Preview: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica


Note: The translated title is Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and expect me to refer to the show as such from here on out.

Here we go, the show most anime fans were looking forward to this season.

There was a LOT of hype for this show. After all, SHAFT as the animation studio, Akiyuki Shinbou (SHAFT’s most popular director) as director, Ume Aoki (Hidamari Sketch’s creator) as the original character designer, and Yuki Kajiura (music composer for series such as Kara no Kyoukai, Tsubasa Chronicle, and Pandora Hearts) composing the music? This show basically had all of the most popular people in the industry come together and say, “Screw it, lets make a show together.”

But are the expectations way too high for the show?


The first episode starts, and within a minute, you’re already saying “wat.”snap2


You can see Madoka on the walkway if you look closely.

After running through what would best be described as Alice in Wonderland on LSD, Madoka shows up at a door and opens it.

And what greets her?snap4


Madoka looks over the place in horror, commenting on how terrible it is.

In the distance, she sees a girl trying to fight off whatever that flying thing that was in two pictures ago is. She can’t even get near it though, since it throws buildings and colorful beams of death at her.snap6

Madoka wants to help her after she gets owned, but thinks she isn’t capable of doing anything. However, talking to her telepathically is a little friend he tells her otherwise.


I don't know what it is, but it's cute.

Madoka looks surprised for a second, but then gets a determined look on her face.

And then she wakes up.


Obvious foreshadowing was obvious.

And now for the opening song and video! (Now with fabulous karaoke and Spanish subtitles you can’t read! ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \)

There aren’t any translations on Youtube as of now, but hey, the song is pretty catchy.

Madoka then wakes  her mum up and they both start getting ready for the day.


All the areas have a futuristic look to them.

On her way to school, Madoka meets up with her friends Sayaka Miki and Hitomi. Although Hitomi doesn’t actually play that large of a role.


Sayaka is the one on the right, Hitomi on the left.

Once at school, the class finds out they’re getting a new transfer student today, and…


Woah wait what?

Madoka recognizes her as the girl from her dream, and it seems like Homura does too, given all the glances she kept giving Madoka.

Later in the day, Homura asks Madoka to take her to the nurse’s office, but it was just a ploy to talk to her without anyone around. And what she has to say isn’t very pretty.snap12


*Insert feeling of dread here*

So if Madoka becomes someone she isn’t *cough* a Puella Magi *cough* then she’ll lose everything. Homura is awesome at first impressions.

After school, Madoka and Sayaka go to the mall, but we see something familiar in what looks like a construction area.


Dodge the shots like you're playing Touhou!

Homura is chasing after it, trying to attack it. It manages to dodge most of the shots, but a few of them manage to hit.

Back at the mall in a music store, Madoka starts hearing voices. The same voice of the thing being chased by Homura.snap15

Madoka follows the voice into a part of the mall that’s under construction. As she’s looking around for where the voice is coming from, it falls from the ceiling. Shortly after, so does Homura. Homura tells Madoka to hand him over, but Madoka refuses after looking at how beat up he is.snap16

Just when it looks like Homura was going to fight Madoka to get him back, Sayaka shows up and uses a fire extinguisher on Homura. Madoka and Sayaka take the chance to run away.

Homura is about to give chase after them, but…

SHAFT decides to… well, be SHAFT.snap17




SHAFT: Giving small children nightmares since 1987.

Madoka and Sayaka seem to be in trouble as the mustachio’d cotton balls draw closer. Then out of nowhere…


Saved by the hair-drills.

The new girl (Mami Tomoe) thanks them for saving Kyubey, and begins explaining things, but is cut off by more cotton balls. She excuses herself and starts taking care of business.


UNLIMITED MUSKET WORKS (yes, everyone has made this joke already)


Talk about pwned into oblivion.

In the second episode, we get a little bit more background information about what’s going on. Mainly what the deal with Kyubey is.snap24


Sounds good to me!


Of course there's a price.

We learn that the soul gem is the little trinket that Mami has with her that glows. It’s apparently the source of a Puella Magi’s magical power.

Of course, they also come with a price.


Well that doesn't sound too bad!

Then Madoka asks a good question: what’s the difference between a Puella Magi and a witch?




Well that was kinda predictable.


Makes sense...


Ok, that wasn't really predictable.

Talk about dark. Normally with magical girl shows, they’re all light-hearted yet still somewhat violent (Sailor Moon being the most well-known), but this show is just getting darker and darker.

What will Madoka and Sayaka do? How will they handle all this information? What will they wish for? What is Homura’s real goal?
Find out by watching more Dragon Ball Z Puella Magi Madoka Magica!


I don’t even think I need to say my opinion all that much. My summary explains the awesomeness of the show for me.

Sheesh, leave it to SHAFT to take such a light-hearted genre and make a dark, acid-tripped show. It’s just awesome. It certainly helps that I also love Yuki Kajiura’s music to death. Such epic orchestrated songs.

In fact, here’s a sample. It’s one of my favorite tracks from Pandora Hearts.

Anyways, This post took me like, 6 hours to write lol. I wanted to do a really awesome post for this show, but then I realized how long it was and how long it had been since I started and decided to cut out a lot of extraneous crap. Pretty much only the first few minutes of the second episode made it into this post.

But yeah, the show is awesome so far, highly recommended.

Also, if Sayaka somehow winds up being converted into a witch who Madoka has to fight for the final boss, I win a million dollars.

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