Star Driver Episode 1 – Galactic Pretty Boy


Anyways, this blog won’t be too long, since there’s not much to explain for this episode. It’s one of those shows where they’re like, “WE’RE GOING TO FLOOD YOU WITH STUFF AND EXPLAIN IT LATER”, so yeah.

…Well, that and I’m lazy.

Anyways, onto the fabulous!

The episode starts off with two people, Wako Agemaki and Sugata Shindou on a beach talking about the stars and stuff. Also something about Wako going to Tokyo in the future. I’m sure this’ll get explained more later on.

Not long into this discussion, Wako “smells” a boy she doesn’t know.

…Yeah, I didn’t really get that either. We do find out later that she’s like one of four shrine maidens or something, but why would that give her smelling powers? I don’t even know.

So she goes to investigate and finds Takuto Tsunashi (who I’m going to refer to as Mr. Fabulous throughout this blogging for a reason I’ll explain later) unconscious on the beach. She begins to give CPR after seeing that he isn’t breathing.



Hot chick CPR is the best kind of CPR.


So then later on, Mr. Fabulous wakes up at Sugata’s place, and Waka is there too. After some short introductions, they go off to eat breakfast. Mr. Fabulous tells them about how he came to the island because he’s going to attend the school that’s there, however he missed the last ferry for the day and decided to swim across the ocean to get there.



This made my face go ( ゚ д゚ )


Mr. Fabulous is pretty beast.

Anyways, later on everyone heads to the school, and all three main characters are in the same class. HOW CONVENIENT.

Later, we see Mr. Fabulous walking through one of the hallways at the school and stopping at a painting. Sugata asks him what’s up, and he says that the painting is one his father did. Maybe he came to this island to look for him? Ionno.

Sugata then talks about Waka a little. One of the maids back at his place said that he was engaged to Waka, but Sugata says that’s only because his family has a history of marrying shrine maidens or whatever, but Sugata believes that you should marry whoever you like, mentioning that she seems interested in Mr. Fabulous.

Mr. Fabulous then asks where she is, and Sugata says something about how she went to “purify” herself. Your classic shrine maiden shiz and all that.



'Tis a hard-knock life for a shrine maiden.


Then the school’s PA goes off and says that all dorm residents need to attend a meeting. Mr. Fabulous dismisses himself and heads off.

At the meeting, a pink-haired RA is explaining the rules.





She says if you break any rules, that you’ll have to do 100 pull-ups in your swimsuit. I don’t get why doing it in your swimsuit would make it extra shameful, but this IS Japan we’re talking about here. One of the more popular boys comments on how she’s full of crap and how she’s the only one who’s done them so far.

Nearby, a guy named George Honda (LOLWUT) is trying to convince Mr. Fabulous to join his boxing club. The RA comments that he shouldn’t unless he wants his pretty face beaten in. George Toyota clicks his tongue and says she ruined it.

Then all of a sudden the RA gets serious and gives a warning.



If you wanted them to stay away, why mention it's a GOLD mine?


Shortly after this, the camera leads us into the gold mine, and we find out it’s the headquarters for a shady-looking group called Glittering Star (or maybe that’s just what they say to anyone entering the base). Even though they’re wearing masks, it’s easy to tell the three members shown are the pink-haired RA, the popular guy who called her out on the pull-ups, and George Mitsubishi.



Those pants/leggings are actually pretty hot.






INSERT SUPER FABULOUS OP SONG AND VIDEO HERE (youtube it, I’m too lazy to find it myself).

We then see that Glittering Star has captured the north shrine maiden, and does some weird mecha ritual on her, where she’s in a mecha, but then gets pwned by a giant magic sword thing (???). It breaks the weird symbol that was just above her chest, and the higher-ups mention something about “moving to the next phase.”

We then see Waka leaving what I assume is her shrine or house after taking a shower and getting dressed. She then turns back to enter the shrine or house again, but she has a surprise waiting for her.



That's one hell of a rape face.


We then move to the entrance of the gold mine, where Mr. Fabulous is standing. He claims that telling a man to not go somewhere only makes him want to go more, and he whips some pliers out of NOWHERE (he’s just that fabulous) and gets ready to get him some fences open.

However, a few seconds later, he hears people approaching and hides in a nearby bush. Two Glittering Star members, one of them which has Waka over his shoulder, are getting ready to enter the mine when they notice the pliers and spot Mr. Fabulous.

