Japan Hit by Earthquake and Tsunami

I normally wouldn’t post stuff like this, seeing as this is an anime and manga blog, but this is important.

Today, not long ago, Japan was hit by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake. This was around 250 miles outside of Tokyo. I believe the casualties for that so far are two deaths, and 30 injuries.

While this is indeed horrendous, with every major earthquake in an area near the ocean, comes a major tsunami of some kind.

This tsunami is wreaking absolute HAVOC in the Fukushima prefecture, wiping away buildings, cars, and anything else it comes across. This has happened so suddenly, that there are also people who have not been able to get away in time.

You can see footage of the earthquake and tsunami from BBC News, in the following two links.

Earthquake and Tsunami
Here’s a live stream of the news going on in Japan (dunno how long this will be going for)

This is an absolutely terrible natural disaster and it’s still going on, right now.

If you can help in any way, I advise you do. Donations or anything of the sort that I’m sure organizations will set up within the coming week.


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