FanimeCon Day 2

So I’ll be going camera-less throughout the convention. I’m just going to ask my friend to share some of his pictures with me, and occasionally request him to take specific pictures of stuff. I’ll use those pictures in my “FanimeCon Wrap-Up” post. This means that since I’m going to use quite a few pictures, the post will probably be up on Tuesday rather than Monday.

Not too much went on today. I didn’t buy anything at the Dealer’s Hall, but I bought some goodies at the Artist Alley. I got an awesome poster-sized drawing of Red with his Charizard, Tiger and Bunny (from Tiger & Bunny, duh), and Takuto Tsunashi in Galactic Pretty Boy form (it has extra SPARKLES AND BUBBLES for double the fabulous).

There were two more Pokémon poster-sized drawings I was checking out there, but they were sold out. The girl said she’d restock tomorrow, so I’ll go early so I can get copies. Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything else I really want to buy. A lot of the DVDs here are more expensive than they are on Rightstuf, so there’s no real point getting those. Waiting on shipping is a small price to pay for some of these price differences (do I want Evangelion for $70, or $39.99?).

I also went to the hentai room tonight, but it wasn’t as funny as last year. Then again, I didn’t wait around past the hentai music videos, which is when it got funny last year. It just seemed like the audience didn’t have as big a sense of humor as last year’s audience. Oh well. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow since a friend of mine is going tomorrow night.

Oh, I also went to MusicFest. Yuya Matsushita wasn’t bad at all. He’s got a pretty good voice. Also some nice range when he demonstrated the voice he used for Sebastion in the Kuroshitsuji musical. FLOW performed after him, and damn was that full of energy. They played a lot of great and memorable songs, and they connected really well with the audience when they talked about the massive amounts of support they received after the March 11 earthquake. I just wish they had been selling their “FLOW Anime Best” CD at the concert. Maybe I can find it in the Dealer’s Hall?

Anyways, I don’t have any real big plans for tomorrow. I’m mainly looking forward to Banzai Arcade 3 which is at 9:00pm and is going to go for 3 hours. That panel is always so damn hilarious. Everyone always has an awesome time.

2 Comments on “FanimeCon Day 2”

  1. TRazor says:

    How much does a pass/ticket cost?

    • Riyoga says:

      If you pre-register right away (usually around November or December), it’s $45 for the whole shebang. Then over time it raises to $50, then finally $55. After online registration is over, you can only buy badges at the convention itself. There are passes for each day at various prices, and there are also “weekend” ones and such. I always buy the $45 pre-reg one, so I don’t know the prices on the day ones.

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