Yukiatsu Confirmed for Master Creeper (WARNING: POSSIBLE ANO HANA SPOILERS)

No, seriously, don’t scroll down if you don’t want to be spoiled, it’s probably true given everything else that was shown in the third episode.

I’m adding more text so people who don’t like spoilers don’t get mad at me when they look anyways.

Then again, given the ending dialogue for the episode, it might even be confirmed as soon as the fourth episode.

I need to add more text so people don’t see it right away.




Even more space.

Some more space.

Last bit of space.

Last warning, spoiler alert.


11 Comments on “Yukiatsu Confirmed for Master Creeper (WARNING: POSSIBLE ANO HANA SPOILERS)”

  1. baka_girl says:

    Hieeee, I really really hope this isn’t true 0.o
    But Yukiatsu was kinda weird, so if it’s really him, I can still accept it :D

    • Riyoga says:

      Seeing as he was also buying girly stuff at the store, and he still has one of Menma’s dresses (that he sniffs like it’s a drug), I am heavily inclined to believe this is true.

      Now I’m just curious about his reason for it. There are many directions that could go in.

      • baka_girl says:

        Well, I read in MAL forum, lots of people have different guess, like it was actually Tsuruko (since she also wear a watch lol), or that those accessories that Yukiatsu bought was for Anaru..
        But it seems that Yukiatsu theory was the most possible..

        • Riyoga says:

          It’s plausible that it was Tsuruko, but she sometimes wears her watch inwardly.

          Plus, I think Yukiatsu is the only one that has one of Menma’s dresses. Not to mention he’s the only one that wigs out whenever she’s mentioned, like he has some weird complex with her.

          It just wouldn’t make much sense for it to be anyone else. Especially given his ending line about being able to see Menma.

  2. sensualaoi says:

    It is true….good call, and I thought people were getting paranoid because of the last season’s “H. Musuko” anime.

    Anyone else getting frustrated that he doesn’t confess to Menma already, or that he doesn’t try to prove there’s a ghost around him>?

    • Riyoga says:

      Called it from when I did my Preview post (at least the creeper bit). It was only a matter of time.

      It doesn’t really bother me. Him confessing isn’t really relevant to anything right now besides establishing character connections and showing what happened in the past.
      A million dollars says the perfect setup for it will come around near the end of the show. I’m willing to wait for it.

  3. baka_girl says:

    So, this theory was confirmed in episode 4.
    I can’t stop laughing when they revealed it!! (even though I already know about it :p)

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