Preview: Legend of the Legendary Heroes



This show isn’t actually airing this season, it aired in the Summer season of last year. That means that it has already finished airing. However, the group that I use to watch the show are still working on it (slow and steady wins the race, imo), so I’m only on episode 10 out of 24.

I’m really enjoying the show, though, so I thought it’d be cool to do a preview of it.

Oh, and just in case, even though that’s the localized title, I’ve seen a lot of official sources refer to the show as Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu.

The show starts off with a narration about evil shit and heroes being awesome and smiting the evil.


Dat winged helmet.

After the history lesson, we jump to the present. We also meet one of our main characters, Ryner Lute.



Ryner is kind of a special guy. While almost anyone in this show can use magic, Ryner is the only one who can learn new spells instantaneously. Why is that?

He has the Alpha Stigma.snap4

The Alpha Stigma is some sort of magic that is stored in his eyes, or possibly his retinas or brain. It allows him to view magical spells and items and basically “deconstruct” them, so he knows how they work.

I feel like the Alpha Stigma would make a good troll science submission.

Then we get the OP.

Not the best OP ever, but I think the song is catchy.

Anyways, Ryner isn’t alone, he’s traveling with a lady named Ferris Eris, whose names sounds like it came straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.


Ryner's a lucky dude. Unless he's on the receiving end of that sword, that is.

Ryner and Ferris are on a mission to collect Hero Relics. These are supposedly leftover items from the heroes that were mentioned at the very beginning of the episode. Apparently, they hold incredibly massive power, so it’s best not to let them fall into the wrong hands.

However, they’re having a wee bit of trouble crossing territories.


I CAST FLARE! (reference that only I'll get ;__;)

After they lay eyes on Ryner’s Alpha Stigma, they don’t stay around for too long, though. Once they found out Ryner had it, they called him a monster, and were afraid he was going to “steal their magic.” Ryner twitched at being called a monster.

Ryner and Ferris’ quest isn’t the only important plot point in this show; back in the country that Ryner and Ferris are from, Roland, a new king has been crowned.


Awww yeah, raining flower petals.

The new king is Sion Astal, and he’s a good friend of Ryner’s. He also knows Ferris due to her family having served the Roland nobles for a long time. In fact, Ferris’ brother, Lucile, serves Sion directly. Lucile is also stupidly powerful.

We find out that Sion is actually only half-noble (his parents were a noble and a commoner), so he wasn’t exactly high up on the list to become king. However, he strived to become king in order to fix the country. Due to some… less than admirable methods by Lucile, among others, he was able to accomplish this.

Later in the episode, we see some of his ideals when a kid almost attacks Sion, mistaking him for a different noble.snap8



Back with Ryner and Ferris, they’ve entered somewhat of an Indiana Jones-style temple, looking for a Hero Relic. They manage to find a necklace, but aren’t sure if it’s the Hero Relic or not. Ferris just decides to wear it for now.

Not too long after exploring the temple, they get stopped by someone.


This is Milk (lol) Callaud.

Although Ryner and Ferris don’t know it (or maybe they do and just decide not to say anything), Milk is essentially spying on them for Sion. It’s either encouragement to keep them moving, or Sion just likes to know what they’re up to. Or both.

Anyways, Ryner and Ferris both essentially ignore Milk, who is trying to capture them and take them back to Roland (those WERE Sion’s orders, the deceitful punk). This doesn’t sit well with Milk, and she tries to use magic on them. Instead, she just gets knocked over as this huge-ass monster thing comes out of the temple.


It's like a fucking horse-beetle that shoots lasers. AWESOME.

Ryner and Ferris battle it for a while, but they don’t manage to kill it. As they’re running away, Sion gives a monologue.

I’ll just post the whole thing in screencaps, since I like the monologue.snap13










Although Sion seems like a nice guy, later episodes show that a lot of the times he has to go against the kind option and do what has to be done for the greater good.


Well that was a nice, decently sized post. Though it was mostly pictures, but oh well.

This show is almost like a dual-story. On the one hand, you have Ryner and Ferris going off in search of Hero Relics, and they provide a good chunk of action along with comedic relief. But on the other hand, you have Sion, and his progress of trying to change his country into the best that it can be while having to struggle through political actions and moral dilemmas.

It provides a nice contrast, and the show has been great so far. Though that might partially be because I have to wait a good chunk of time inbetween episodes.

If all of this hasn’t been motivation enough to check out the show, then I’ll add one more thing.

In the second episode, we start learning about Ryner and Sion’s past. Mainly their life in military training and such. Given everything that happens, you expect a smooth transition. Possibly a graduation ceremony, and everyone goes their own ways, or maybe they drop out and try to accomplish their goals.

But then this happens. Holy shit. (That’s supposed to skip to 10:36. If it doesn’t, do it manually.)

Jun Fukuyama is truly at his best when doing maniacal characters.

And yeah, I know, “LOLFUNIMATIONVIDEOQUALITY.” But the scene is best enjoyed knowing what’s being said, so whatever. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Watch the show! It’s awesome!

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