Preview: Pokemon Best Wishes!


I know I don’t normally use subtitles in the title picture, but the subtitles were hardsubbed in, so no dice.
[Basically, in non-nerd, the subtitles were fused into the video.]

So, a brand new season of Pokemon! And it started airing right after Black and White were released in Japan, too (five days, to be exact).

Given the fact that this is Pokemon, there isn’t too much to say, but lets get started.

If you hadn’t already guessed it, this season is based on the Black and White Pokemon games. These haven’t been released in the U.S. yet, so before going any further I need to mention that all Pokemon and character names given are subject to change in the English version.

Here’s the three starters!


Left to right: Tsutarja, Pokabu, Mijumaru

It’s probably not too hard to guess which Pokemon is which type.

When Ash arrives in the new region (Isshu), he visits the professor for the region. Professor Araragi is actually the first female professor for the series, so that was a nice surprise.

Shortly after, a boy named Shootie (lol) shows up to get his first Pokemon, and ends up choosing Tsutarja. Ash being Ash, he challenges him to a battle, of course using his massively overpowered Pikachu against the guy’s brand new starter.
Ash is like one of those guys in World of Warcraft where they’ll be level 80 and geared to hell, and yet challenges the frail and underpowered level 10 to a match.


Shootie (lol) and his Tsutarja.

What makes it even more hilarious is that Shootie (lol) kicks Ash’s ass every time they fight.

Along with Shootie (lol), we have the new girl for this season, Iris.



I’m pretty sure that’s not the design for the girl in the game, which means the studio went with their own thing for once. It’s the first time since Misty that they haven’t used the design of the girl from the game the show is based on to be Ash’s travel partner.


According to online sites; in the game, Iris is the last gym leader for the region. I have NO idea how they’re going to do this in the show.


So far, Iris seems competent enough, and her bond with her Pokemon that chills in her hair (Kibago) is reminiscent to that of Ash and Pikachu. However, I don’t really like her ego. She gets mad at Ash really easily, even though she’s right a lot of the time.
All in all, I like her more than Misty and May, but she’ll never be able to replace Dawn.



At the first gym, the game chooses one of the three gym leaders for you to fight based on your starter’s type. Get a fire, you’ll fight a water, get a grass, you’ll fight a fire, etc.

However, in the show, with Ash once again being Ash, he challenges all three of them.


Left to right: Corn, Dent, Pod. AWESOME NAMES.

After the match, Dent follows in Brock’s footsteps and joins Ash and Iris on their journey.

From here on, it’s the basic Pokemon TV show formula, with a few exceptions…


I actually like this season a lot, which surprises me since the only reason I started watching this (other than the fact it’s POKEMON) was because I wanted to familiarize myself with the new Pokemon. I haven’t quite placed it yet, but the show just seems different than usual, and in a good way.

Also, is it just me, or did the journey get sped up? It’s only the 15th episode, but Ash has already fought his second gym match. Then again, back in the day on Saturday mornings there were repeats a lot. So it might just be me.

Finally, if for anything, watch the new season for the fact that Team Rocket finally decided to become competent.



Yeah, Team Rocket crosses Ash maybe two or three times, but ever since then, they’ve been doing legitimately evil things. Stealing museum items, stealing information, evading the police. They’re actually pretty awesome for once.


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