Madoka Magica Resumes Airing!

You read that right! And it isn’t April Fools, either.

Madoka Magica will air the last two episodes back-to-back on April 21st. [source]


Before ending this extremely short post, I think I should mention something that some fans might not know. While SHAFT did indeed delay the episodes so they could improve the quality, they finished on time for the new airing. The problem was that due to all of the destruction and such featured in the show, MBS refused to air the episodes.

Now, why didn’t some other station air them? Well, first of all, they probably had the same thought. But the main reason was because SHAFT had a contract with MBS that said that MBS would get to air the episodes before everyone else. Basically, MBS had SHAFT by the balls.

Now lets hope MBS doesn’t change their mind again.

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