Preview: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai


I’ll use the full name for the titles, but in my actual posts I’ll just refer to the show as Ano Hana, as most people already do.

This post will be ultra short (I seem to be doing that a lot lately…), because the plot summary is short, and my opinion is also pretty short. Oh well.

Ano Hana is about a group of friends who aren’t really friends anymore. When they were younger, they were the “Super Peace Busters,” but a terrible event occurred, and as they grew up, they slowly drifted apart.

The terrible event, specifically, was a death. Poor little Menma went and got herself killed, and Jinta feels completely responsible, which is why he’s become a hikikomori and completely locked himself up in his house, rarely going outside.

However, something strange has now happened.snap2

Menma has appeared again, a grown-up version to boot, as if she had never died in the first place.

What’s even stranger, is that she can interact with physical objects and people, but only Jinta can see her. Is she ghost, or possibly something more?…

I literally typed that up as I imagined a movie trailer voice saying it. I’m awesome like that.

Anyways, the show is pretty interesting so far, although that’s a given, since it’s a noitaminA show. It’s also from a lot of the same team members that did ToraDora!, which is why I have high expectations for it.

While it’s not quite as good as ToraDora! so far, it certainly took more than a few episodes to show how good ToraDora! was, so I’m not holding it against the show. Plus, good character development can take a bit of time.

If you aren’t turned off by the seeping amounts of melodrama (though it’s lowering each episode), give the show a shot. It’s a noitaminA show, so it’s only going to be 11 episodes. Hopefully it’ll be a good run.

P.S. Atsumu/Yukiatsu confirmed for creeper. snap3

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