Ookamikakushi Episode 4 – ZOMBIEZ


THE TEACHER IS BACK!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I mean, it’s only for like, three seconds, but they were the most amazing three seconds of the episode.

Anyways, the title of the episode fits pretty well. Quite a few hints of what’s going on get dropped this episode, and the climax of the episode is intense. Seriously, I took like fifteen screencaps of the last three minutes or so.

The episode starts off with some dude telling this other chick how much he lurves her. It’s obvious by her reactions that she also lurves him, but she keeps resisting him saying it’s not such a great idea.



The guy keeps telling her how much he lurves her, and she seems to cave. She asks him if he really does lurve her, and he says yes. Then the chick looks at him as if finally giving in, and guess what happens?



This brings up an interesting theory I had when I saw this. Maybe LOVE is what triggers the transformation. Only true love though, because while the chick got the red glowy eyes, nothing happened to the dude. Then they started making out. I think he just wants some poontang.

But yeah, then the OP goes.

After it’s done, we see Isuzu flirting with Hiro after class, as usual.




It was short, but it was glorious.

After leaving the room, Isuzu volunteers herself and Hiro to help Kana with her library work. When they’re there, Kana tells them some of the urban legends of the town.


That sounds awesome. I want one as a pet.


Y'all do know what those red fireflies that she's talking about actually are, right?

She then mentions another urban legend. This one seems to come out of nowhere, so of course you know that it has to do with the plot somehow.




Wait wut.


(゚ ー ゚)

So yeah. Guess we can’t look at hassaku the same way again.

After helping Kana with her various librarian chores or whatever, Hiro and Isuzu walk home. Once they reach their apartment area, they split off. Literally moments after this, someone calls out to Hiro, and guess who it is!


Time for another awkward atmosphere already?






If I could insert a pedobear picture as a caption, I would.




I give that escape attempt a 4 out of 10. Kudos for thinking of it under pressure though.


Yeah! Plus, girls have COOTIES!

Before Hiro seriously does get raped, Isuzu comes running back around the corner.


She seems to know something...

In a manner that made it seem like Isuzu knew what was going on with Issei, she guides him back to their home. She then pretty much confirms that she knows what’s going on with him.


I wish I knew what was going on with this friggin' town.

Then we get to see another victim of the night! It’s some kid we don’t even know.


You're screwed, bro.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see anything gruesome happen to him. We just see him get surrounded in the distance and then he screams.

The next day, we see Hiro and Mana taking a walk through the town. It’s pretty uneventful until Mana points out something we saw back in the second episode.


Oh snap!

After this discovery, they just decide to move on. It’s not like any of us know what those things mean yet, anyways.

As they’re walking away though, Hiro looks up at the second story window of the house to see someone looking down at him. They shut the blinds shortly after Hiro sees them. We never see whoever this person was, but Hiro says that whoever it was was glaring at him.

Further up ahead, Hiro and Mana notice some of the townspeople listening to someone play the violin. They move up to see what’s going on, and shortly after the violin player has finished and everyone starts to leave. So far, everything seems pretty nice for a change.

Then we see who was playing the violin.



Yeah, the angry drunk guy from the end the first and second episode’s fiancée is alive and well.


Judging by the nice pile of blood we first saw her lying in, I think it’s safe to assume that this is a zombie.

…That sounded very strange to say.

Moving on before my brain explodes, the part where the commercials would normally play starts and ends. We then come back to see that this woman, Kaori, is willing to teach Mana to play the violin. They start doing their lesson or whatever while Hiro happily watches.

Elsewhere, Issei is at the hospital picking up some medicine for himself. Most likely because of his sudden change in behavior.


Too much and you'll get addicted, man.


Apparently the hassaku harvest is also pretty bad this season. OH CWUTIDIDTHAR?!

Issei takes what little drugs they’re willing to give him, and heads off. As he’s driving, he spots someone familiar on the sidewalk.


It's that chick from the second episode! She doesn't even get a name lol.

She gets in Issei’s car and they talk for a bit. It isn’t long before she drops the bombshell though.


She's probably only known him for like two days, that was fast.

Issei then starts to wig the hell out.



Issei then tells her to GTFO out of his car, and that next time he sees her he’ll give her his response to her confession.

We then go back to Hiro and Mana to see them leaving Kaori’s house. As they head home, they pass by a familiar face.


It's angry drunken guy!

We then follow him as he heads up the path. He’s following a map he has, so he looks like he’s trying to find something specific.

When he gets to the top and sees Kaori, he’s just as surprised as the viewers of the show are to see her. However, he quickly composes himself. Kaori then notices him and asks him if anything is wrong. He says he’s just lost, and she offers to point him in the right direction if he comes inside.

Then the guy says the name ‘Mieko’ in his head. I assume that’s the name of his fiancée that was killed, which makes everything even more confusing.

We then switch back to Hiro and Mana when Mana realizes she left her hat at Kaori’s place. Hiro then says he’ll get it really fast and runs off.

He gets to the house and asks about the hat, and the angry drunken man (he really needs a name so I can stop calling him this) hands Mana’s hat to him asking him if it was the right one. Hiro says it is and the man leaves. Hiro then leaves almost right behind him.

Hiro doesn’t get far though. It’s already dark. He hears some yelling in the distance, and hides behind a nearby wall. As he peeks out to see what’s going on, he sees the woman from the beginning of the episode run by while some of the caped people chase her. He seems to mistake their glowing red eyes as fireflies, though. Where did we hear about fireflies, folks?

Hiro then tails them.

Here’s where I took a billion screenshots. I’ll let this chase scene speak for itself, then I’ll resume to making my sarcastic comments.








I think this scene further adds proof to my “true love screws you over” theory. I should probably think of a less depressing name for it, though.

The chase ends when she reaches a dead end.


She has one awesome snarl.

She takes a step up from what most targets do. She actually begins to question her attackers.



Look who's talking, wolf-girl.


Holy crap, Nemuru is a badass.

The woman then charges Nemuru, hoping to get the first hit in. Even though she’s really fast, Nemuru is even quicker. She easily slaughters the crap out of the chick. This easily makes up for the lackluster kill from earlier. She practically makes a spectacle out of it. Or the artists for the show just felt like going all-out for this part.


WOW that's a lot of blood.


Now THIS is art. Screw all that abstract crap.


Even more dark and sinister than the last shot. I love it.

Hiro sees this whole thing. Upon seeing Nemuru wield her scythe like a beast, he runs for it. He goes to the nearest little police station to ask for help, but nobody is there. He’s just about to run off when he notices someone by the nearby phone pole. It’s the angry drunkard!

Hiro takes him to where the slaughter happened to prove his story, but there’s no trace of what happened anywhere. Hiro gets upset claiming he knows what he saw since he assumes that naturally the guy isn’t going to believe him.

To Hiro’s surprise, he does believe him. He even has his own little bit of info.


While that's true, I don't know if their intentions are evil or not.

The man then walks off, leaving Hiro in shock over this information. The episode then ends after panning down to show us something on the ground.



“Five people don’t know the sorrow
of the gods and venerated wolves.
The hunters, as if they were covered in red,
celebrate their grief, and swing their great scythe down and tremble.”

I just noticed the numbers that start off the poem correspond with the number of the next episode. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that before.

Anyways, this is probably my longest post to date. I think it was worth it though (except for the fact that it’s like 1:18 A.M. right now >_>).

This episode was amazing. The second half even more so. Oh god it just gets even better from here on out. I can’t wait.

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