Anime Fans Piss Me Off Sometimes

I’m really, really pissed right now. I can feel the steam coming out of my ears and everything. I’m writing this because I need to write a (most likely long and full of swearing) rant about why I’m so pissed, and most likely make a few enemies due to it.

Oh, before I start though, I’ll have the first preview for Spring out later today.

For those of you who don’t know, Unlimited Translation Works and Mazui were planning to do a joint for Steins;Gate (they actually released the first episode). However, Crunchyroll licensed the show shortly after their webcast release, so they decided to drop it after checking Crunchyroll’s translation out and seeing it was good.

Apparently, a good chunk of anime fans seem to think they’re entitled little fucks.

Now, before I start, I have to say, the fanbase for UTW has got to be the worst I’ve ever seen. Though I guess calling them fans is wrong, since all they ever seem to do is complain. They do have good fans too, but honestly it seems like they’ve attracted the worst of the worst in the anime community a good chunk of the time. I think the only time I truly get pissed at other anime fans is on their site. I feel bad for UTW.

Not to mention, I checked Mazui’s site, and not only did they not have over 9000 comments from lunatics like UTW did, but pretty much all of the ten or so comments were positive. The only one that was against the dropping wrote a well-written list of reasons he didn’t agree with them.


So now, I’m going to point out some true gems from the comments over at UTW. Normally I wouldn’t call people out specifically, but right now I really don’t give a shit. In fact, I’m still considering linking to the post so it’ll leave a pingback on their site so they can come back here and I can tell them personally why they’re so fucking stupid.snap1

I don’t even know what that third line is saying, nor do I care. Draw your attention to the second chunk. First of all, I don’t understand why people bitch about the quality of CR rips. They’re the same ratio (480p, 720p) as other groups would release, and there’s only a very slight contrast difference. I think you’ll live.

The styling? Oh that’s fantastic, and vague. Do you mean typesetting? Font? The manner in which it’s translated? I’ll address all of those.
1) If you’re really going to bitch about typesetting, I have nothing to say to you. “Oh no! The translated text wasn’t placed directly over where the Japanese text was! I’M GOING TO DIE.”
2) If you care more about the font-type than… pretty much anything, then there is something seriously wrong with you.
3) I’m actually not going to get into the whole liberal vs. conservative subbing argument. That shit could make up an entire post of its own. I will say, however, there is a reason that “ALL ACCORDING TO KEIKAKU – TL note: keikaku means plan” is used as an example of bad translating.snap2

“I HATE YOU, YOU GUYS SUCK! I HOPE YOUR GROUP DIES OUT! By the way, finish the BD releases of your other project.”

Congratulations, you win the Retard Award. Your mother would be proud.

Though if by “encode” you were actually referring to the audio problem, that is a legitimate excuse. It’s obvious you aren’t, though. Here’s a tip: get a premium account. It allows you to do this magic trick where you can turn any video on Crunchyroll into 720p! Or you could just, you know, get a rip group release.

Also, off-topic argument, but you lack coherency. Though that’s a pretty hypocritical thing to point out because I ramble all the damn time, your incoherency is off the damn charts. You need transitions in order to change the topic, bro.


After a bit of this shitstorm, Daiz popped in to let people know they were being idiots.snap3

However, this presented a chance to make an even further ass out of themselves than they already have, so they start getting mad at Daiz.snap4

“How DARE you present a solution to my problems!”

By the way, the “consistency” you’re talking about among rip groups also applies to your precious fansub groups. Or do you not actually care about translation quality? You’re probably one of those people that only downloads big-name group releases, instead of actually judging every fansub groups releases equally.snap5

A little off-topic, but there was no way I was leaving this guy out.

First of all, nice name. It’s not like I couldn’t tell your opinion from the actual content of your post. Second, you are a massive hypocrite. “…and the fact that you reacted to the comments made you an idiot…those are just comments and opinions of other people, you got to respect them.” I think my IQ just dropped by about ten points. You first bash him for reacting to the comments, when you’re reacting to his comment. Then you tell him to respect their opinions, yet you don’t respect his. You’re like, some kind of fucking genius.

Secondly, despite what some people like to think, opinions don’t need to be respected. Yes, you have every right to have an opinion, there’s no doubt about that. However, there’s absolutely no reason that I have to respect it. If I think your opinion is fucking stupid, I’m going to say it’s fucking stupid. If we had to respect everyone’s opinions no matter what, can you just imagine the kind of things that would be invented? Some really fucking retarded shit, that’s what.


Daiz then posts his response, keeping respectfully on-topic, unlike what I would have done. He reminds everyone that the whole point for fansubs is to watch something in English, so the translation is what matters the most.snap6

We then get to see the true idiocy that is DarkChaplain.snap7

I have no words to say to this. Actually, that’s bullshit, I have plenty of words for this.

You slandering moron, not ONCE did Daiz promote a specific group. Yes, his name has a link back to his site, but that doesn’t even count for anything. The reason groups link back to their site is to show which group they represent when they state an opinion or fact, not to advertise. It’s not the same thing. Not that he even cares if you download his release.

Also, he isn’t pissing on you because you don’t want to go with a rip group, he’s pissing on you because you’re being a goddamn baby about UTW’s decision.

So congrats on writing a useless comment.snap8

This guy is so far in denial that he thinks UTW is lying about why they’re dropping the show. I don’t know whether that’s commendable or creepy.

I still find it funny that people think official translations are worse than fansubs, though. Admittedly, yes, when Crunchyroll first started out they had a few hiccups, but they took what they could get due to just starting. Now that it’s been a few seasons, they’re much more well-known, and have gotten much better.snap9

I already handed out the Retard Award, so you get the Douchebag Award.

