Weekly News: March 13-19

Time for the return of weekly news!

Despite all of the problems Japan is having still, there’s a decent amount of news for the week, though some of these relate directly to what’s going on.

I said back in my “Anime and Manga Industry Members” post that I’d update if any casualties were reported, and there was one. Voice actors have been lucky, but producers and animators have not.

But, on to the news.

  • Hiroshi Kakoi, the producer for shows such as Macross II and Moldiver, and animator for shows such as the first Macross series and the 1980 version of Astro Boy, died in the March 11 eartquake. He had already retired from the industry. R.I.P. [source]
  • There is currently work being done on an MMO version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. If it’s anything like the Gameboy game from years ago, then sign me up. [source]
  • This week’s American releases of anime and manga are listed in the source. Black Butler I’m considering getting, but I actually liked the second season more than the first one. [source]
  • Cancelled and/or postponed anime and manga have been announced since the March 11 earthquake and disaster. Check the sources for the lists, because there’s a lot. [source1] [source2] [source3] [source4]
  • Tokyo’s governer, Shintaro Ishihara, made a public comment about the disaster being “divine retribution” against the Japanese people. Anime director Yamakan, who is director of Fractale and also directed Kannagi, responded to his comment saying, “To apply “divine punishment” indiscriminately to innocent people is absolutely ridiculous. Ishihara, you who can’t speak Japanese properly, have no right to place that identity on others.” Kudos to you, Yamakan. [source]
  • This week’s CD, DVD, and BD rankings/sales and last weeks DVD and BD rankings/sales are out. Madoka Magica music is selling well, as per usual. There isn’t a list of BD sales for last week due to obvious reasons. [source]
  • This week’s manga and light novel rankings/sales are out. Kimi no Todoke sells a lot better than I thought. That was kind of surprising. For light novels, the new Index novel sold like hotcakes. This was to be expected, but it’s still awesome. [source]
  • A new season of Setokai no Ichizon has been announced! I absolutely LOVED the first season, so this is fantastic news. When it comes out, I’ll get a chance to explain why I like it more than Setokai Yakuindomo. EDIT: It hasn’t actually been a new season that has been announced, but just more anime material. I’m willing to bet it’ll be a new season, though. If not, it’ll be an OVA or two. [source]
  • Shinbo Akiyuki, director of Madoka Magica, has said that after the show is over, he wants to do a spin-off if he can. He said that the spin-off would be much more light hearted, and would focus on the lives of the characters. [source]


No bonus this time. That’s all for this week, guys!

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