Preview: Deadman Wonderland


Well, damn. Talk about a first episode. If we were to relate the new shows airing to people in a classroom, Deadman Wonderland would be the kid that shows up late, but holds their head high with pride and doesn’t really give a shit about being late.

…Did I just make a “people in a classroom” analogy for this show? Damn, I’m more fucked up than I thought.


The show starts off with Ganta, our main character for the show, checking out some information on Deadman Wonderland. It’s an amusement park, but it has one creepy name.

Soon enough, his friends Mimi and Yamakatsu show up. Apparently Ganta ditched Yamakatsu earlier because he saved over Ganta’s save file on a game.snap2

Mimi gets annoyed with them, and berates them about how pointless it is to argue over something like that.

If Ganta knew what was going to happen next, I bet he wouldn’t have.

Ganta hears something along the lines of humming, but it sounds familiar to him. He looks around for the source of the noise, and then finally looks out the window.snap3




Ganta gets knocked out from the blast, but only momentarily. Upon waking up, he surveys his surroundings.

Or, at least, what’s left of it.snap7

Ganta seems practically unphased, though. Even when he realizes his hand is on the most lovely part of a severed arm.

He looks around somewhere, and sees Miki. Before he can finish asking if she’s alright, he realizes that it’s just her head, and that the “Red Man” who attacked the classroom is holding it with a pleased smile still on his face.

Ganta finally flips out and backs up as far as he can. The Red Man isn’t having any of it, and gives Ganta a parting gift.snap8


The crystal gets absorbed into Ganta’s chest as he blacks out.

He later wakes up in a hospital, and before he can even take the time to continue processing the insanity that had just occurred, he gets some visitors.snap10

Before he can even say anything on his behalf, a lawyer comes in saying he’ll represent him, and he gets escorted away. But not to worry! He has a lawyer representing him, and it’s not like a middle school student could have done that massacre, right?


Well, shit.

Ganta flips his shit, screaming how he isn’t guilty and starts running away. Before he can get far, the parents of the dead students not only stop him, but take the chance to start beating him. Right after taking a punch to the face from Mimi’s father, a recording falls out of the father’s pocket, showing Ganta talking to his lawyer about how he enjoyed killing his class.

It turns out fake evidence has been planted against Ganta, and it’s heavily insinuated it was by none other than the lawyer that was supposed to represent him.

After hearing a song with some of the creepiest lyrics I’ve ever heard, we see where Ganta is being sent.

None other than Deadman Wonderland.

It turns out that while Deadman Wonderland is an amusement park, it’s also Japan’s only privately owned prison. All of the attractions at the amusement park are put on and staged by prisoners at Deadman Wonderland, which allows the country to make a good chunk of money.

After a few events that I’m not going to spoil (why haven’t you watched the episode yet?!), Ganta finds himself about to be crushed by a chunk of the building that came off due to a conveniently placed explosion. Finally coming to the resolution that he doesn’t want to die despite his life going to complete shit, the shard that the Red Man embedded in his chest activates.snap12

Turns out Ganta now has the same power the Red Man had, which appears to involve manipulation of one’s own blood. Though now the question remains: why would the Red Man willingly do that?

I already said it at the beginning, but holy shit. This author knows how to work with attention-grabbers. I was already hyped based on the premise, and the show certainly didn’t disappoint.

Even Madoka Magica would have shit its pants over how dark the premise got so quickly. Not that being dark instantly equates to being good, but my interest is definitely there. I really want to know about the Red Man, and the strange powers he has.

I left out a few details in the summary because it would’ve taken a thousand years given how much I like to go into detail. But it doesn’t really matter, because you should be watching/have watched this episode already.

This show is definitely going to be one of the best this season.

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