Preview: 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku


Wow, this was supposed to be the day I caught up on my backlog of Preview posts, but instead I took a long nap and didn’t even work on homework. Productive day, indeed.

Anyways, this’ll be pretty short, though I have a couple more pictures more than I usually use in Preview posts.

This show is about a god of Sex, who descends from Heaven to help Hayao out.snap2

Hayao is a 30-year-old virgin, you see, and Daigorou (the god of Sex) can’t return to Heaven until he helps him lose it.

That’s all the show is about, really. But the show is only 10-12 minutes long, so who needs a complicated plot?

A lot of people are passing this show up, saying that it’s obviously stupid. While I won’t deny that it can be pretty stupid, it’s also full of completely random humor, both visual-wise and dialogue-wise.snap3

A lot of people also passed it up due to the heavy censoring the show had. While the show does still censor things occasionally, it’s starting to use censors less and less.

For example, Hayao’s love doll was basically completely censored in the first and second episode, but in the third episode, it wasn’t censored at all (or maybe it was a little bit, I don’t remember). A few words do still get censored, but they’re usually easily guessed, or the censoring just makes it funny. Or both.snap4

In the end, it really does come back to the humor. I don’t doubt that some people won’t find the show funny, but you should know that the jokes aren’t mainly perverted. They’re just random.

Maybe it’s because the sex-related ideas are already focused on the plot, but the jokes I’m mainly laughing at are ones where something completely random happens, or when scenes are exaggerated to humorous levels.snap5

I normally don’t like random humor, but this show is doing a pretty damn good job at it. And the episodes have been getting funnier every week, so I hope they can keep it up.

This was probably one of my favorite scenes, just because of how extreme the show made the scene.snap6




If you thought any of these pictures/scenes were funny, give the show a shot. The show is only 10-12 minutes long, after all, so you really haven’t lost much if it turns out you don’t like it.

EDIT: I really, really like the OP, and I have no idea why. I mean, the video portion is really well-done, obviously, but I’m talking about the song. Normally I wouldn’t like that shrill kind of voice, but it’s just so… catchy for some reason. So congrats to the show for that, too.

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