Weekly News: March 20-26

Welcome to weekly news!

Sorry this is late, I kinda forgot about it yesterday. Anyways, this week will be a short post, because I have to start preparing for me reviews coming out.

  • This week’s CD, DVD, and BD rankings/sales and last weeks DVD and BD rankings/sales are out. I don’t have much to comment on for this one, but I am sad to see the The World God Only Knows still isn’t selling too well. [source]
  • Shichigahama, the town used as a model for the town of Kannagi, was hit pretty hard by the tsunami. A good chunk of the coast area was wiped out. [source]
  • The last two episodes of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, to most fans’ woes, have been postponed indefinitely. They are aiming to release them before the end of April, but there’s no guarantee. It’s like Bakemonogatari all over again, isn’t it? [source]
  • This week’s manga and light novel rankings/sales are out. Kimi no Todoke sells a lot better than I thought. That was kind of surprising. For light novels, the new Index novel sold like hotcakes. This was to be expected, but it’s still awesome. (Yes, I know this is the same thing I typed last week, but that’s because it’s still true) [source]
  • A new OVA of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni has been announced to celebrate its tenth anniversary. There will be four episodes. The first will adapt a story from the source material, and the other three will be original storylines. Chiaki Kon is not directing, which means everyone can rejoice. [source]
  • This week’s American releases of anime and manga are listed in the source. Bandai have finally stopped being cheap-asses and have released the entire first season of Code Geass in an “Anime Legends” release. I will buy this as soon as I’m not poor. Now we just need to wait for the second season to get the same treatment… [source]
  • Sentai Filmworks have licensed Angel Beats! for release in the U.S. This further confirms my theory that Sentai stalks the anime fanbase online in order to decide which shows to license. They are the only company that have grabbed DVD licensing rights to shows before they have even finished airing (Yumekui Merry and IS: Infinite Stratos). [source]


That’s all for this week! Hopefully next week I’ll remember to do this on time, eh?


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