Preview: Dog Days


Well, this is coming out much later than I expected. I’m getting even lazier than I already was.

Not sure why I took so long despite me laziness though; I’ve been eager to present my conflicting opinion to the general consensus on this show.

Dog Days focuses on our main character, Shinku Izumi, who’s voiced by Mamoru Miyano. Due to the fact that he’s using pretty much the same voice he used in Star Driver, I keep thinking that Shinku is a Galactic Pretty Boy.

Shinku is quite athletic, due to loving gymnastics. I laughed when the competition he wanted to enter to show off his ability was a reference to Ninja Warrior/Sasuke.snap2

Anyways, he heads to the first day of school with a female friend who’s probably not going to have any significant role beyond this point. Before the opening ceremony ends, Shinku runs off because he needs to catch a plane.

However, things do not go according to keikaku.

Before he can so much as leave the campus ground, he gets summoned/teleported to an alternate world. They also take the chance to show off the high animation quality for the show.



In this alternate world, a country of cat people and a country of dog people are fighting each other. I’m not gonna bother throwing around the names of places because it’s too much to memorize for just reading this preview if you haven’t seen the show yet.

Shinku was summoned because the dog country was on a losing streak, and losing the current battle going on would mean complete defeat for the country. At the end of the first episode, he agrees to fight for them.snap7

The second episode was pretty much all fighting and explaining the rules of their battles and such. Though at the end of the episode a very important piece of information is given: summoned heroes aren’t able to return to their own world.

Before I get into the meat of my personal impressions, I think it’d be best to get one thing out of the way first.snap4


With fights in this show, nobody actually dies. When they suffer what would be a fatal blow, or are touched on the head or back, they just revert into a chibi version of whatever animal they represent.snap6

There’s been quite the flurry of negative responses to this, which I found quite surprising.

It seems as though Madoka Magica has spoiled people, because last I checked, just because something isn’t grimdark doesn’t mean it’s badly written. Though I will agree the first episode doesn’t exactly qualify for being great writing, it was obvious it’s only purpose was to introduce and set up the setting. It’s why I always give a show at least three episodes to prove itself (Rio was the only show that made me break that rule).

The second episode was much better writing-wise, though it did also have a surprising amount of fanservice, too. At least it was played off in an amusing way.snap8



However, the main reason I wanted to wait until the second episode before doing this preview was, because based on what I’ve heard about Nanoha (which I still need watch), the director of which is doing this show, it’s all about the fight choreography. And damn, it delivered.

I mean, it wasn’t anything mind-blowing, but given that the episode was also dedicated to explaining the different aspects of battles, it was still pretty sweet.

While you can’t really take pictures of fight choreography, I will give you this.snap11


Basically, while Dog Days does indeed have a generic setting with some odd plot points, I expect it to break out of the usual mold with some creative directing. Isn’t that what Nanoha did? And I heard it took about four episodes before anything really important happened in Nanoha, too.

I think people may just be jumping the gun a wee bit is all.

EDIT: Why doesn’t WordPress let me add blank paragraph spaces anymore? I like separating separate ideas with the extra space. Those jerks.

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