Preview: Hen Zemi


You know, I’m not sure why I put off this post for the last few days. It’s not like I have much to say about it.

Also, I still have retarded amounts of programming to do, so Death Note review is put off for another day. It’s possible it might not come out until Saturday, even.

Hen Zemi is about an “abnormal psychology seminar,” which deals with students with quite the range of fetishes. Due to these, lots of strange events happen. Or normal events happen, but are escalated to… ABNORMAL levels.

Yeah, that’s really it. And the problem with this comedy show is that it’s not really that funny.

What makes it even worse, is that the OVA came out before this TV version was funny. The revelations of their fetishes, combined with the sheer insanity of the situation they presented in was hilarious. However, you then need to follow that up with even crazier and/or weirder situations in order to stay funny if you want to keep that same style of humor.

The TV version fails to do this.

Most of the situations are not extreme, so much as they are weird. However, there’s a fine line when using weirdness as humor, and the show fails to realize this.

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