Review: Hen Zemi


Anime: Hen Zemi
Animation Studio: Xebec
Number of Episodes: 13
Length per Episode: Approximately 12 minutes

This’ll be a short review, because I want to get to Gosick before I go to sleep, and I know I have a lot to say for Gosick.

Also because this show is bad so I don’t really care to talk about it that much.

If you read most of my reviews, you’ll notice that comedy shows usually tend to get high scores. This isn’t because it’s my favorite genre or anything, but rather because comedy shows are only really required to do one thing: make you laugh.

That means problems spring up when you’re not laughing.

Hen Zemi is just that. It isn’t funny, it’s just weird. Now, weird things can be funny, but Hen Zemi takes it to completely different level. Just being straight-up weird doesn’t automatically make you funny, Hen Zemi.

If Hen Zemi was supposed to be some kind of commentary on strange fetishes or whatever, then it had a pretty odd and boring way of doing so. Not to mention the way the characters were talking and the BGM highly suggested the show was just in it for shits and giggles.

There is a tiny bit of a silver lining, I suppose. The seventh episode had a very interesting discussion about codependency, and the eleventh episode was actually pretty funny, though it was probably just because of all the Star Wars references.

However, two interesting episodes don’t save a show, even one that’s only half the usual episode length.

Hen Zemi just isn’t able to see the line between weirdness and humor, which is its fatal flaw. It’s a shame, because the OVA did actually manage to do that, and was quite amusing.

RATING: 5 out of 10.

*Shows rated under a 7 don’t get their own slideshows*


2 Comments on “Review: Hen Zemi”

  1. Marina says:

    Not really on topic, but I really look forward to your review of GOSICK. I’m wondering if we agree on most things, or if you took a massive disliking to the show.

    I never got past the 1st ep. of Hen Zemi, and I’ve never seen the OVA. I heard the OVA was tons better in humor originality, but vulgar really isn’t my thing. I’m amazed you were able to stick it through and finish this!

    • Riyoga says:

      I wouldn’t say the humor is really vulgar so much as perverted. Then again it does go above and beyond, so maybe it’s a combination of both.

      I’m surprised I didn’t drop it either. Probably because I was gonna drop it after episode 7, but I found that one to be quite interesting with its discussion of codependency. Then I found 11 to be quite funny too. It gave me hope whenever I was about to drop it.

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