My History With Anime

As suggested by TRazor, I’m making a post for Nopy’s History With Anime project. For anyone who’s read my “About Riyoga” page, this will be pretty much the same content that was in the “How I Got Into Anime” section. However, I’ll be adding a few details here and there, and adding a few extra things completely.

Heh, I love telling this story.

Anyways, just like most people I know, the first anime show I was ever introduced to was Pokémon. Of course I didn’t know it was an anime or what anime even was at the time, but Pokémon was is still awesome. DBZ followed shortly after, which I followed religiously on Toonami. I also watched an episode occasionally of the other shows that were on Toonami.

At one point (I think I was 8 or so at the time) I also watched Sailor Moon whenever it was on and giggled like a little girl at the transformation scenes. I remember one time I had a friend over and was watching the show. The conversation went a bit like this:
Friend: “So… why are we watching this?”
Me: “You’ll see.”
*Transformation Sequence Happens*
Friend: “…Oooooooooh.”
Me: “Boobies!”

Good times…

I also got into Naruto when that started, though I didn’t follow it religiously. I eventually got bored of it after realizing how terrible it was and that it was never going to end.

I watched a few episodes of Bleach when that started on Adult Swim, but I never really cared to follow it carefully. I remember the reason I watched it the first time was because the TV Guide said “Bleach,” and I thought it was an infomercial trying to sell me laundry products. I wanted a good laugh, so I switched to the channel. Next thing I knew, SWORDS EVERYWHERE.

I entered my, “Anime is for dumb losers. Naruto sucks, but I have yet to realize that other shows such as Pokémon and DBZ are also anime,” stage around Junior High. Then in my second year of High School, I became close friends with an Elementary School classmate again. I found out later that he watched anime, and I stopped hating anime so blindly. I still didn’t care enough to watch it, but I didn’t care when other people did.

Then came that fateful day. I wanted to engage in some… extracurricular activities, and I tried to google up some hentai (because I was in the mood for it). What I actually ended up getting linked to, was the first episode of To LOVE-Ru. I sat through the whole thing, and I thought the bathtub scene was going to lead into what I was watching for, but it didn’t. I kept watching a few episodes, wondering where my hentai was at. When I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere, I sent the link to my anime friend and told him, “Lol this is the worst hentai ever.” He then told me it wasn’t hentai, just an ecchi anime.

“…You mean there’s anime that isn’t hentai or Naruto?”

I was curious at that point, and started looking up a few shows on the streaming site I was at. While I didn’t really care that much about the shows that I watched (To LOVE-Ru and Kimikiss, I think), I was still curious. I then stumbled across Elfen Lied and Inukami!, the former which I found quite intriguing, and the latter which was hilarious.

Shortly after that, it happened.
I watched Shakugan no Shana. And it was amazing.

Shakugan no Shana was the first show I genuinely loved, and it still holds a big place in my heart to this day. After watching it, I became completely absorbed into the anime universe, and a few years later, it led to this blog.

It’s not even that Shakugan no Shana was that objectively good (EXCEPT IT IS), but it was just so imaginative and handled things in a way I had never seen before in a live-action form.

From then on, I mainly jumped between streaming sites and watched whatever people recommended there (most of the sites had a shoutbox of some kind). I don’t remember all of the shows I watched, but the last one I watched on a streaming site was Gantz. I hated Gantz. From then on, I didn’t want any more recommendations from them.

After that, I kept my eyes on Veoh (I know, still a streaming site, but it’s not dedicated to anime, so it doesn’t count) and managed to stick with a few shows that came out for a season or two. Afterwards, I found out about MyAnimeList and made an account there. I then managed to find new shows that were airing through the site by randomly clicking around. Again, I used Veoh to watch them.

Later, I got into torrenting my shows, and around the same time, also found out about seasonal charts. It’s also pretty much the stage I’m currently at now.

Currently, I just check out a seasonal chart, and will watch any shows that I have even the slightest interest in. You never know when a show could turn out to be really good, and you can always drop a show if it bores you, so checking out multiple shows at once never bothers me.

I don’t really have a favorite genre at the this time, I really just watch anime because I find it to be really damn entertaining. I’ll continue to watch anime until the mindset changes, which might never happen. Heck, I’ve even gotten a few friends to check out anime ever since I became interested in it.

I feel like I should end this with my current mindset considering anime: “It’s not so much “do you like anime or not,” so much as it’s about finding the right anime that compliment your interests.”

…But yes, I got into anime from a mishap of trying to find hentai.

And I regret nothing.