First, congrats on spelling Daiz’s name incorrectly (it’s only four letters what the fuck). Second, your argument is completely flawed. I want to call it a strawman argument, but it doesn’t even really fit that criteria. It’s just a stupid, incorrect argument.

I’ll give you two reasons why this is the case. The first is that you’re basically saying that deaf people shouldn’t watch TV. I mean, they have subtitles/captions to read, so who needs the video? Basically, you’re an idiot. The point of the words is to understand what’s being said. You can make the most flamboyant, colorful, expertly styled subtitles in the universe, but if the translation is off and/or doesn’t make sense, it’s all for naught. I bet you’d still watch that release, though, huh? You almost said so at the end of your comment.

The second reason is that your argument applies to all of you who hate Crunchyroll, not the other way around. YOU guys are the ones that want your perfectly timed, typesetted, and colorful translations. Notice what I underlined? Applies to your argument.
I also hate these arguments, because they’re the same ones people who don’t buy official DVD/BD releases use. Basically, it sounds like you don’t support the industry in any way at all. HAVE FUN KILLING THE FOREIGN ANIME INDUSTRY, DUMBASS.snap10

This guy got second place for the Retard Award.

They didn’t drop Index because there were other fansub groups doing it. Every fansub group naturally thinks they have the best translation, so it’s no surprise they keep going. The few who do drop shows because other groups do them because they know that group will do a better job.
Crunchyroll is not a fansub group. They are a legal alternative to fansub groups. Not to mention, it’s basically impossible to beat their speed. So if their translation is high quality, why bother fansubbing the show?

Fansubbing might be fun for groups, but it’s also a shitload of work. It becomes wasted time when there is a faster, better, and more legal alternative.


Do you guys remember when people were happy to have hardsubbed, shitty quality videos? Apparently none of these people do.

Alright, rant is over, time to go home.

11 Comments on “Anime Fans Piss Me Off Sometimes”

  1. Hogart says:

    > Fansubbing might be fun for groups, but it’s also a shitload of work. It becomes wasted time when there is a faster, better, and more legal alternative.

    That’s all you really had to say. But I’ll concede that getting this off your chest was probably the right thing to do so you wouldn’t go insane.

    I defend fansubbing, but not this “industry” of sorts that’s cropped up. It’s a hobby, and the FAN part isn’t about “idiots who just want to watch the show”, but rather people who want to support the show.. you know, those people who will still buy the BluRays, DVDs, or Crunchyroll Premium accounts.

    They do this because they want people to be able to see the show without understanding Japanese that well, not for crybabies who could already get the show by other means. What kind of asshat thinks it’s worth crying over a crap, cookie cutter show like Index, when there are tons of much better shows that haven’t been translated at all (or have very poor translations)?

    • Riyoga says:

      >Name of blog is Riyoga’s Ramblings.

      It’s how I roll.

      I agree with your points, though. Despite what it may seem like from this post, I do actually support fansubbing. I wouldn’t be an anime fan if it weren’t for it. This rant was just to vent at people whining like babies over something that wasn’t even a big deal.

      You do know the post was about the Steins;Gate joint, right? Not Index. Though there was also a shitstorm when they jointed with gg for that. I might cover that at some point in the very distant future when I rant about liberal vs. conservative subbing.

      • Hogart says:

        Yeah, I forgot a smiley at the end of that sentence :) I rant too.

        I realized this particular shitstorm was about Steins;Gate, I’ve just heard this all before for other shows including Index. I just wanted to give Steins;Gate a fair chance before calling it crap because it might turn out to be a decent adaptation.

        I’m actually kinda looking forward to a liberal-vs-conservative subbing issue post. it’s been a while since I had a discussion about it with someone who wasn’t a total buffoon :)

  2. TRazor says:

    By troll-posting on specific users, you just brought yourself down to their level.

    • Riyoga says:

      Except that I’m not trolling, I’m pointing out why they’re idiots. I’ll certainly give you that it wasn’t necessary, but it’s not like rants are classy, anyways.

      And it’s not like people who cared about this weren’t going to go to the site and see the comments themselves.

  3. TWWK says:

    You mention that a large number of fans feel a sense of entitlement – and I think that’s precisely what this is. What annoys me is that these people are getting mad that they aren’t receiving the free product that they feel they deserve. There’s something warped about that line of thinking.

    • Riyoga says:

      Yeah, that’s pretty much it, except now that line of thinking has managed to advance even further. Not only do they feel they’re required to receive these fansubs at the snap of their fingers, but they also require it to conform exactly to their heightened expectations that have developed from receiving fansubs for so long. The fact that people will take one translation over another based on having karaoke or not, among other things, disturbs me immensely.

  4. Yumeka says:

    I don’t bother to read comments on fansubbers’ web sites, and you’ve helped me confirm why >_> Seriously though, I can’t understand the nerve of these supposed fans feeling like they have entitlement to get an anime exactly how they want it and it’s oh such a disaster if they can’t watch it precisely to their liking XP

    • Riyoga says:

      UTW is pretty much the only group I see get this kind of treatment. It’s disgusting, and they don’t deserve it at all.

      I guess it just goes to show, no matter what kind of group or community you have, there’s always going to be some rotten eggs.

  5. ListeningtoWu-tang says:

    But anime fans piss me off all the time. In face, I avoided anime fans when I was in high school. I love the subject (guns, anime, baseball, atheist etc) but hat- no, LOATH its people. And those comments got offended and it’s funny.

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