FanimeCon Wrap-Up

This is coming out later than originally planned because I had more anime to catch up on due to FanimeCon than I expected. Why are almost all of the shows this season coming out on weekends?

Anyways, this post will be split into three parts: first will be quick talk of Banzai Arcade, then I’ll go over my loot I got, then finally my final thoughts about the convention.

Banzai Arcade

Instead of getting into a huge wall of TL;DR about Banzai Arcade, just watch this video.

It’s decently long, but it’s a whole area-run, and shows off a lot of the reasons Banzai Arcade was so fun and funny. There should also be other videos of it popping up in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes out for that.

Other bosses were: Yugi fused with Kaiba, the car from Street Fighter, flowchart Ken, some kind of mutant fusion of a bunch of 32-bit sprites, Iron Man from Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and Navi from Zelda injected with the T-Virus (which was basically a giant Navi photoshopped to be wearing Wesker’s sunglasses and trench coat).


To avoid picture spam, I’m just going to put a slideshow of everything, and write about what each thing is after it. Just pause on each item and read the description, basically.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1) A poster… thingy of Shana. I’m not sure if it’s a drawing, because it’s double-sided. It looks like it was made digitally. I actually forgot to take a picture of the other side, but it showed Shana in Flame Haze form looking out from the circle at you. And yes, I was too lazy to take the sticky things on top off.

2) Takuto from Star Driver in Galactic Pretty Boy form. This also looks too well done to have not been done digitally. Not that that’s a problem, or anything. Also, besides a small postcard sized thing, this was the only Star Driver goodie I found at the entire convention. Made me sad.

3) Pokémon drawing of the legendary battle between the protagonist and N. I liked the shading that was used.

4) Another drawing by the same artist. It shows the battle between Gold and Red. I love Red, so hell yeah.

5) Tiger and Bunny from Tiger & Bunny. I don’t know what is was about it, but I liked the artist’s style. He had some good stuff.

6) Another drawing by the same artist as the last one. It’s another Pokémon one of Red with his Charizard. Red is still awesome.

7) MAMESHIBAAAAAAAAAAAA. Holy hell this thing is cute as hell. When you press it, it either says “MAMESHIBAAAAAA,” or …well some Japanese I can’t understand. BUT IT’S CUTE, DAMMIT.

8 ) Chobits on DVD. This show is really divided when it comes to reception. I know people who either love it or hate it. I personally love it, but I don’t blame the people who don’t like it. The show has a pretty selective audience.

9) Drawing of an awesome Dante. Devil May Cry is one of my favorite series, so it was cool to see a bunch of art for it. This was the one I liked best out of all the ones I saw, and it was a pretty good deal, too, if I recall correctly.

10) Gigantic wallscroll of Gundam 00. There was a different one of it I was going to get, but then I saw this one in the same bin and got it. It’s much cooler. But wait… what’s that in the middle?…

11) It’s an autograph by Seiji Mizushima, the director of the show! He was a Guest of Honor at FanimeCon, so I got him to autograph it. Though, as a matter of fact, the wallscroll isn’t even for me. I got it for a friend.

12) Last up is a wallscroll of Black Cat. Decently older show, but it was pretty damn enjoyable. I’m probably going to rewatch it sometime soon.

Ending Thoughts

FanimeCon continues to be my favorite weekend of the year, if anything because it’s great fun to be around over 15,000 other fans of something you enjoy. Everyone’s always really nice and easy to get along with, too.

Also, despite it being completely fan-run, I continue to find FanimeCon to be extremely well-organized. There are a few hiccups here and there, obviously, but they do a pretty damn good job overall.

My only regret was that there weren’t any little pocket schedules this year, but that wasn’t even FanimeCon’s fault. They ordered the prints and everything, but they came later than the con wanted, obviously.

Also, a fair amount of people took a picture of me in my Keima cosplay, so I wonder if those will start popping up on the Internet over the next few weeks.

4 Comments on “FanimeCon Wrap-Up”

  1. TRazor says:

    Video was almost unwatchable because of all the hooting and cheering. But of course, that’s to be expected, since it’s nigh impossible to capture decent audio when at a event. Reminds me of my friends showing me a video of my speech – even I couldn’t what I was saying.

    Those Pokemon posters look badass as hell. Damn, I would’ve bought em if I was there. Damn, it looked fun. Oh well…

    • Riyoga says:

      I know there’s a lot of cheering, but I figured you could still hear what was important. I could hear it. Some of the questions were a bit hard, I suppose, but it was the game itself I was trying to show off anyways. That’s what was funny.

      They are badass. The artists did a damn good job. There’s always a good chunk of Pokemon stuff to buy.

      You should go next year! There’s always awesome stuff at Fanime. Puts a dent in my wallet, but it’s worth it.

  2. baka_girl says:

    Waaaaw, that Mameshiba looks so cute! Now I really want one >,<
    And that Black Cat wallscroll was good too ^^

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