22 Comments on “My History With Anime”

  1. John says:

    Haha cool story bro :P What show did you start me with I don’t remember but I do remember going to your house to watch them shows :) good time haha

  2. Celina says:

    I figured I’d comment since I read your blog so often but NEVER comment. Seriously, I read and then I know shit and it’s awesome. This was funny. My history starts the same (Pokemon, DBZ, Sailor Moon), but goes in a whole other direction after. I usually attribute Rumiko Takahashi as my real beginning. It is hilarious that you thought there wasn’t anime beyond Naruto and hentai though. Good thing you found out that wasn’t true though!

  3. Nopy's Blog says:

    […] Riyoga’s History With Anime […]

  4. Nopy says:

    Sounds like you were one perverted kid, but I’m sure lots of other people watched Sailor Moon for the transfomation scenes :P

    Call me old school, but I still haven’t gotten used to the whole streaming anime thing. I grew up in an age where anime was almost exclusively obtained through fansubbers in IRC channels and anime on VHS had to be imported.

    I’m happy to hear that you discovered there was more to anime than hentai and Naruto. A lot of people consider it a genre, but it’s actually a medium with just as many, if not more genres than Hollywood movies have.

    • Riyoga says:

      It’s not that I was perverted, at that age I found boobs to be hilarious.

      I didn’t get into anime early enough for the VHS age. I know some people that still use IRC, though. A lot of people still see it as the best way to get fansubs.

      That’s very true. I’ve met some people that are like that. I still occasionally meet people like how I used to be, and think anime sucks only because Naruto is a bad show. They don’t realize that there’s thousands of shows of many different kinds of genres.

  5. TRazor says:

    Told ya people would like it. If you’re running out of post ideas (doubtful, since you just started, not very unlike me) then try your hand at digiboy’s Diary of an Anime Lived project. Or do the uncreative-yet-efficient routine: Write “Top 10/My Favorite” posts.

    • Riyoga says:

      Actually, I have a bunch of post ideas as of late. One of which I can hopefully type up today since I’m only paying half-attention to E3 coverage at this point. In fact, I should probably write down these ideas soon because it’s tough remembering them all.

      I just did this post first because it was mostly just copy/pasta, so it involved less work on my part, hehe.

  6. Nadja says:

    I remember watching Sailor Moon and not even knowing it was anime. I loved the english opening so much…
    “Fighting evil by moonlight… winning love by daylight… never running from a real fight….. she is the one named Sailor Moon.”

  7. flamehaze says:

    watch these: miria nikki, mayo chiki, highschool of the dead, fate stay night, deathnote, Kamisama Dolls, inyasha, ao no exorcist, dn angel, eureka seven,and vandread well handle those and get back to me when or if you need more see ya :p ps check out this website it shows you the newest releases!!!!! XD

    • Riyoga says:

      Future Diary – Currently watching.
      Highschool of the Dead – Saw it. Was mediocre.
      Fate/stay Night – Saw it. Was good, but had its fair share of flaws.
      Death Note – Saw it. A review is posted here somewhere.
      Kamisama Dolls – Saw it. Was okay, couldn’t get into it. Review is posted here somewhere.
      Inuyasha – No. Too many episodes for my attention span to handle.
      Ao no Exorcist – Saw it. Review is posted here somewhere.
      D.N. Angel – Haven’t seen it, but looks somewhat interesting. I’ll give it a look sometime.
      Eureka Seven – Meh. I remember fragments of it from Adult Swim. Don’t really have any desire to watch it.
      Vandread – Haven’t seen it. I’ll consider watching it. I usually don’t like Gundam-esque shows.

      I’ve posted about a fair amount of those already. I’ve been regularly blogging since January, so if you want to see my thoughts on those shows, you can look for them. The category drop-down tool on the right makes finding specific shows and specific types of posts easy.

  8. flamehaze says:

    from one fellow anime lover to another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  9. yvonne says:


  10. I would love a top 10 list.

  11. […] […]

  12. Xepter says:

    The funny thing is, To-love ru was also the reason I got into Anime.
    After being a total fanatic about Kingdom Hearts (which is the reason why I have this blog xD) I searched up some picture for it and somehow found one of the To-love ru manga. After reading it I really liked the taste of manga, so I searched for more on the site. I somehow stumbled upon Hayate no Gotoku (my favourite manga) and then obviously started to watch the anime (my favourite one :D).
    Oh and I also got to know Shakugan no Shana, only because the singer of one of the OPs, was the same one, who sang in one of the OPs of Hayate no Gotoku, but I never came around to checking Shakugan no Shana out^^

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