Preview: Hidan no Aria


Guess I should start this off by saying this show is definitely not targeted towards a certain kind of audience. Mainly the ones that don’t like Rie Kugimiya’s roles, or tsunderes in general. If you don’t like tsunderes, for example, Shana (not physically possible), then just avoid this show.

Everyone who called this show “Shakugan no Shana with guns” was accurate as hell. It even has the same kind of atmosphere that Shana has.

Anyways, this show is about a bunch of kids that go to the best school ever created.


I'd like to attend this school, please.

It’s a pretty sweet deal. There’s this big caste system or something where everyone is classified into different fields of specialty based on their abilities. There’s one for people who are good with guns, one for medics, one for people who are good at driving, etc.

It’s almost like an RPG where you choose your class. They even practically go on quests.


Sounds like Assassin's Creed. I fucking love Assassin's Creed.

It’s not all nice and dandy, though.

Not everyone likes a bunch of kids being trained fight crime and injustice and such. They’ll sometimes send Uzis on Segways to attack them.


Anyone who says Uzis on Segways isn't the coolest thing ever is a dirty liar.

It seems as though the Butei don’t have much trouble dealing with these kinds of attacks though.

Short post was short. There was no point making this exceptionally long because I’m biased as hell towards this show. It’s basically my Shana fix until the last season comes out.

It also helps that the show is very similar to a video game as far as setting. I’m a big gamer, so the show has my undivided attention.

If you like video games, Shana (everyone likes Shana, fact of life), or action, you should give this show a shot.

EDIT: Oh, I noticed some people wondering why the main character had a childhood friend who’s all over him, yet he doesn’t care at all. Most shows just kind of don’t bother to explain this at all.

Hidan no Aria, on the other hand…


We've got a yandere on our hands...


2 Comments on “Preview: Hidan no Aria”

  1. feal87 says:

    about the update…maybe he knows about her second personality?:P

    • Riyoga says:

      He was definitely scared of her, that’s for sure.

      The question was actually directed along the lines of, “Why does she still bother to go after him?” Then the second episode revealed she was yandere, so that’s why.

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