Preview: Onii-chan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! (NSFW)


Another late post because I get distracted easily. Oh well.

Guess what? This post will also be a semi-short one, probably about the same length as the last one. I’ll explain why later.

Anyways, I wanna wrap this up quickly and get sleep, so lets begin.


First, we have our main character, Shuusuke Takanashi.


The heroic face of the main character.

Shuusuke is your average teenage boy: aroused easily, obsessed with sex, etc.

And then we have our main female, Nao Takanashi.snap3

As you can guess by their last names, Nao and Shuusuke are brother and sister. They fight sometimes and all that stuff you’d expect from your usual siblings.

However, we also have a little something extra for this show.



Now, before you start making assumptions, it’s only fair to show you what the scene looked like a few seconds later.


Devious scheming.

Yes, Nao has a massive brother complex. Hell, even her friends know she wants to get in her brother’s pants.

She’s somewhat sneaky about it with him though. Frequently she’ll put herself in compromising positions where he’s trying to sneak a look at her panties or something of the sort, then after a few seconds call him out on it and treat him like a deviant. This is probably because she wants him to be the one to break the barrier.

Anyways, fast-forwarding past a good chunk of comedic scenes, Nao’s and Shuusuke’s mum asked Nao to dig out all the porn hidden in Shuusuke’s room. She agrees, and sets off to it.


Imagine how much all of that costed. Dayum.

While looking through some more stuff, Nao comes across a photo album. While looking through it, Nao notices something around the time the mother shows up. Nao tries to show her the album and what she noticed, but accidentally hands her one of the porn magazines instead. SM Colosseum, to be exact.


This was about 50x funnier on video.

Soon after, Shuusuke arrives back at home, and his mother decides to talk to him along with his father. She tells him that having porn isn’t a problem for a teenage boy, but the mass quantities he possessed was practically drug-trafficking status.

She then points on SM Colosseum in particular, and his father looks at it. The father then follows up with a speech that’s a little too enthusiastic about the problems with S&M.


And we don't blame you in the least.

Later, after Shuusuke is back in his room, Nao comes downstairs to ask her parents about what she noticed in the photo album.snap9

Not only does she not know who this is, but she can’t find a single picture of herself in the childhood section. Her parents decide to reveal the big secret.

Nao isn’t actually their child. She’s the child of one of Shuusuke’s father’s friends who died in a car accident. The same accident that made Nao lose her memories about her childhood. Shuusuke’s parents apologize for keeping it a secret and tell her she’s like family to them regardless of blood.

Finding out your parents aren’t really your parents is a pretty big deal. What’s Nao’s reaction?


Hey, at least she had a goal of SOME kind for her life.

After pondering about this new information, Nao quickly has a change of heart.


She's a quick adapter.

While she’s sad she has to give up on the forbidden love plan, this way she can do exactly the same thing she’s been doing before, except she’s not in the wrong this time.

However, she still likes the idea of being somewhat radical about it, because she asks them not to tell Shuusuke that she now knows they aren’t related. Her sadist side is showing.


First thing’s first, if you think the art for the show is bad, you aren’t technically wrong, but I’ve heard that the anime did a near-perfect replica of the manga’s art. So it’s not like this is their maximum drawing potential, they’re just trying to stay true to the source material.

Second, this show is based off a gag manga. GAG manga. If you take anything in this show too seriously, then you’re doing it very, very wrong.

What this comes down to, is that the show is hilarious. I just watched the third episode, and I was giggling like a little girl almost the entire time. The show fulfills its requirement. This is definitely recommended by me.

But don’t watch it with your parents. Or pretty much anyone who can’t handle edgy jokes.

And even though it’s good for laughs, the show doesn’t always go according to keikaku.



Plus, who wouldn’t watch a show that shows you some…




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