Review: Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai


Anime: Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai
Animation Studio: AIC Build
Number of Episodes: 12 (though 4 OVAs are coming out during June and July)
Length Per Episode: Approximately 24 minutes

I’m sure there are quite a few people who visit this site and wonder the same thing at this point: “Why does this Riyoga guy rate everything a 10? His slogan was right, he clearly doesn’t have any standards.” If you’re one of the people who thought this, then you missed my post way back in the day when I explained my new blogging format.

For those too lazy to go and look, I basically said how I don’t keep any shows that don’t score at least a 9 from me. I trash everything else. That’s why every show I’ve reviewed so far has been rated so damn high. When new shows end, you’ll be seeing more variety in scores.

Actually, you’ll be seeing more variety starting now. That’s because I still had one show rated under a 9 left when I thought up my new format.

This, my dear readers, would be that show.


This show, the title of which I’ll shorten to Ore no Imouto (because screw typing that whole title out), is about a guy named Kyousuke Kousaka.snap2

First off, he has the best neighbor/childhood friend ever: Manami Tamura.snap3

However, I will save Manami for later.

Kyousuke also has a sister, whose name is Kirino.snap4

In the very first episode, Kyousuke learns something about his ever-so-perfect younger sister.snap5

Kirino is a die-hard otaku, with her main source of sustenance being imouto eroges (read: porn games where the target girls are your younger sister(s)). This makes it even more awkward for Kyousuke than it already is, given that Kirino is a younger sister herself, but she doesn’t even notice this comparison right away. When she does, she reprimands him for thinking that games and reality are the same thing.

That was a great start to the show. Social commentary about otaku (which could also relate to gamers, or other people similar), and a girl trying to live with this kind of hobby in a world that doesn’t look positively upon it. It was a fantastic setup, and I waited for more episodes.

The second episode somewhat followed suit, with Kyousuke helping Kirino get some real life friends that share her hobby. This way, she doesn’t need to keep it bottled up all the time inside her.

One of those friends is a girl who goes by Kuroneko (Black Cat, if you want a literal translation).snap6

She argues with Kirino a lot about her genre tastes, but despite it they’re still pretty good friends.

The other friend is Saori Makishima.snap7

In fact, it was thank to Saori’s online group that the meetup happened in the first place. She pretty much organized the whole thing.

In the third episode, things take a turn for the worse when Kirino decides, after hearing Kuroneko and Saori talk about how they don’t need to hide their otaku lifestyle, that she should confront her father about her hobby.

It doesn’t go well.

In fact, it ends with Kyousuke confronting their father himself, and arguing in Kirino’s favor. It’s her hobby, so why should he be so upset about it? However, their father won’t accept any argument. Kyousuke eventually just gives up, and says that all of the otaku goods are actually his and that he’s the otaku. After getting punched by his father, he tells Kyousuke that he doesn’t care about him anymore so he can do whatever he wants.

I really love debates and such, so this felt like a big cop-out to me. But oh well, Kyousuke got the job done.

After this episode, I wondered what else there was to cover. They got quite a bit of social commentary and drama down, so I was curious what else there was. I eagerly awaited the fourth episode in hopes that it would satisfy my starving hunger.

And then this happens:snap8




I wasn’t hungry anymore. I just lost my appetite. This was not very long after Kyousuke sacrificed his self-image to protect her, and she thanks him by treating him like shit? What a bitch.

That isn’t just this part, either. In future episodes, all she ever does is complain, “BLAH YOU’RE SO GROSS,” and hit him and other shit that he doesn’t deserve. Kyousuke sticks his neck out for her almost every single episode, and she’s too much of a bitch to even be a little nice to him? Kirino has serious fucking issues.

I find it hilarious that people will actually defend her though. “She’s 14, sheesh, stop being so critical of her.” No, you grow a fucking brain. She gets perfect grades, she’s a track star, she’s a model, she has parents who love her, a brother willing to stick his neck out for her, and you think it’s okay for her to act like a bitch because she’s FOURTEEN? No. Just no. She treats literally everyone else better than Kyousuke. She treats Kuroneko, who she argues with all the damn time, better than Kyousuke. She’d probably treat a fucking stranger better than Kyousuke. Goddamn.

That’s not actually the worst argument I’ve heard though. There’s another one that just takes the cake. “Well she’s a tsundere, so this is just how her personality works.” NO. GIANT FUCKING NO. Kirino is NOT a tsundere. She’s a BITCH. There is a massive fucking difference.

Allow me to spell it out for you:


Shana from Shakugan no Shana

THIS, is my waifu a tsundere. “N-no! I d-didn’t say that! Y-you m-misheard me!”snap13

THIS, is a fucking bitch.

In order to be a tsundere, you need to switch between being shy and in denial about your feelings, and somewhat violent (verbally or physically) and possibly obvious about your feelings. Usually this “violence” is a hit or two, but it’s because the lead male did something that deserved it. Kyousuke sticks his neck out for her, and Kirino beats him up over it. That’s being a bitch. Learn the difference.

There are some people who say that the novels eventually reveal why Kirino acts the way she does, and because of this reason her actions are justified or they sympathize with her.

…You gotta be shitting me. There is NO excuse for Kirino treating her brother like shit after all of the sacrifices he does for her. That’s just bullshit. That’s like me pummeling you with a rock and then apologizing about it afterwards, maybe saying that I was just trying to kill a spider that was on you. Apologies do not change the fact that you still did something bad.

Though maybe I’m being a little strict. Something similar to this did happen to me. The only time that I’ve disliked a character, then suddenly liked them a lot after a sudden revelation would be Maria from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. It’s one of the reasons I love it so much, but I’m not going to drift off-topic here.

