comments that she’s acting creepy. She simply laughs and says it was just a poem she had read.

I feel like this could be a red herring, but at the same time unintentional foreshadowing isn’t an uncommon technique in anime.

Later, as Hiro watches Kana and Isuzu play around in the river, he notices some guys on the other side and a ways down.


His look says: "Son, I am dissapoint."

Then Isuzu decides to try and force Hiro into the river even though he doesn’t have a bathing suit, and he falls in and gets soaked. Issei then gives him that sweater he’s always wearing over his shoulders to wear. Then we get upgraded a “WAT” level.


Hiro looks funny in this shot lol.



(゚ ー ゚)

Oh baby. This show seems to be taking an interesting route, amirite? Well, I actually don’t mind this development (for some reason other watchers were getting REALLY butthurt about this whole thing) since that means he won’t corrupt my precious Mana. Thumbs up. d (^_^) b

Oh, and later…



The next day at school, Hiro feels sick because of Isuzu’s stupidity before in pulling him into the river. Upon Kana’s suggestion, he goes to the hospital center to make sure he doesn’t have anything serious.


Good going, Isuzu.


Just in case of what? Suspicious... Oh, and the doctor is Nemuru's uncle.

Hiro then leaves, and the doctor heads off to talk to someone waiting for him in a meeting room.


That company sounds... PHISHY! LOLOLOL CWUTIDIDTHAR?!


By "medicines" he means weapons. Biological weapons. /sarcasm


How DEVIOUS this sounds.

The doctor and this dude give each other suspiciously pleased smiles after this talk. I’m calling a red herring on this one. It was way too suspicious to actually be something bad. They’re probably actually trying to cure puppy cancer or something and we’re just being made to think they’re trying to spread puppy cancer.

As Hiro is leaving the hospital center, he sees someone waiting for him. Guess who it is?! It’s Issei! Like that’s surprising. We saw him stalking Hiro to the hospital (I may have forgotten to mention that earlier).



And so it begins...


Oh baby...


Maybe they get red eyes when they're horny?

Issei gets some red eyes, and then stops at a stoplight. He then proceeds to get hot and sweaty with Hiro who can’t undo his buckle since Issei most likely rigged it or because Hiro has the worst luck in the world (this seems to be common with most of Ryukishi’s main characters).




He has LAZAR eyes.

Since he can’t get out, Hiro just flails around aimlessly in an attempt to get free, and he ends up knocking down the hassaku air freshener thing.


...Is that a barcode?


You CAN see why kids love the taste/smell of hassaku!


Wait, he reverted back to normal? WAT?!

…Goddamnit Ryukishi. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS TO ME?! So apparently the hassaku cures people of their supernatural insanity. Or at least the smell of it does. Does that mean that Hiro’s smell makes them go into this supernatural insanity mode? But people he never met went into this mode… maybe it just speeds up the process? GRAH MY BRAIN HURTS!

One theory someone had that I really liked was that all of these people are actually wolves trying to BECOME people, but they keep reverting back to their wolflike state.

Oh, and before I go any further, I’d like to point out something. Tons of people were getting SRS BSNSS BUTTHURT at the whole scene here and were complaining that the show was going a yaoi (man love) route. …I thought my fellow anime watchers were more tolerant than this. Why is everyone getting all worked up about one scene that involved attempted man-rape when it even has an explanation?

If you notice in the first two screencaps, Issei started to sweat uncontrollably. Clearly he was starting to change against his own will. Why does this mode make people want to rape Hiro? I don’t know, but I have faith that I’ll get an answer by the end of this show.

I’m disappointed in my fellow anime watchers.

Issei then drops Hiro off at home and passes off this whole scene as him joking around. Hiro is still suspicious of him, but he’s willing to accept it for now and head inside. I don’t think Hiro’s an idiot, I think he just doesn’t WANT to think of Issei that way.

Then Issei parks and looks depressed before popping some pills.


Theory: These are hassaku pills. Probably the same stuff the doctor gave Hiro.

Off somewhere else, Nemuru’s uncle is talking to her about Hiro.


Too much gay rape?


AHA! The wolf theory is supported by this information.

Because the harvest is poor, that would explain the outbreak of red-eyed people running around everywhere.

Nemuru’s uncle also tells her that he’s “counting on her.” Crap. I was hoping that it would turn out Nemuru wasn’t the scythe girl, and then I would laugh at everyone accepting the idea without proof, but by now it’s pretty much a guarantee she and scythe girl are one in the same.

The next day Hiro heads to school with Mana and Isuzu while Issei waves them off. He takes another whiff of the sweatshirt Hiro wore and then the episode ends.


“Four. The Jouga wolves were sadly
only talked about ephemerally.
Their form, which is not human,
is now prayed to at the shrine.
As if they are gods.”

There’s our creepy poem for the end of this episode, as is custom now. They’re probably hints about the truth of everything, but I don’t care enough to try and decipher them.

So I’ve kind of already seen the next episode of this show (I’ll catch up on everything, I promise!), and shit is gonna hit the fan. Especially because of what happens at the end of the next episode. Oh god I can’t wait for more.


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