Presenting: Riyoga’s Ramblings 2.0

That homework crunch was a nightmare. Portal 2 was still worth it, though.

Anyways, on to the point of this post, I’m making a few changes to the way I’m doing things. Actually, I wouldn’t really say “changes” so much as “additions.” Not to mention the biggest announcement doesn’t even really have to do with this blog itself, but whatever, I’m rolling with it.


If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve stopped doing my Weekly News posts. That’s because they got practically no views, and the entire point of the posts was to bring news to people. Since nobody is reading them except for a few exceptions, it’s a waste of time for me to continue. After all, I’ve already read the news I post, and it’s not like typing them up was helping me think about them the same way Previews and Reviews and do.

Weekly News was also created was because I was worried that inbetween when Previews are done to when Reviews are done, I’d have nothing to write about. Last season proved me wrong. I didn’t have much of a problem thinking topics up.

However, this isn’t the last you’ll see of news-related stuff from me, but more on that later.


If I can figure out how to add the bloody thing, that is. I’m still trying to memorize all of the neat stuff I can do with WordPress, despite being familiar with it for nearly two years now.

I used to be opposed to blogrolls, because I figured it was just a circlejerk of people going, “AWW YEAH YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME. BTW ADD ME TO UR BLOGROLL LOL.” That actually still is a correct summary in some occasions. And these kinds of comments would come from people who’ve never even been to your blog before. Basically just sucking up and lying to promote their own stuff. It annoyed me.

However, I’ve seen that there are many different ways to run blogrolls. For example, both Marina and Nadja both added me to their blogrolls, and yet I’ve never even mentioned the word “blogroll” to them.

I’m going to follow a similar mindset.

I’ll add a blogroll, but I’m only putting links for blogs that I read and like, or if I get to know you in the comments section here. I won’t say, “comment this many times = added,” because then people would just spam comments like crazy. It doesn’t work like that. This also means don’t ask me to add you to my blogroll. If you do that, I’ll be more inclined to not add you.

I also won’t accept link exchanges. I’ll never ask you to add me to your blogroll, so I expect the same. A place on the blogroll is something that should be earned. Besides, it’s not too hard to get on my blogroll, just add worthwhile comments, or talk to me on AIM or whatever. Friends will always make it on the blogroll.

Also, I have terrible memory and am slow, so if you’ve talked to me quite a bit and I still haven’t added you, I probably just forgot. Don’t worry, I’ll add you eventually.



Alright, maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but since it’s a whole new thing for me to manage, I think it’s the biggest announcement.

I used to hate Twitter. But that was mainly because I saw it as a place where people just said/tweeted, “lol just took a dump, brb,” or, “lol eating a sandwich, it’s ham.”

My Twitter will be used entirely for anime micro-blogging purposes. Know how I hate doing episodic posts? This will allow me to put a short sentence or two for my opinion on an episode. And remember when I said that news posts weren’t entirely gone? Here’s where that comes in. I can always put in a link to a news post the second I read it and add a comment on it.

Twitter will be quite helpful for the little things.

I’m going to start following some anime bloggers that I know and/or like that I already know have a Twitter account. I have yet to comment on some of the blogs for the people I’m going to follow, so I hope they don’t get too creeped out.!/RiyogasRambling (Damnit Twitter, I ONLY NEEDED ONE MORE LETTER FOR MY ACCOUNT NAME. Jerks.)

Note: I’ve never used Twitter before, so forgive me for being a complete and utter noob for a few weeks.

I think that’s everything major I can think of. I won’t be changing the theme or anything, so I still don’t know why I decided to name this post as Riyoga’s Ramblings 2.0. I guess I’m excited about a few of these (mainly the Twitter), which is why I see it as a big change/addition.

Also, I’m catching up on anime and such right now, so before anything really happens with what I just wrote about, expect a preview or two in a few hours.


12 Comments on “Presenting: Riyoga’s Ramblings 2.0”

  1. TRazor says:

    Tried following you on Twitter, but somehow it just won’t accept. Your “Following” option is checked, but you don’t appear in my Following list or stats. Twtibug much?

    Heh, I don’t even have a blogroll… Still contemplating whether or not to. I’ll be interested to see changes in your site, if any, due to adding a blogroll.

    • Riyoga says:

      Got an email saying you’re following me. Maybe there’s some privacy crap I need to modify, but I can see you as a follower. I’m also following you and a bunch of others now, too.

      Blogrolls are really give or take. Some just aren’t worth the hassle, which was what my stance was, but I like the method I’ve come up with. I doubt anything will change on the site due to it, though. Well, except for the blogroll itself existing, that is.
      I’m willing to bet someone will still ask me to add them to it, though.

  2. Ruby says:

    Aww no more news related stuff? D: I find them fun to read~ and I agree with the blogroll, cannot stand it when ppl who wanna promote themselves, just comment/email once asking for link exchange then never come back, it’s annoying~

    Lool have fun with twitter, it gets addicting really fast c:

    • Riyoga says:

      I can just post news-related stuff on the Twitter. It’ll be out right away instead of having to wait for the end of the week, too!

      Yeah, that was the main thing stopping me from having a blogroll. I’m happy with the process I’ve made, though. (I still need to make my blogroll…)

      Haha, considering I’ve tried and then immediately quit Tumblr twice, I’m not too into micro-blogging. I’ll always prefer this main site. It’ll definitely be a convenient way to talk to other bloggers and fans, though.

