Preview: Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Love(craft-sensei)


A lot of people prefer to call this show “Moethulhu,” since it’s easier to remember.

This show first started on March 17, 2010, when a few short clips made in flash animation were released online. They were adapted from a light novel, and they actually gained a decent amount of popularity.

Later in the year, it was announced to be getting an official anime adaptation. Everyone awaited seeing the humorous clips get animation-quality…

…Or not.snap2




These guys are master trolls.

Why are they master trolls if they really are low on budget? Well, just look at their ED which takes up about 50% of the show.

Yeah, they animated the whole thing. And it’s pretty good quality, too.

Oh, right, the show.

So the show is about four minutes long. Two minutes if you don’t count the ED and preview. All the characters talk pretty fast, though.

The main guy is Mahiro, who lives with a female, human version of Cthulhu named NyarIko. NyarIko has the hots for Mahiro. And I mean really, really, REALLY, has the hots for him.snap6






The Face of Innocence.

Some of the jokes rely on Japanese puns, so they’re somewhat less funny since they need to be explained, but there’s also a fair amount of jokes like these that rely on visual humor. The voice actors also go over the top for their humorous moments, which adds to it.

So… that’s all I can really say about the show.

It’s random.

It’s funny.

It’s made in flash animation.

Oh, and another girl, Cthuko (also an embodiment of an Elder God), has the hots for NyarIko.snap12


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