Review: The World God Only Knows


Anime: The World God Only Knows
Animation Studio: Manglobe
Number of Episodes: 12
Length Per Episode: Approximately 24 minutes

The World God Only Knows is an interesting show in quite a few ways. The first, is that the opening is completely in English; though it can be hard to understand at parts. But in case you were thinking “Well, just the TV version is all in English,” you’re wrong. The entire song (all 8 whopping minutes of it) is 100% in English. It’s also a pretty damn awesome song, but that’s besides the point.

Onto the show itself, it sets itself as different from most other shows of its genre. Usually shows that involve multiple women falling in love with the main character are your regular and generic ecchi or harem show. Your uninteresting yet pretty or beautiful or cute female cast cannot help but fall for the utterly oblivious main character for any real reason besides the simple fact that he has a penis, and sometimes the girls will even fight each other over him.

The World God Only Knows, on the other hand, takes things a little differently…

In this show’s world, spirits from Hell have managed to escape to the surface world, and hide in the gaps in people’s hearts. Demons from hell are being dispatched to bring them back, however the only way to get the spirits out of the gap in people’s hearts to fill that gap with something else.

What’s the best way, according to our female lead? Love, of course!

After unknowingly signing quite the deadly contract with Hell, it’s up to Keima Katsuragi to help capture all of the loose spirits and end said contract.snap2

Keima Katsuragi is known as the “Capturing God,” who can make any woman fall in love with him. When Hell found out about his existence, he was sent the contract that he signed without fully understanding it. So now Keima needs to capture loose souls, or lose his head for breaking the contract.

However, Hell made a little bit of a blunder.snap3

You see, Keima can’t make any real women fall in love with him, he’s just a master at dating sim games. In fact, Keima hates pretty much everything about reality. There probably isn’t a single person in his entire school who takes him seriously.

Nonetheless, he signed a contract with Hell, and it cannot be ended until he either fulfills it, or breaks it. To add even more pressure, the contract also applies to his demon partner, Elsea.snap4

So now it’s up to Keima and Elsea to capture as many loose souls as they can. Keima may have immense amounts of experience of making women fall in love with him from dating sim games, but can that talent actually carry over into the real world?…

I mentioned before that The World God Only Knows does things differently than shows if its genre, the main thing is that while more than one woman falls in love with him, it’s never at the same time. After each conquest, the target loses their memories of him (probably a side effect of the loose soul leaving their bodies), so the next can take place without any worries about a previous target.

Another reason, and probably the biggest one for me, is that the girls aren’t generic. Well, I mean, they are generic, but they’re all consistent. This is most likely due to the fact that the author took Humanities classes (not sure if he was a Humanities major or not, though), so he knows how to develop character personalities that are consistent.

The girls usually follow the formula of being mostly happy with themselves, except for a single event or flaw. This isn’t treated as some minor thing, though. These are serious problems that aren’t easily settled. The first thing Keima usually has to do is find out what that problem is, and then he constructs the perfect scenario to destroy it.

The show isn’t always serious though. In fact, most of the time, it’s just being funny. A lot of the jokes are hilarious. I don’t know if there were any parts of the last episode that I wasn’t laughing at. Its ending practically left me in tears with the little ending stunt that was pulled, which was quite honestly only possible because Hiro Shimono voices Keima.

Another, possibly less noticed thing to love about The World God Only Knows, is its music. The OP, as stated before, is awesome, and the ED is also very catchy, but the BGMs during the show are also very good. Most of them are various piano arrangements, but they’re good at evoking a whole range of emotions, and always manage to somehow give an ‘epic’ or ‘intense’ feel to whatever is going on.

Honestly, there’s a lot more I could say about the show, but I’ve talked long enough. Though for a closing comment, I guess there’s one thing I could address. For people who are worried about adaptation decay, I read all of the manga currently out after the show ended, and I can faithfully say they did a fantastic job in adapting it. Almost everything was adapted into the show, and the anime managed to add its own flair to the series.

RATING: 10 out of 10. Instant favorite.

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