Preview: Hourou Musuko


Welcome to the first show on the noitaminA block for the season.

What’s noitaminA? Well, if you’re clever, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s ‘Animation’ spelled backwards. It’s a one hour block (which used to only be half an hour) on Fuji TV which was made since a good chunk of anime is targeted towards young males. So the shows on the block are usually targeted towards women, adults in general, are have darker stories than your average anime show.

But this post isn’t about noitaminA, so, moving on.

Hourou Musuko is about a couple of kids. Quite a few in a middle school class (which I believe is like Jr. High/7th grade for Japan) seem to be important characters so far. I’m going to only cover the two main characters for the most part; there isn’t too much to say, though.


Meet the main guy, Shuichi.


And now meet the main girl, Yoshino.

Both of them have a bit of a secret, though. And it’s not exactly something that most people would approve of.


Shuichi likes to dress as a girl, and Yoshino likes to dress as a boy.

They aren’t exactly gay, considering they like each other, but they just enjoy cross-dressing. It’s what feels right to them.

However, as I mentioned, not a lot of people approve of such a thing. Take in example, when Shuichi tried on his sister’s new outfit.


He's a DAMN good crossdresser.

In the middle of trying it on, his sister comes back for the cell phone she forgot.

And she’s NOT happy.


Sister does not approve.

After getting the shirt/dress off of him in the middle of the struggle, he runs off out the front door down the road while still wearing the skirt part. His sister’s friend asks if she’s okay with him running off the way he is now. His sister doesn’t care.



‘Tis the life of children who go through puberty in ways differently than others.


I’m enjoying this show quite a bit. It seemed like the ‘social commentary about complex shit’ show of the season, and I wasn’t mistaken.

After the first episode, I wasn’t sure about the show to be honest. Mainly because I couldn’t remember all of the characters’ names. I’ve heard this is mainly because the show starts like halfway through the manga. However, after the second episode, I felt like the pacing was being done very well, and I like the show more.

I also really like the art style that was used. It looks like something taken straight out of a book, or a book that’s come to life. it fits the atmosphere of the show quite well.

There’s more going on then just their crossdressing, too. The other points have just taken somewhat of a backseat role for now.


For example, Shuichi's best male friend feels like he might be gay.

This conflict could probably be played out really well.

Anyways, if you enjoy shows like these that deal with social issues and such, definitely give the show a shot.


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