Preview: Gosick


Alright, before anyone says, “Go… Sick?… Lol what a dumb title,” please pronounce ‘gothic’ with an Asian accent.
Yeah, you get ‘gosick.’ The title is a play on the word ‘gothic.’

*Ahem*… Anyways, this show is being made my Studio Bones, the same studio that’s popular for making shows such as Darker Than BLACK, Fullmetal Alchemist, and the currently airing Star Driver. Gosick isn’t a big, flashy show like those are, though. It prefers to be more subtle in its execution of things.

The main genre of the show is mystery, and it does certainly fit that bill, but from what I’ve seen so far I’d also argue that the show is about the characters themselves.

The setting is 1924, in a small European country called Sauville which is near the Alps. (I have NO idea if this place is real or not, geography is my worst subject.)

But first, the show opens up with some… well, some creepy shit.


The red eyes just scream, "I'M AN EVIL FORTUNE TELLER!"


"TELL US WHAT TO DO, ROXANNE-SAMA!" Not kidding, her name is really Roxanne.




After this little tidbit, we get the OP.

I really like the artistic style that was used. I like the song too, of course.

After the OP, we’re greeted to the main character, Kazuya Kujo (some people have it as Kujou). He’s talking to his homeroom teacher about mysteries, mainly because he reminds her of one. The “Springtime Reaper.” All the students have been calling Kujo “Black Reaper” ever since he transferred there.snap6


Well, it had to come from SOMEWHERE, didn't it?

After talking to her for a while about mysteries, she convinces him to go read up on some. So he goes to visit the school library.

And boy, what a library it is.



Kujo gets to work and starts reading up on mysteries. He roads about a ghost ship called the Queen Berry, an alchemist who could make gold out of dead people’s intestines, and about a giant wolf that could speak human languages.

When reading the last part, he notices a golden strand of hair in the book, and looks up towards the top of the library after hearing a noise. He sees something shining way at the top, so he starts heading up all of those flights of stairs.

And at the top?


A freaking botanical garden in a library?!

After getting distracted by all of the very pretty plants, he notices something in front of him.


Everyone, meet Victorica.

Kujo stands there bewildered, thinking that she’s a life-sized doll. Victorica turns to him and tells him that he’ll be back again tomorrow after the noon-bell rings.

For some reason, this freaks Kujo out and he runs for it. Guess he’s never heard of a fortune-teller before.

The next day, sure enough, the noon-bell rings and Kujo remembers what Victorica had said. He returns to the top of the library to see her… well, rolling around on the floor. It was quite cute.

She says that he was late, and so she had gotten bored while waiting for him. He asks her if she’s a fortune-teller, and she denies it, explaining how she logically deduced information about him.

When she turns, he notices something on her shoulder.


There's some lady on it. I dunno who it is.

Kujo moves closer to fix the necklace for her, but she quickly jumps out of the way, and warns him not to touch it, saying it’s very precious to her.

Shortly after, Grevil, also known as the man with hair larger than his head, shows up in an elevator that’s off to the side.


Careful, you could take an eye out with that thing.

Before long, he starts talking about a murder case, which Victorica appears to take great interest in.


Told you her name was Roxanne.

After he finishes giving out the details, and comments on how the police don’t really have any leads, Victorica turns to him and puts her srs bsnss face on.


Simply because of the clues, this case is solvable for Victorica. What do you think, everyone?

Within a matter of moments, she reconstructs how the murder went down, and who the culprit is. Grevil then comments that his walk has put him in a fine mood, and heads for the elevator. After he’s inside, Victorica asks about the motive, and he gets an “Oh, crap!” look on his face, before the elevator starts heading down, against his will.

Victorica then sighs, and begins to roll around on the floor again.


This gets me everytime.

In fact, this picture doesn’t do it justice, so here’s a .gif of it.


Credit to zafz from deviantArt for this.

Later in the day, Kujo is eating a meal in the cafeteria, when the serving lady comes by asking him if he’s still eating. He’s about to comment, when he notices the newspaper she’s holding. He snatches it and looks at it.



Kujo goes to the detective agency and confronts Grevil about it. Just before Kujo can reveal that Victorica did all the work in front of everyone, Grevil stops him and takes him to his personal office. Grevil then tells him that he’ll compensate them by allowing them to join him on the luxury yacht he was awarded.

Kujo goes back to the library and lets Victorica know about this. At first she seems to not care, but after mentioning she could “finally escape from this prison,” she agrees about the trip and leaves to go pack.


I lol'd.

Victorica says she deemed all of the items necessary, even though among the items there are: multiple sets of clothes, a compass, and even a chair. After hearing this from Kujo, she gets flustered and pouts at him. Victorica certainly has her cute moments.

When they reach the city, we even get cute-Victorica.



Seems like Victorica has never really been outside.

Once they reach the boat, Grevil talks about some work the detective station has been doing on the Roxanne murder. He says the culprit mentioned some along the line of it being the “Box’s revenge.” Moments later, an officer shows up and tells Grevil that the suspect has escaped. Grevil runs off and tells them not to take the boat out yet.

When Kujo turns around, he notices Victorica has disappeared. He looks inside the ship and sees her looking in a drawer.


Oh snap.

Kujo reads the invitation, and it’s to something called the “Miniature Garden Box Evening.” Apparently, the main dish will be… hare.

Kujo and Victorica decide to use the invitation to get into the event, which is on a ship. Victorica and Kujo talk about the relationship between “Miniature Garden Box Evening” and “Box’s revenge,” and decide they’ll get to the bottom of things, but…


Queen Berry? Where have I heard... OH SHI-

On to the second episode.

Everyone on the boat is eating their meal, and the OP starts. After it’s done, we’re shown an interesting sight.


Well this can't be good.

Shortly after, Kujo is nudged awake by Victorica’s foot, but he doesn’t recognize where they are.


The hell was that food drugged with?

People start taking notice of everything in the room, and one lady tries and fails to open a door.

As Kujo watches everyone, he turns around when Victorica suddenly notices something.snap23





Ominous, indeed…


I’m loving the show so far. I think I’ve said it before, but a good author and/or director is one who is able to make ordinary things interesting. While some of the things in the show certainly aren’t ordinary, even the down-times are fun to watch.

A lot of the mysteries so far in the show have been fairly easy to figure out on your own before the answer is revealed, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. Plus, it could get tougher as it goes.

I also really like the main characters. Kujo is a lead who actually has balls, and it seems like he might have more going on from his past than he lets on.


One of Kujo's flashbacks.

Victorica is absolutely lovable. Her srs bsnss mode is pretty awesome, and her cutesy, girly moments are cute as hell.

However, there also seems to be a LOT more to Victorica than she lets on.


She said this just after getting on Kujo’s back when he offered to carry her across the flooded hallway, and the way she said it, she definitely wasn’t talking about how much she weighed.

On a separate not, I also really, really like the ED.

Anyways, I didn’t cover all of the second episode due to the fact that this post is already long enough as it is, and I thought that made for a good ending too. So yeah, I highly recommend the show. It can get pretty dark at times, such as when talking about how the boat was previously used.
A bunch of kids were put on the boat, and subtly encouraged to kill each other… which they did.

Plus, who wouldn’t watch for this?



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