Review: MM!


Anime: MM!
Animation Studio: Xebec
Number of Episodes: 12
Length Per Episode: Approximately 24 minutes

Only one more review to do after this! I never imagined actually finishing my backlog. Well, I mean, of course I knew I would eventually, but I just couldn’t imagine the feeling of having it completed.

Once my backlog is finished, that of course won’t be the end for me. I’ll still review shows that I’m watching as they end (the first will be Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Love(craft-sensei), if memory serves), and preview new shows that I’m watching for next season once they start up. I’ll most likely do an “impressions” post a week before the season starts, so you know which shows I’m going to watch.

Not only will I be doing those, but I also have “surprise” posts that I’ll do. They’ll always be anime or manga related, and I already know what I’m going to do for the first one, which I’m looking forward to.

Anyways, I should really save the more detailed information for later (the end of my next post, most likely) and move on to MM!.

MM! is a show about a guy named Taro(u) Sado.snap2

I added the ‘u’ to the end there because I’ve seen both spellings for his name. I’ll refer to him as Sado throughout the rest of the post.

Sado has a condition that he wants fixed, because he’s interested in someone. He isn’t sure what to do about it, but his best friend, Tatsukichi Hayama, suggests he goes to the Second Volunteering Club, since it’s apparently a club for people to have their wishes granted.

Upon arrival at the club, Sado meets the president of the club, Mio Isurugi.snap3

She’s kind, and lends an ear to Sado about what he wants. However, Sado changes his mind about the whole thing and tries to leave.

But it turns out the Mio’s attitude was just a façade.snap4

Not only does Mio speak rudely and bluntly, but she’s violent and has a massive superiority complex. She often refers to herself as being a god.

So Mio starts beating the living hell out of Sado, demanding to know what he came for. What is Sado’s condition?snap5

Yup, turns out Sado is a masochist. We’re not talking small-time, either, his personality completely transforms after receiving enough pain from a girl.

At first, Mio taunts him and makes fun of his condition, but then she shows a kinder side, saying that because she’s a god, she’ll grant any wish.

And thus begins Sado’s (painful) journey to be cured of his masochism…


What I like most about the show is that Sado isn’t the only unique character. As I stated before, Mio has a superiority complex, and we also have other characters.

For example: Arashiko Yuno.snap6

Arashiko has androphobia. For those of you not good with science terms, that basically means a morbid fear of men. She usually deals with this fear when triggered by violently beating the living crap out of the guy.

You actually learn why Arashiko became androphobic in the show (and you also learn how Sado became a masochist), which has its own story arc. It was probably the only serious arc in the show.

Along with those I’ve listed, other cast members are: a lesbian-voyeur, a cross-dresser, a lolicon, and religious fanatics. There are also others, but I’m lazy I don’t want to spoil them. I also am not saying which character is what, because that ruins the fun of finding out on your own.

Now, normally characters with these personalities wouldn’t really be all that special, but MM!’s speciality is taking character traits and cranking them up to ridiculously extreme levels. It’s a comedy show, so why not? It works extremely well.

Though the main reason to watch the show is Sado’s family.snap7




Both his sister and mother have blatantly incestuous feelings for him, and make for some absolutely hilarious scenes. I’m pretty sure that after the show had ended, I went back through the episodes and rewatched all the scenes with them.


MM! is just one of those love-or-hate shows. If you’re looking for top-tier writing, you should probably look elsewhere. The serious scenes have a lot of corny and awkward dialogue.

If you just want a great comedy to wind down and laugh to, MM! is one of the best. It specializes in its characters, and how over the top it can get. The sheer ridiculousness of some scenes is enough to get you to burst out laughing.

However, when MM! ended, it felt like there was still something missing. I’m not sure what that could be, but it might be due to the ending just being pulled out of nowhere. The whole conflict-resolution for the final episode happened in like the last 5 minutes of the episode, and it didn’t really feel like it had enough weight to it.

Regardless, MM! is still a hilarious show that’s worth a watching if you’re a comedy lover. Just remember that there aren’t really any “sophisticated” jokes, it’s mainly just the crazy situations that can develop.

The show is like a roller coaster: while all a roller coaster essentially is is moving really fast in different directions, you can’t help but love them and want to ride them. Simple, yet very entertaining and worth your time.

RATING: 9 out of 10.

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4 Comments on “Review: MM!”

  1. MkMiku says:

    I liked Arashiko Yuno in the beginning, but then I liked Mio Isurugi more at the end. Aside from the S&M jokes, MM! also had a lot of good parodies. I wouldn’t call it one of my favorite series of the year, but was one of XEBEC’s better works. :)

    • Riyoga says:

      I liked Mio throughout, and I’m not gonna lie, one of the biggest reasons was her hair. I don’t know what the animators did that makes it so appealing. It’s so… shiny?

      Agreed on the parodies. I loved the dialogue in the DBZ ones. They were hilarious.

  2. myra says:

    this anime was indeed good the only thing that bothered me was probably tarou’s family, if i had a brother and dad like that i’d get freaked out and move out thats not normal T_T .

    • Riyoga says:

      I thought his family was the funniest part.

      There’s definitely a double-standard when it comes to that kind of thing though. Guess it’s just because men like that are usually depicted as creepy rapists and that kind of view just doesn’t work when applied to women. I don’t know, it’s definitely got to do with societal standards and such.

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