FanimeCon Day 3

Not too long a post today, since I need to go to sleep and wake up early to go to the Artist Alley (the artist I wanted to by the poster-sized drawings from today was out sick and said she’d be back tomorrow).

I went to a few video rooms. I saw a few episodes of Madoka Magica again and the first two episodes of The World God Only Knows II. I thought the people going to see TWGOK would want to take my picture since I was cosplaying as Keima, but the most I got from them was a few nods or smiles in my direction. Still felt good, I suppose.

Other than that, the only big thing that happened was Banzai Arcade. Holy shit, that panel was funny as hell. For those of you who don’t know, Banzai Arcade is mainly run by Kajetokun, who made the “OVER 9000!!!!!!” meme. However, I won’t talk about Banzai Arcade right now. I’ll save it for a day or two from now, because I’m willing to bet some videos on it will be uploaded within the next few days that I can use.

Okay, time to get 6 hours of sleep.

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