Preview: The World God Only Knows II


Preview #3

Hmm… Maybe I won’t be able to do as many previews as I thought. But still, I’m covering more in one day than I ever have before. Whatever I don’t finish today is being pushed to Wednesday, because unlike tomorrow, I have a LOT of work due on Wednesday. If I finish early, maybe I’ll get one out tomorrow, but the idea of me finishing anything homework-related early is laughable.

I love previewing and reviewing sequels, because unless they’re vastly different than their previous seasons, I get to essentially skip the plot summary. There’s no real point going into detail when you need to watch a previous season.

But yeah, The World God Only Knows’ plot is still the same. Lost soul hides in girl, Keima does his thing to make the girl fall for him, loose spirit gets kicked out and captured. There is actually a bigger plot later on that deals with somewhat the same concept with a more serious reason, but as I said in my Spring Preview, unless Manglobe plays around with the order of things, it’ll really only get hinted at this season.



I guess I can take the time to talk about a few things for this new season, given that I read the manga. I’ll avoid spoilers, but I’ll probably give vague hints at what’s to come in this season (for example: the order in which captures will happen, but no details about what actually happens).

First I have one or two things to say about the current heroine.


Kusunoki Kasuga, laying on the pain.

I actually don’t have anything to say about her personality itself or anything, so much as what happened with her in the episode.snap3

It probably doesn’t take a genius to guess that this was due to the lost soul inside of her. In the first season, the souls merely tampered with their emotions and behavior (as Keima theorized this episode). Herp derp, I forgot about Kanon turning invisible. But now these effects will start happening more often (not EVERY host gets one, but some do). They usually are along the lines of whatever problem the hosts are dealing with emotionally.

While I’m still talking about the first episode, I wonder what’s up with the pacing? They covered a good 3-4 chapters in this one episode, and in the first season, they covered about 1-2 chapters per episode. Not to mention, Kanon got a ton of extra scenes for her arc (I think she actually got an entire anime-original episode, too). So in comparison, this season seems to be going really fast. Or, well, at least this first episode does.

That’s not too big of a problem, because as I mentioned… uhh… somewhere, each arc is better than the last (with one exception that isn’t even happening this season). So I’m glad they’re going to focus their attention on the later arcs, which are the ones that hint at the bigger plot at hand.

Oh, here’s the OP so you can get a preview for the upcoming arcs.

The OP isn’t as good as the first season’s, but it’s still pretty sweet. And of course it’s very visually impressive.

I’m looking forward to Jun Nagase’s arc the most.


This piece of HNNNNNG right here.

I won’t give details, because spoilers suck, but I like a lot of the comments made during her arc. Basically, I like the general conflict/plot that goes on. Not to mention, I like Jun herself.



Anyways, I’ve rambled enough. Time to move onto the next preview.

Oh, I do have one last thing to say actually (damn my memory). In the OP, you’ll notice there are only three girls during the little teaser. However, just like the first season, there are four arcs. What’s one of them about?snap6

I hope anime viewers end up liking Haqua as much as manga readers do.

2 Comments on “Preview: The World God Only Knows II”

  1. Marina says:

    I really am very curious about this “Haqua” you speak of since I’ve never read the manga. I love her look.

    After finishing the first season with a feeling of disappointment and a lack of satisfaction, I’m pleased to see this second season start off with a nice pace. I actually approve of the quicker series of events. Hopefully, we’ll actually get somewhere in this season and wrap things up without going into a 3rd. If we just had more of the same as in the 1st, I think this anime would lose its originality and appeal compared to other anime airing this season that have fresher ideas. The again, since I haven’t read the manga, maybe there’s tons more material to cover to warrant a slower pace?

    • Riyoga says:

      Haqua doesn’t start playing a larger role until a bit further in, but her arc is up next. I’m both excited and nervous for people’s reactions.

      The speed is fine for now. But there’s far too much material to cover in just this season. I believe someone counted that Keima has captured 17 lost souls in all so far. That’s 17 arcs right there.
      Admittedly, around halfway through you get teased about the big plot that’s to come, but shit doesn’t actually hit the fan until after those 17 arcs are over.

      The reason it doesn’t lose it’s appeal is that the reason behind girls having gaps in their hearts and the capture sessions themselves get more interesting. This is just one of those series where if you like the premise, you’ll be entertained throughout, but if not, you might struggle a bit.

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