Review: Death Note


Anime: Death Note
Animation Studio: Madhouse Studios
Number of Episodes: 37
Length per Episode: Approximately 22 minutes

About time I had time to write this up, sheesh. But the semester is ending, so not much I can really do about it.

I should be good for another week or so, but the weekend after the next (May 20-22), don’t expect pretty much any posts from me. I have to study my ass off so I don’t fail Calculus, because I really don’t want to have to repeat it or take a summer course.

Not really going to bother explaining the plot. Nearly everyone has seen this show, and those who haven’t seen it even know what it’s about.

Light Yagami acquires Death Note, he plots stuff, he writes names, and just overall acts like a badass.snap2


Before I get into my personal thoughts on the show, I think I spotted a plothole.snap3

Despite this rule, there was a scene in the first episode that seemed to disregard it.snap4

Light spelled the dude’s name about a million different ways, so obviously, only one of them was correct. Doesn’t that count as misspelled his name at least four times? Yet the guy still died.

I suppose you could say one of the first four guesses was correct, but I figured that the rule-strict Death Note would have considered writing his name all of these ways before the dude actually died to be a rule-breaker or whatever.

Anyways, there isn’t much to say about Death Note that hasn’t already been said by everyone else in the universe. I marathoned the entire show in a weekend despite growing amounts of homework, if that’s any indication to how good the show is. I think the last time I marathoned something with that amount of speed was when I watched all of Inukami! in a day.

The only time the show could even remotely be called “boring” would be when suspense is building for the next big climactic moment. The show just grips you and doesn’t let go.

Part of this is also due to the sheer imagination behind the premise. The world and rules surrounding Death Note are just plain interesting. Not to mention, battles of logic have always managed to grasp the interest of a sizable chunk of people.

I could complain how some of the bigger twists in the show don’t give vital hints until the end, so you aren’t able to figure them out on your own, but it doesn’t really count. The point of the show is to enjoy the thrills and such along the way, not figure out what the characters are thinking. By not allowing you to do that, it makes the revelations all the more surprising, which is kind of the point.

While he was kind of a douche sometimes, L was one of my favorite characters. I’m not sure why entirely. I think I just liked the quirkiness he had. I also really liked Watari. No real reason why, I just tend to like older characters. Though he was pretty badass with that sniper rifle.

However, my favorite character was actually Mikami.snap5

While Mikami had a couple a fuckton of screws loose, he was devoted as hell to his god, and that dedication is praiseworthy. Not simply because he’s devoted, but because he understands his god to the point of knowing exactly what he wants without even having to talk to him.

He’s still a tad crazy, though.

My only real complaint towards Death Note is how it got at the end. It just became way too overdramatic. Some of the elements worked (Light laughing), but most of Mikami’s actions were way too overboard to the point of it being downright silly. Overdramatic moments are a real gamble, because they either work and increase the suspense/tension, or they don’t work and completely break the tension. For me, it was latter. I never though Death Note would pull a blood eruption moment, but the last episode proved me wrong.

The actual ending itself, I did like. No real qualms there.

Misa also annoyed me, but the show never really tried to deny she was anything other than a psychotic, obsessed moron, or just a normal obsessed moron.

Wrapping this up (I said more than I thought I would and I’m tired), there’s a reason Death Note is so popular. Even if you’ve been spoiled about the show, still give it a shot. There are most likely still quite a few elements in the show that you haven’t been spoiled about yet. Not to mention, the execution of the plot is a wonder itself to watch. You won’t regret watching this show.

P.S. I’ll just leave this here… snap6

RATING: 10 out of 10.

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6 Comments on “Review: Death Note”

  1. TRazor says:

    Alright, I tried to find a decent explanation for that plot hole, but I couldn’t come up with anything. It’s a plot hole. Good spot!

    Oh, and just another thing, I get the feeling (just..vibes) that you’re trying to restrict yourself to a certain word limit or something. Here’s the thing: Don’t. As long as there’s something more that needs to be said, say it.

    If not, well, then it’s all good :D

    • Riyoga says:

      I don’t always do a good job at spotting plot holes either. I even impressed myself.

      Hmm, it’s not really that I’m restricting myself, it’s just my writing style. I’ve always failed at being descriptive or going into further details on points. Might be ADD or something. Or I could suck at writing, which is a definite possibility (the whole reason I started blogging was to increase my writing abilities).

      The ends of my posts can come off as abrupt because I get tired. I’m a nutjob and type most of these posts at 3:00am, so yeah. I usually cover everything I wanted to say, but sometimes I’ll think back after I’m done and remember something else I would have added. Oh well.

      • TRazor says:

        Don’t deprive yourself of sleep. Reviews, among all else, are best written when the mind is clear and focused. And I always do reviews in 2 sitting. One, to write the first draft and the second to edit it.

        • Riyoga says:

          Ah, no, it’s not like I meant I put off writing posts. Well, okay, I guess I sort of do. But it’s almost like a psychological condition. For some reason I jut can’t do anything productive unless it’s really late at night (this includes homework). Kind of like how I’m almost never hungry, then once the clock hits midnight I’m starving.

          I’m weird like that.

  2. Nadja says:

    I never even noticed that plot hole.

    Awesome review!

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