Preview: Tiger & Bunny


Sorry that these are coming out late. As I mentioned in my sidebar, Spring Break is over, so I don’t have the most amount of time in the world to type these up. When I do, they most likely won’t be very long (not that I intend for previews to be long, anyways).

Also, there won’t be a preview tomorrow, but instead a review of Yumekui Merry, since the last episode airs tomorrow.

Tiger & Bunny is a show about a town with quite a few superheroes in it. Unlike most superhero shows where bad stuff happens, and then the hero swoops along and saves the day, Tiger & Bunny throws a nice twist into its story.

You see, while the heroes still do that, the town has made a show out of it. Literally.snap2

You see, this show isn’t simply for entertainment, but the careers of the heroes very well hinges on this show. Why? Because each hero has a sponsor, and those sponsors pay them for the more points they earn through the show.snap3

By having heroes fight for monetary gain rather than the livelihood of the citizens, it makes for a nice contrast to the usual morally-saturated heroes people are used to.

Now, not all of the heroes fight just for the money. In fact, most of them still care about people’s well-being, but you can’t deny the desire for money is still there.

The one person it’s in the least, is the main character, who’s quite down on his luck.snap4

Wild Tiger (Kotetsu) is instantly likeable due to still caring about actually being a hero, and the scene where you see his emotional attachment to his daughter. It’s also pretty natural to sympathize with characters down on their luck.

The company sponsoring him goes down under in the middle of the first episode, so he gets transferred to a new one. That company wants to make the first superhero duo team, so they give him a new suit and team him up with who you could consider to be his polar opposite psychologically, Barnaby (though they ironically have the same super power).snap5

That’s pretty much where the first episode ends.


My original intention for watching Tiger & Bunny was basically along the longs of, “Aww yeah, Sunrise mecha(ish) anime!” After watching the first episode, I still pretty much have that line of thought, but the show is also better than I originally expected. The implementation of the TV show with a scoring system definitely makes it more interesting.

Other than the main character, I like Sky High the most.snap6

It’s probably because his suit reminds me of Isaac Clark’s from Dead Space. ‘Dat helmet. Plus I’ve always been a sucker for trench coat-like capes.


I definitely recommend giving the show a watch. Looks like it’s gonna be pretty good.

Also, if Barnaby ends up being the main villain at the end, I win a million dollars.

P.S. Am I the only one who wonders why, in a city filled with superheroes that get paid the more crimes they stop, there are still criminals? Doesn’t sound like the most intelligent move on their part. Watch there be a twist at the end where it turns out the companies actually pay people to pull crimes so they can have the TV show make millions.

P.P.S. And where is my Coke hero at?!


Pepsi sucks.

2 Comments on “Preview: Tiger & Bunny”

  1. Nadja says:

    Bleh. Pepsi is disgusting. xP

    Haven’t watched Tiger and Bunny yet, but I’ll probably give it a try after it’s been aired.

    When I read your synopsis, I also wondered why criminals would continue to commit crimes, knowing that these powerful heroes would most likely catch them.

    Your hypotheses about the show actually sound pretty spot-on. xD

    • Riyoga says:

      Coke beats Pepsi by miles.

      Exactly. Seems pretty one-sided to go up against people with superpowers. It’s possible the upcoming enemies will also have superpowers, though.

      Heh, maybe. Back when Madoka Magica started, I predicted Sayaka being the final boss, which was close.

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