Preview: To Aru Majutsu no Index II


This post is late and will also not be TOO long because I’ve been busy trying to beat Fable III. I’m supposed to be evil to get 6,500,000 gold, but instead right now I’m just AFKing while I earn rent money in real-time trolololol.

Anyways, this also won’t be too long since the story is told in an arc format, so there’s no real use summarizing what’s going on each episode since the next arc will just be different. So I’m going to try a new blogging style where I talk about the characters, then the overall story and my opinions while I post a picture every paragraph or two.

First up with the main characters is the man in the spotlight, Touma Kamijou.


Points out his life is shitty, punches bitches, and doesn't afraid of anything.

Most people know Touma by his catchphrase (or should it technically be called his mantra?), “Such misfortune!” He says this because his right hand has the ability to negate anything supernatural. And guess what? Luck is technically supernatural, so he has none, hence the catchphrase.

Next up is a girl who lives with Touma and seems to be nothing but an empty stomach, Index.


Touma's main source of misfortune.

Index is basically Touma’s link into the world of magic (more on this later). So basically, he wouldn’t even have to go through all the battles and feuds that come his way if it weren’t for her. And he often gets bitten by Index more than thanked by her.

Final character to cover is Mikoto Misaka, more popularly known as “Biribiri.”


TECHNICALLY not a main character, but I'm biased.

Biribiri gets the nickname from the fact that she has the ability to control electricity. In Japan, the sound effect for electricity is constant ‘biri’s. Basically, “biribiribiribiri” is to Japan as “zzzzzzzzzz” is to us.

Since she only appears every few arcs, she isn’t really a main character, but whatever. She has a blatant crush on Touma, and is a massive tsundere.

There are more characters, but I’m trying to cut this short.snap5

Index’s full name is Index Librorum Prohibitorum. This is because she contains 103,000 grimoires of magic in her head. And we’re talking about serious business magic here. Like take-over-the-world status. A lot of bad people want this magic, for obvious reasons.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself though, I should explain the different factions.snap6

In the world of this series, you’re one of three things. You’re an esper (someone who can use special abilities due to brain waves and science shit), a magician (someone who can use special abilities due to… well magic), or a normal person who is neither of those two. Also, you are either an esper or a magician, you cannot be both.

Espers are ranked by ‘level’ based on how powerful they are (0 being no abilities and 5 being “you are your own army”), and even though Touma technically has an ability, he’s considered to be level 0. I don’t recall if this is ever explained completely; it probably was, though.snap7

Due to Index having such massive power in her brain, a lot of bad people come after her, and it’s up to Touma to stop them, usually with the help of Stiyl (see two pictures above). The magician side is divided into different ‘church’ factions which I’m not going to explain because I’m sure it’s more complicated than I think it is, and I already don’t think I completely comprehend it all yet.snap8

Not all of the arcs are based around Index though. Occasionally events will happen to espers in Academy City, or magicians will have a different target. Touma still takes it upon himself to take care of business anyways.snao9

Anyways, my opinions.

First of all, the show is a sequel to the first season, so you probably don’t want to watch this before the first one.snap10

All of the battles are fun to watch, even though you know the good guys will win. The twists and turns to see it happening are enjoyable anyways.

The show doesn’t really have a main storyline anymore. It’s really just a “bad guy shows up, good guys fight them” kind of story now. That’s not really a bad thing, and characters do return sometimes, but it does sort of make it feel like a waste of time.snap11

However, as I said before, the show is mainly about seeing the fights and such play out. The arcs almost always last more than two episodes, so they aren’t always just fighting a single battle and that’s it.

Basically, if you like magic/science battles and such, it’s a good show to watch. The characters are also quite enjoyable too, though Index is starting to get on my nerves occasionally.

And with that, I leave you with a troll face.snap12

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