Weekly News: February 27-March 5

Welcome to this week’s news! This post is out later than it usually would due to POKÉMON. Expect a bit of a drop in posts this week while I own up White version.

Anyways, I’m going to type this up really quick so I can get back to playing.

  • Akihabara has announced they are getting their own official stamp set. It is planned to come out near the end of March, and costs stupid amounts of money. [source]
  • Screen Gems has bought the rights to produce a Devil May Cry movie. This worries me deeply, as it’s one of my favorite series, and some obscure writer who has only written like one thing in the past is writing the screenplay. Then again, this can’t be any worse than the remake game that’s being made, right? [source]
  • This week’s CD, DVD, and BD rankings/sales and last weeks DVD and BD rankings/sales are out. The last volume of Durarara!! has managed to sell over 12,000 copies, making the whole series a great success (not one volume sold under 10,000 copies). On the other hand, Ore no Imouto’s third volume sold 17,000 BDs in its first week, to which I comment,  lzksdrjgrlaebgrv. [source]
  • A special collaboration episode of One Piece and Toriko has been announced. Toriko is a new show that will start airing in Spring, and I have no idea why it’s having a collaborative episode with One Piece. Maybe the same staff is doing it? Or it’s by the same author? [source]
  • This week’s manga and light novel rankings/sales are out. Kuroshitsuji and Detective Conan sit at the top of the manga this week, proving to me that Kuroshitsuji has a larger and possibly more frightening female fanbase than I originally thought. As for the light novels, looks like everyone’s jumping on the IS: Infinite Stratos train that began moving when the anime started. [source]
  • FanimeCon has announced their MusicFest Guest of Honor to be  Yuya Matsushita. While not strictly Japanese news, I’m attending FanimeCon, so this is relevant to my interests. I’m still pissed I missed the FLOW concert last year. [source]
  • This week’s American releases of anime and manga are listed in the source. Nothing on the list interests me, except for maybe Kaichou wa Maid Sama!, but I don’t plan on getting the English version of the manga. [source]
  • As already mentioned in an earlier post, the Umineko fighting game, Ougon Musou Kyoku, is getting a sequel! I plan to show up to Ryukishi’s doorstep on release day to personally hand over my wallet and my bank account information while I’m at it. [source]


  • BONUS! Not really Japanese news, which is why this is in the bonus section, but a teaser for Ninja Gaiden III has been posted online! This is another franchise I love, so I’m eager for it. However, this will be the first game in the series without the original director. This could either be very bad, or very good. Hopefully the engine will finally get an upgrade, eh Team Ninja? [source]


That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading!

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