Preview: Yumekui Merry


So late post is late, obviously. Maybe if I stopped playing so much osu! these would come out on time…

Anyways, this is coming out later today than I wanted, but sleeping in is amazing, and I wanted to reread some scenes in Umineko.

Without further ado, lets begin the preview for another show that’s relatively popular this season.

The show starts off with one of the protagonists, Merry, waking up in what appears to be an alley full of garbage.


See? I'm not the only one who sleeps in.

She mentions something about her sleep being disturbed, and runs off somewhere.

Then the OP starts.

Not the greatest OP in the world, but I like it.

After it’s over, we meet our other protagonist, Yumeji Fujiwara.snap3

However, Yumeji isn’t having a very good time. He’s in a dream, although he’s fully aware that he’s in one.

And what’s happening in said dream? Why, he’s being chased by an army of cats.


Not exactly the worst dream, IMO.

Yumeji high-tails it, and hides on the other side of a wooden building. He mentions that this isn’t the first time he’s had this dream, and that it happens extremely frequently.

He doesn’t get too far in his monologue, though.


Those cats mean srs bsnss.

After all of the hands are holding him in place, a cat that seems to be taking the role as leader approaches him. However, before he can do anything, some rooster thing starts crowing. The cat mentions that time is up and they all leave Yumeji alone and start to walk off.

Though he does leave Yumeji with a warning.


"And you better have the cat food by then, bub!"

Yumeji then wakes up from his dream, and heads for school.

At the train (or express line or whatever the hell it’s called), we meet a few more characters. The only one that seems relatively important though is this girl, Isana Tachibana. She’s a childhood friend of Yumeji’s, and he’s currently living at her place. She gets made fun of because of this.


Denial is the first stage.

Once at school, Yumeji gets asked to see what this one chick’s dreams will be like that night.

Before you go all “WAT” on me, this is because Yumeji has a special ability. He can see people’s “colors” by looking through his fingers, which will tell him what type of dream they’ll have.


He gets high by looking through his fingers.

…Oh, you still went “WAT.” Well, no matter, future episodes suggest Yumeji isn’t a normal person (obviously), so I’m sure it’ll get explained later.

Later, Yumeji decides to check himself.


I blame caffeine.

He has a completely dark aura, which means he’ll be having a nightmare. This is the only type of aura that is 100% accurate in predictions.

While Yumeji complains about how he’ll have to deal with the cats again, Merry is off around town exploring and enjoying the sights.



After school, Yumeji is walking home from school, when an unexpected tree-climber lands on him.


Best position to have someone fall on you. Ever.

Yumeji asks Merry what the hell she was doing, but she stays tight-lipped for the most part. After a few moments though, she notices her hat is missing, and runs off to look for it.

Yumeji is baffled, but continues on home. On the way, he notices Merry’s hat moving on its own along the ground. He picks it up to see a cat underneath.





Before Yumeji can even move, he’s suddenly back in his dream world.


Dem fish.

However, something new is in the world this time.

Well, the cat DID warn him.


My name can't possibly be this American!

The boss is a humanoid sized cat wearing a mask and tattered cloak with metallic ears. Also, he’s voiced by motherfucking Jouji Nakata (who everyone calls George Nakata). He’s like a Japanese Jeremy Irons.

*Ahem*… Anyways, he needs Yumeji for a very specific goal.snap16


Oh my god he has a fucking PORTABLE GUILLOTINE.

The Japanese Jeremy Irons with a portable guillotine is far too badass for Yumeji to handle, so he high-tails it.

After a bit of running around and trying to hide from the army of cats and the godly existence of Chaser John Doe, he gets cornered. Just as it seems like Chaser John Doe is going to put an end to the running, something unexpected happens.


A midriff comes to save him!

Chaser John Doe comments that she shouldn’t have been able to enter this plane, but she says she’s also an existence from the Dream World who doesn’t remember getting to the Real World, and that she wants to go back. Chaser John Doe apologizes, saying his only goal is to use Yumeji’s body so he can reach the Real World.

They then duke it out for a while, and Chaser John Doe underestimates her. After she lands a kick to his mask, breaking it in half. He comments that he knows what she is, and decides to leave for now.

As he walks off to leave, Merry tries to stop him so she can have him take her back with him. However, when she tries to touch him, she goes right through him, as if he’s become a ghost.

Before long, all of the cats disappear.



Yumeji suddenly pops back to reality where he last left off, and comments how he must have been daydreaming. Before he can move though, Merry appears out nowhere and demands that he make Chaser John Doe appear again.

As he’s telling her he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she begins to tear up and turns the other way to leave. Yumeji stops her, but then she passes out.

Back in some random plane, Chaser John Doe is chilling with his cat army and commenting on how this development is interesting.


I shall eagerly await your return.



Anyways, I’m really enjoying the show. Though honestly, Jouji Nakata is enough of a reason to watch.

Right now the show seems to be doing “DREAM DEMON OF THE WEEK” kind of a story, but the preview for episode 5 suggests we’re going to learn some very interesting things about Merry, and there has constantly been hints that there are gears moving in the background. What those could be exactly is anyone’s guess, though.

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