Preview: Rio: Rainbow Gate!


This is out late because of the whole screenshot fiasco from the Ougon Musou Kyoku post, and I also needed to catch up on currently airing shows today.

I originally wasn’t going to do this show, but I watched the second episode earlier, and I figure the sooner this is out, the better.

Anyways, onto Rio: Rainbow Gate!

The show was made because some Japanese animators thought it would be a good idea to make a show based around an idol used in Japanese casinos as a “Goddess of Victory,” and a sex symbol, into a show of her own.


Rio: The Goddess of Victory

She’s a dealer at a casino, and she meets a visiting loli named Mint. Mint has some bad people trying to abduct her teddy bear. It winds up with the last ten minutes of the first episode being Rio getting challenged to a poker game over the bear.


Getting awfully Saw up in here.

Rio wins. Shocker.

Next episode, we’re introduced to some story about cards called ‘Gates’ which dealers fight over.



The episode has a pretty-boy dealer showing up and challenging Rio to a match over their Gate cards. They play a huge-ass (literally) game of roulette. Rio wins and gets his card.

That’s it.

No, really. And take my word for it when I say I actually managed to make the show sound more interesting than it actually is (as hard as that may or may not be to believe).
The show literally has nothing going on until the last five or six minutes of each episode, and even those “exciting” parts are somehow still incredibly boring.

What was the first villain’s reason for wanting that teddy bear? Turns out his fiancée abandoned him at the alter so he collects rare teddy bears for comfort. And it turns out Mint’s bear isn’t even the rare collector’s item he thought it was.
This guy said at points during the episode that he was essentially going to murder people and rape Rio. …Over a teddy bear.

The second episode has Rio being an inconsistent annoyance. First she wants to collect all the Gates, then when challenged to a match she tries to get out of it until she’s forced into it, THEN at the end when she wins she acts like it’s her goal to collect all of them again.

You know a show is terribad when your own storyboard writer posts that it’s bad on his Twitter.

itsuki_Imazaki: Ah, episode 2 of Rio has already started. I’m worried about it…
itsuki_Imazaki: Looks like it’s mostly reverted to the original scenario.
itsuki_Imazaki: It doesn’t make any sense in that direction.
itsuki_Imazaki: What the hell is this? I’m virtually not responsible for this.
itsuki_Imazaki: Stop using my storyboard sporadically…

Yes, the shows own storyboard director says the show is nonsensical.

Honestly, the best character in the show is Rio’s ferret-thing. It has all four of the dealing cards’ symbols on it somewhere, and it runs around the casino like a boss.

With that, I’ll end this post here. Why is this so short? This show is not worth your time, and so it is not worth my time either.

Good day.

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