Review: Yumekui Merry


Anime: Yumekui Merry
Animation Studio: J.C. Staff
Number of Episodes: 13
Length per Episode: Approximately 24 minutes

Last review for the Winter season! I’m proud of myself for keeping on time with these, though of course Spring Break helped immensely.

Anyways, I like my slightly modified version of reviews where I focus less on the plot reviewing and focus on the actual show review. Now that I’ll have previews for all shows I’ll eventually review, I can focus more on the general plot in those. Reviews are meant to be overall thoughts, after all, right?


Yumekui Merry is about a girl named Merry, who doesn’t belong in Reality. She’s a being from the Dream World, a Dream Demon, yet she’s unable to return. After meeting up with Yumeji, they team up to punch some Dream Demons causing havoc.

You see, Dream Demons enter people’s dreams, then try to take over their body. Sometimes this is done mutually, and they share the body, while others involve the Dream Demon overpowering the human and taking over by force.

There are all kinds of Dream Demons: everything from living plants to cat men voiced by motherfucking Jouji Nakata.snap2

The story eventually develops into having to fight Mistilteinn, who takes the role of main antagonist.


The first thing I should say about the show is it’s actually mostly an anime-original storyline. Mistilteinn, Leon, Iijima, Kawanami, etc. are all characters created just for this story.snap3

Now, anime-original stories normally hit on the extreme side of the spectrum: they’re either great, or they’re terrible. The story made for Yumekui Merry was actually pretty good. Mistilteinn made a good villain. Can’t really say the same for Kawanami or Leon, though. They weren’t really developed enough for me to care about them.

The story actually managed to tie into the manga’s official storyline pretty nicely at times, too. One example was the scene where you finally first meet Pharos, the big baddie for the series. There were also other tidbits that were nicely tied in.

However, this was all for naught due to the absolutely abysmal final episode.

While I will admit reading the manga was probably not the best choice while the show was still airing due to the liberties the anime took, the final episode was terrible on a standard level. In English: that shit was badly written. It was like the director looked at the manga’s explanation for things and just decided, “Well, that makes perfect sense! I guess that means we need to make everything illogical now!”

What I’m mainly talking about is Yumeji’s ability. In the manga, it’s given a perfectly logical explanation that even fits the theme of the series. The anime on the other hand…snap4

More like strength of asspull, amirite? Though for those of you wondering about the logical explanation, I won’t give a straight answer, but I will say that the actual reasoning deals with lucid dreams.

Also, while we’re on the topic of Yumeji’s power, what was with the fucking one line cameo by John Doe? This is a biased argument, but that was insanely lacking. At the LEAST they could have had him explain Yumeji’s power to him like in the manga. And at the best? They could have not cut out all of his John Bro moments.snap5

John Doe is a badass, and a true bro. I would have sold my limbs to have seen a John Bro scene done with Jouji Nakata voicing him. That would have been badass as hell.

Anyways, back to the whole “What the shit did I just watch?” points, what was up with the voice actors? There was one part where it sounded like Yui’s voice actor (Tomoko Akiya) just stopped giving a shit suddenly. “DAHMAY” indeed. Merry’s voice actor, who’s completely new to the industry, does a good job as usual, but it seemed like all the others just didn’t care at all. Not that it would have saved the episode, but it didn’t exactly improve it.

Also, that was a terrible way to finish off Mistilteinn. “WHELP I’M CONFIDENT IN MYSELF AGAIN SO TIME TO WIN.” And Mistilteinn didn’t even try to dodge or anything. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure Play tried to attack Mistilteinn before and it did no damage to her, so I don’t know why it suddenly decided to be powerful enough to kill her.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the music. What the HELL was up with the music choice this episode? Something big and dramatic was happening and they played what I believe was Merry’s fight theme. I don’t even know what to say.


Overall, before the last episode, Yumekui Merry was pretty enjoyable to watch. Merry’s VA was new to the business, and she did an excellent job. John Doe is a badass as per usual (being voiced by Jouji Nakata just adds even more badass points). The setting is interesting and unique.

If I had to sum this up, I’d say only watch this if you haven’t read the manga and are really interested in it, then read the manga after you’re done watching. Mainly because the only thing saving this score from dropping to what the show actually deserves is Jouji Nakata/John Doe badassness, and everything that isn’t the last episode.

RATING: 8 out of 10.

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12 Comments on “Review: Yumekui Merry”

  1. IcedTea says:

    You have spoke my mind. Excellent review.

  2. HDB1153 says:

    I do admit the last episode seamed to be short for as much content they could have / should have put there, and it was irregular at times. I would have expected that last episode to have taken at leas 1.5 episodes.. but generally I don’t read manga’s, and Id honestly say I liked 90% of the anime.
    They ended the last episode to where it could go either way.. make a season 2 or not, at this point I say I liked it enough that I’m hoping for a season 2… no official word anywhere tho, Iv been looking up and translating various sites… :( and from what Iv seen total plot wise, the first season could have lasted 17-episodes or so, they just had a condensed plot at the wrong times..

    • Riyoga says:

      That last episode was so bad. That’s why afterwards I looked up the manga to see if that really happened or to see how it was handled or whatever, just to find out that most of the anime had been original content. Unfortunately doesn’t change the fact that that last episode was a mess.

      I wouldn’t mind a second season, but they’d have to fix their blunders from the first one if they did. However since the disk sales were less than fantastic, the only chance of it getting another season would be if it had caused the manga sales to shoot up. Not sure if it did.

      • HDB1153 says:

        Alright Ill admit it the last episode was.. less than expected.. But the rest of the season was good (in my opinion) I dont watch much tv at all in general, But I still belive my favorite atribute of the anime was the characters personalities, some ppl argued on how merry went through the various stages of remorse when she thought that she was in turn hurting ppls dreams.when she removed their dream deamons… I disagree with that for the ppl merry cleared of dream deamons showed no signs of “dream loss”, and they complained on how generic it was. My thoughts on that are that it makes their personalities more realistic, for everyone would go through thoes stages weather they know it or not. But still like I said I did not read the manga, but I might consider it, for I found the show to be very good in my opinion, even tho I watch less than 10-hours of TV a month… =)

        • Riyoga says:

          Yeah, the rest of the season wasn’t too bad.

          If you do have the time, I’d recommend giving the manga a shot. It’s pretty much more of all the good qualities that the show had.
          There aren’t too many chapters out yet, so it’s not that bad to get through all of them.

    • HDB1153 says:

      I do believe I found a site for the manga, it offers 44-chapters, in English.. I also found a site for the anime, all 13-episodes, but its got way too many ad’s on it, trying to find an alternate.. :) Tho I am curious did they make an English dub’d version? If so that might be the reason ppl are complaining over the voice actors slacking off in the last episode, because all Iv seen is the Japanese version.

      • HDB1153 says:

        for some reason it did not link the URL… here we try again.. :)

      • Riyoga says:

        Sentai did license the show for R1 distribution, but it isn’t scheduled to release until March 27. People (including me) are actually complaining about the Japanese voice actors/actresses. While obviously we can’t understand what they’re saying without subtitles, emotion is something that transcends language, and that episode had a severe lack of it.

        Though there is a chance that they uploaded an episode or two ahead of time in order to promote the series for sale. So there’s a chance they are talking about the English dub.

      • HDB1153 says:

        You wouldn’t by any chance know which networks would be airing the English dub version, would you?

        • Riyoga says:

          I would not. Like I said, I don’t even know for sure if they’ve posted any of the episodes online or not. You could always wait and buy the discs, though.

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