This example does kind of fall apart when you take into account that I never really hated or disapproved of Maria’s actions. I just found her annoying. Kirino is about as low as you can get on my “attitudes of people I like to interact with” chart. Though this means one thing: if the author CAN pull this off, I will declare them the greatest being on the planet to have ever held a pen.

But they won’t, so don’t look forward to that.

There’s a part in one of the later episodes where Kirino gets an eroge, and one of the characters acts just like her. It was interesting, because I was curious to see how she would react to essentially seeing herself.

And how was it?snap14



Yes, that’s right, the character even says some of the exact same lines that Kirino says, and Kirino doesn’t like it. There is a good chunk of time spent showing Kirino raging like a lunatic because of the character’s behavior. So Kirino is a bitch, and a hypocrite.

I don’t even get the point of this episode. Was the author just trying to show that he knew how terribly Kirino acted? That doesn’t change the fact that she’s still a massive bitch. Was the author trying to show that Kirino doesn’t realize how badly she acts towards Kyousuke? That just means that she’s also a massive idiot. You’d have to be one to not notice the similarities, and Kirino is a straight-A student. I don’t buy it.

Why, Japan? Why do you idolize this bitch? I understand that she’s an accurate representation of otaku in this modern era, but she’s such a massive bitch that it shouldn’t even matter. Maybe they’re just eager to see her attitude change? No, that one isn’t it because the anime is selling fucking retardedly well (the first volume has sold like over 20,000 copies in less than two weeks. what the fuck). My only hope is that I’m misinformed, and that Japan actually likes ALL of the other characters and not Kirino, because I could sympathize with that.

Kuroneko, for example. She rips Kirino a new one all the damn time, and it’s awesome. She’s the only character in the show who actually confronts Kirino about her horrendous attitude and is unscathed by her.snap16

She also practically thanks Kyousuke for some of the things he does for Kirino. In one episode, she asks him why he does what he does, and if he’s a siscon or not. He denies it, saying it’s just his duty as an older brother. Kuroneko shows jealousy, and comments on how that must be nice.

FUCK, KYOUSUKE. Why couldn’t you have been born as Kuroneko’s older brother? She’d treat you so much damn better than Kirino does, it wouldn’t even be funny.

Maybe I’m just biased because of the gothic lolita cosplay, though…snap17

NOPE. Kuroneko is an older sibling herself, and she treats her younger sisters SO DAMN WELL. She was willing to watch a show that she vehemently hates, just because her younger sister is a fan of it. Not only that, but as you can see in the picture, her younger sister falls asleep on her lap. Not only does she remain still as to not wake her, but she covers her with a blanket and everything.

Kuroneko, you are fucking amazing. I wish you were my older or younger sister.

Oh, and who could forget…snap18

Kuroneko > Kirino. End of discussion. End of everything.

Actually, no. We forgot Manami.snap19

She is the only normal character in this show. She is also amazing. That picture is kind of misleading though. She was just joking when she suggested taking a bath together.

In fact, Manami’s whole family is fucking awesome. If I was to recommend this show, I’d say to watch the 6th episode. That’s it. It’s the best episode, focusing on a character who isn’t a completely self-centered bitch.snap20

Holy shit, my word count is at about 2000. I think I’ve mentioned everything I’ve wanted to, though.

All in all, Ore no Imouto isn’t really a bad show, just a massively disappointing one. I’m not lying when I say the supporting characters are the show’s saving grace. If this show was nothing but Kirino, I probably would have killed myself before the end of the show.

However, there ARE supporting characters that don’t totally suck, and as much as I hate to admit it, the show is worth watching just for them.

But fuck Kirino.

RATING: 7 out of 10. The OVA’s better have a Kuroneko end.


*NOTE: There’s no slideshow because I don’t have any extra pictures to add on to what I’ve already used.*

7 Comments on “Review: Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai”

  1. randomname says:

    It was exactly what I thought. How can anyone like such an ungrateful bitch is beyond my comprehension. By the time she told him he contaminates her friends, after he just battled for her dignity with their father, he should have just told her to go fuck herself.

    • S says:

      Yeah she can be annoying but if you understood her and why she really did and said those things then you would realize what she’s really feeling. She doesn’t want him hitting on her friends not only because it would be awkward (and he does kind of hit on her friends and they hit on him) but also she would be hurt if he paid more attention and cared about them more than her.

  2. Julio says:

    Ad in the end, the OVA’s have a Kuroneko ending!

    All hail suporter characters!

  3. Gahena1210 says:

    I totally understand what you are trying to say and you’re right dude.
    What is it about Kirrino that he loves her so much
    He should just hook up with Kuruneko
    and say fuck to kirrino
    Dude you so get me
    Thank you
    All the fine girls around him and
    weird situations only happen with
    the bitch
    Its so ridiculously stupid
    its funny
    and becomes funny again
    any way obviously there is lot I have to say
    about this show
    but I’m just gonna stop here
    Before I blow some shit up
    I’m still watching the second season anyway
    So maybe there is some hope for that bitch
    to change her attitude

  4. S says:

    You’re an idiot, your entire goddamn argument is full of biases and you clearly don’t fully understand the situation , the personalities , or the relationships . If you think that manami was the best option or even a good option you’re deluded and havee terrible taste . Kuroneko was OK but it’s revealed that she’s a liar who doesn’t care about her friend kirink and basically is only possibly trying to mend the siblings relationship for her own advantage and I despise her for that , she also says she would support her friend through anything but she clearly shows her true colors , a jealous lying birch who resents her friend for ending up with the guy she wanted even though kirino has earned him more than any of the others ever could.

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