Why the Pokemon Adventures Manga is Amazing

This isn’t actually the editorial I planned on publishing today. I ran out of time because I was studying for a test that’s tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the last day of school for me! Though I still have finals to do after that.

Basically, the real post will be out tomorrow. I just felt like I needed to post something today (though this is actually scheduled to be posted tomorrow… oh well).


He just sliced that arbok in half. DAMN.


Giovanni is an evil prick. Nothing new.


That would be a shitty way to die. And painful.


The artwork is pretty badass sometimes.


I just thought this was funny because "Titanic" instantly came to mind.


Lance being a badass. Well, even more badass than usual.


Also being a douche. But an AWESOME douche.


He blew up like half the city. Guess cities are weak against Normal type attacks.


Shit in your way? Just blow it up!


TL Note: Shitenou means "Four Heavenly Kings" aka "Elite Four"


Lance's sense of morality reminds me of Kyuubey. Or Team Plasma.


Awesome pose is awesome.

Alright, before anyone says, “But Riyoga! You were just saying last post how being ‘dark’ doesn’t automatically mean ‘good,” my stance hasn’t changed. I’m not even saying this manga is written well. In fact, it has pacing the speed of which only a caffeine-addict would approve of. Though the recent Yellow arc is going at a much better pace. It’s still really fast, though.

I won’t say this is a “guilty pleasure” because I feel like this atmosphere fits Pokémon very well. The games and show really only had the chances of losing a match at stake, but in this manga, the possibility of death is all too real. Especially when half the gym leaders work for Team Rocket, and the Elite Four are a bunch of pretentious assholes.

In fact, the creator of Pokémon even said that this manga best fit the world he was trying to convey. So, if anything, you should read this manga to see what the world of Pokémon was originally envisioned as.

But you should also read it because it kicks ass.

P.S. Yes, I know this manga is old and pretty much all “true” Pokémon fans are already caught up on the 400 or so chapters, but if I can catch any stragglers with this post, then mission accomplished.


4 Comments on “Why the Pokemon Adventures Manga is Amazing”

  1. Johnny B says:

    You caught me, sir. Mission accomplished.

  2. Aline E. says:

    THEY… DIE?!?!

    and i’m late, but whatevah lol

  3. chillzler says:

    lol nice work. I only just discovered “adventures” and love red blue and yellow! BEST MANGA EVER
    i just wish more people knew this instead of that dumb ash. Thanks for making this post.

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