Dance in the Vampire Bund Update

In case it isn’t obvious yet, I have TEMPORARILY dropped Dance in the Vampire Bund from my anime blogging.

This is due to the fact that SHAFT can’t encode their videos worth a crap so they’re crappy quality. The encoding group/person I got the last two episodes from stopped doing them.

However, once the BDs (Blu-rays) for the show start to get released, I’ll resume blogging the show using screencaps from those. Heck, I might even update the first two episodes with some higher quality shots.

So, yeah. Sorry to disappoint you lolicons out there.

NOTE: Ookamikakushi Episode 4 will be up in like an hour or two. Possibly longer if I get distracted by a random shiny object or another retarded bird flying into the kitchen window. The post WILL be up tonight though.

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