Mr. Fabulous then dukes it out with who we can tell to be George Chevrolet, and tries to finish him off with a super fabulous punch, when George Mercedes suddenly turns invisible!



Would've hit if you had said "Falcon" before "PUUUUUUNCH!"


Mr. Fabulous then gets punched in the stomach and it’s lights out for him.

We’re then in the gold mine when Waka wakes up. She’s tied to a chair, and Mr. Fabulous is lying behind her with his hands tied behind his back with rope. The Glittering Star member say how she’s the shrine maiden of the south and are going to use her for their goals.

As they prepare, George Volvo says he wants to be the one to carry out the deed and pretty much promotes himself. A little before they’re about to carry things out though, Mr. Fabulous wakes up and dashes towards them in an attempt to stop them. However, the mecha that George Nissan entered causes time to stop somehow except for anyone wearing a mask (pretty much all of the Glittering Star group).



Now that's just cheating.


Shortly after, the mecha then causes them to enter some weird parallel universe bubble… thing.



Or maybe it just caused everyone to be under the effects if LSD.


They then once again prepare to do whatever ceremony they’re talking about, when all of a sudden, Mr. Fabulous warps in, telling them to give Waka back.

Pretty much everyone in the Glittering Star’s jaw drops, confused as to how someone without a mask got there. Suddenly, Mr. Fabulous gets lifted into the air by a white mecha hand, and everyone REALLY starts to flip out, seemingly figuring out who he is.





That’s definitely a badass name that would instill fear into the hearts of even the darkest of souls!

Mr. Fabulous then gives some fabulous monologue about the “raising your heart and singing out your youth,” then yells the magic word, which is apparently “apprivoise.” No, I don’t know what that means. I don’t even know if that’s from any languages.

Yelling this and shining fabulously causes the rest of the mecha to rise up. Do I even need to say what adjective I would use to describe it?



Hint: it starts with an "F"


Why do I keep describing things as fabulous and calling the main character Mr. Fabulous, you ask? Why, because of what happens next, of course!





































…So did I answer your question?

Oh, he even makes his mecha, Tauburn, do a fabulous pose too.





Needless to say, he beats the hell out of George Mazda, and saves Waka. It was a pretty good fight, albeit short.

Back at the base, as he’s groveling on the floor, George Cadillac gets demoted, and possibly even kicked from the group. Poor George Hyundai, he’s probably already out of the series, and I still have names left for him! Such a shame.



I lol'd at Raging Bull. I like my name choices more.


We then find Mr. Fabulous and Waka just chillin’ out on a stone structure that looks like Tauburn’s hand that’s coming out of the ocean. They look at each other semi-affectionately, when Waka’s stomach grumbles. They laugh, and the episode ends.


Convenient geography is convenient.


Wow, I wrote WAY more than I expected, and I didn’t even take any breaks. It may be because I feel bad about being late, but that’s still impressive for me considering this took me about an hour and a half to type up and such if I started when I believe I did. I think this show is just really easy to blog. That and I kept wanting to move on so I could give George a new name every time. :P I had more fun with that then I probably should have lol.

Anyways, Togainu no Chi tomorrow as long as nothing distracts me.
…Basically, expect it before the end of the weekend. I’ll probably only do half of it tomorrow due to laziness.


2 Comments on “Star Driver Episode 1 – Galactic Pretty Boy”

  1. vethansul says:

    I got to say, I laughed throughout the whole thing and I admire your naming skills (poor RB).
    After reading this I actually realized how absurd the whole series is in fact, but that’s where it’s actually really nice to watch and easy to follow. XD

    One last thing: Please tell me I’m not the only one who is sick and tired of the exact same scene (no matter how fabulous) repeating over and over in every. single. episode. Seriously. They could have edited it a little bit more than only the background at least.

    • Riyoga says:

      Wow, didn’t think I’d actually get comments on my old stuff. Though I guess I did keep it up for a reason. :P

      Yeah, Star Driver is very entertaining despite it’s outright silliness. That’s definitely it’s charm.

      You gotta remember, this is the same director as Ouran High School Host Club. Being overly flamboyant is almost a requirement. :P Though I enjoyed the sequence more back when Monochrome played during it.
      I dunno. It doesn’t take up much time though, so I guess it doesn’t really bug me at all. Though I do have a weakness for shiny things so…

      Thanks for the comment!

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