      By the way, I am now stalking you on Twitter, too. (I’m going to use “stalking” instead of “following” from now on, because I can.)

  3. Marina says:

    Well, that’s pretty cool that you’re adding a blogroll, as well as trying out Twitter. You’ll have to keep us posted on how Twitter is going for you, since I’ve always been kind of wary of it. It just seems like either a spam, spam, spam of crap on your cellphone, or an online type of Facebook that just streams comments. Perhaps I have it all wrong?

    • Riyoga says:

      I used to be wary of Twitter too, but the experience really depends on how you use it.

      There are some people that tweet a lot, but you really only need to follow stalk people whose opinion you like hearing on stuff. If they get too spammy, you can always unfollow unstalk them, too.

      Huh, I know you can send tweets FROM your phone TO Twitter, but I actually don’t know about the other way around. I should look into that.

      Twitter is proving to be quite helpful for the little things, as I expected. Occasionally I do tweet something off-topic, but only when I think it’s interesting, or I’m really hungry (I tweeted how delicious my microwave pizza smelled).

      My Twitter feed is on the top-left of my sidebar now, too, so people who don’t have Twitter can always keep an eye on that (or just stalk Twitter itself, I guess).

  4. Nadja says:

    I’ve only had my blog for a little over a month.

    I’m somehow honored to have been mentioned in someone else’s post and put in their blogroll without even asking.

    Thank you. :)

    Also, I’m not thanking you for publicizing my blog, though that is a bonus, but because you’re acknowledging my tiny, little blog’s existence. It makes me really happy to know that people are reading my writing. So thanks again.

    • Riyoga says:

      You’re welcome. Your posts are always amusing (except I ran away screaming from the one BL one), even though I don’t always find the time to comment. That’s also because the Blogspot commenting system hates me and will only allow my username to be “subtlechaos” no matter what I try because of my URL. Sucks.

      I also respect your ability to put out a post nearly every day. My shitty attention span could never handle something like that; which is exactly why this blog has died and been revived around five times.

      Technically, this blog didn’t really start until January of this year (since I finally realized episodic blogging was what killed me every time), so we’re both pretty much newbies.

  5. Nadja says:

    Wow, thank you so very much again. To have someone say that about my blog… It’s the best compliment I could ever receive.

    Posting everyday can be tiresome, but you’d be surprised how easy it becomes once you find a rhythm. The hardest part is sitting down and thinking, “I’m going to write a post now.”

    Well, there are many bloggers who have been around for centuries (it seems), but the real determining factor is your writing ability. I really enjoy reading your blog, so it doesn’t particularly matter to me if your blog is two months old or two years old. Your reviews are almost always on time with the end of the current season. In your reviews, you tend to cut to the chase instead of uselessly pandering over long, monotonous summaries. They’re really fun to read. :3 Also, I totally agree with you about episodic blogging. They’re boring to write and stale to read; I try to avoid writing them or reading them at all costs. Though, first impressions are fun to read as long as they’re relatively short. There is one tiny thing that I would love to see on your blog, though. Right now you review mostly currently airing shows as they come to a close, and I was wondering if you may mix it up a bit with some older shows. I know it all comes down to time and how there simply isn’t enough of it, but some unexpected older reviews would be awesome.

    • Riyoga says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s the BEST compliment you could ever receive, but you’re welcome nonetheless.

      Agreed, starting it the hardest part. It’s the same with homework, really.

      Heh, I remember when I first started my preview/review system, I practically summarized everything about the show up to the current point I had watched. Obviously I’ve now changed that to giving just a brief summary.
      I always try to stay on time with reviews, which is why they usually come out within two days of it finishing. It’s easier to get readers for posts on shows the more recent they are, obviously.
      My current method with reviews is to try and write a summary like one I would hear a movie narrator give during trailers, then get to the personal thoughts. It’s quite effective, IMO.

      I watch over 9000 shows each season, so it’s hard to watch older shows. Especially this season, since I’m actually watching over half of what’s currently airing (what the HELL is wrong with me?!). However, as I wrote in my little ‘backlog’ box, I’ll review Death Note tomorrow. …As long as homework doesn’t eat me alive.

  6. Nadja says:

    I meant best compliment in terms of blogging…. and you’re right. It’s not really the best compliment, but I was flattered when I wrote it. It’s a damn good compliment, though. :)

    Yeah, that’s a very effective way of thinking about it. I’ll have to think about that whenever I write my next review. My rule for summarizing is: keep it short, 1-3 sentences and avoid using many names. Summaries with a bunch of names really only confuse the reader.

    My God. I can barely keep up with two shows. xD

    I was actually going to follow this season, but by the time that I had made that decision, most series already had 3-4 episodes out, and I didn’t feel like playing catch up with so many shows. I opted for marathoning after completion. I do admit that I feel kind of out of the loop wherever I go. That’s why I really want to follow the next season… I’ll be waiting for it. Then again, summer anime are usually no good.

    • Riyoga says:

      I try to make the plot summary a bit meaty, but not too long, because I’ve never liked the short synopses given for shows. I’ve liked lots of shows with shitty ones, so I try and at least cover what the original synopses don’t as long as it doesn’t spoil anything.

      I watch every show I make a preview post for. That way people know what shows I’m watching/which shows are eligible for the seasonal awards.

      And so far summer looks like it’ll be pretty shitty except for maybe three shows. There are still more to be added to the lineup, though, so who knows. If it stays crappy, I can treat it as a semi-break in comparison to this monster of a season.

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