Preview: Astarotte no Omocha!


Nobody honestly still thinks this show is about the sexscapades of a 10 (or was it 12?) year-old girl, right? Good, because it isn’t.

I mean, yeah, that’s the general setting. She’s a succubus and needs semen and all that wonderful jazz, but nothing actually happens regarding it. If you expected anything else then I don’t know what to say.

Anyways, this’ll be just a short preview because I don’t actually have much of an opinion on the show yet. I was going to wait another episode, but I wanted to say what I do have to say about the show so far right away.

I already said what the show isn’t about, but I can’t really say what the show is about either. No real plot has yet to form, though it looks like episode 3 or 4 will deal with that once the last character has been brought in properly.

What the show is partially about, is this:snap2

The show actually tackles this plot point surprisingly seriously. Sure, the reason behind her hatred/phobia wasn’t the most brilliant thing in the universe, but it works well enough for the show. At least it was a reason that dealt within the context of the show.

But anyways, it was the major plot point for the second episode, and it might still develop. I hope it does, because they actually tackled it much better than I expected.

I could explain what happened with text, but I have pictures that tell the story well enough. Keep in mind that the events in the pictures are actually spread out a decent ways apart, and there was music and such to supplement it.snap3






It was, dare I say, cute. The pictures don’t do it much justice, but it’s been a while since I got such a feel-good feeling (lol redundancy) from a show. And it was from Astarotte no Omocha!, of all shows. Who’da thunk it?


Anyways, like I said, there isn’t much more to say since no general plot has formed besides Lotte’s hatred/phobia of men. I hope they keep with it though, they handled it well. Or if they go somewhere else, they handle it just as well.

One thing that caught my attention was that Lotte will actually have a pretty legitimate reason to go tsundere (which was hinted at at the end of the episode) if she does. She’s been riding this whole “I hate men” gig for so long (and it’s still true, she’s just softening up), she’ll be reluctant to come out of those feelings. She’ll be tsundere out of denial of wanting to believe she has an emotion towards a boy that isn’t hate or fear. It could even go further and she’d be tsundere out of not willing to admit to people she’s gotten over her hatred/fear.

I mean, you don’t need a reason to be tsundere, but it’s always nice when one is provided.

But yeah, I just wanted to let people know this show isn’t all “lol pedophilia” like people expected (hopefully jokingly). I mean, there are the occasional unnecessary moments, but they’re usually played off as minor things. Though they could skyrocket since the main character’s sister has been shown to  be quite… eccentric.


10 Comments on “Preview: Astarotte no Omocha!”

  1. feal87 says:

    This series is certainly turning out like an unexpected good pick for this season, but still we have to see if they manage to keep the level for the whole duration…:|

    • Riyoga says:


      With the little sister coming in, I could see the comedy start to ramp up, which I don’t mind at all. I just hope they don’t go full-blown fanservice mode or stop caring about writing these kinds of scenes as well as they did.

      • Yi says:

        Well, that was unexpected. Based on the single line synopsis, Astarotte no Omocha! doesn’t sound like much. A pleasant surprise. ^ ^

        • Riyoga says:

          They’re sure handling themes in a mature way, which was a pleasant surprise. I’m just hoping they continue to do so.

  2. Nadja says:

    Awww, that was really nice of him to do for her. x3

    You’ve just given me a reason to watch the second episode. xD

    • Riyoga says:

      The second episode was the best one so far.

      The third one wasn’t bad, but it was really only for introducing more characters, including the legendary ALPACA.

      Episode four will be what really determines if this show stays as a surprise hit or not.

      • Nadja says:

        It has some decent animation, and it’s not totally centered around prepubescent fanservice, so it’s likely I’ll marathon it once it’s done airing. I keep trying to get into watching anime weekly, but it never works for me.

        ALPACA? As in a furry beast? This is relevant to my interests.

  3. Nadja says:

    Sleeper-hit? Great animation? Alpaca?

    This show is for me.

    • Riyoga says:

      Now that I’ve said that, watch the show go down the drain.

      I’m just kidding, Astarotte no Omocha! Please don’t stop being impressive! …Please?

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