Review: Gosick


Anime: Gosick
Animation Studio: Bones
Number of Episodes: 24
Length per Episode: Approximately 24 minutes

Just a heads up, this review is going to be long. I mean, I haven’t typed it yet, but I have a lot to say planned in my head, so I won’t doubt its inevitable length.

While it may be tempting to skim, especially since there’s no pictures in the review, I would advise not to. I won’t say anything unnecessary, and the review may lose its intended effect/feeling if skimmed. There’s a reason I have quite a bit to say.

I think it may be best to start this review off with a little story.

Before I watched the first episode of Gosick, I was pretty excited. I was still on a mystery-high from the latest Umineko novel and the setting was Victorian Europe; which are two things I like quite a bit. “I wonder what the mysteries will be like!” I thought to myself.

After the first episode, I was curious. I solved the Roxanne murder nearly instantly, which my narcissism took pride in. Though while that one was an easy one to solve, the one that was forming with the Queen Berry ship left me eager for more. “This one looks like it’ll be tougher.” I said to myself.

As I watched the second episode, the minor mystery with the whole room looking different I was also able to figure out fairly easily. I was also, over the course of the episode, slowly closing in on the truth of the “hare” overarching mystery. “Sheesh, these mysteries are too easy. Perhaps I put Gosick on too high of a pedestal…” I pondered. I was starting to lose my faith in the show.

But suddenly, something unexpected happened. It was minor, but it struck me harder than I could have imagined. It was a girl’s voice.

“You shouldered this heavy burden of your own free will.” Those words were spoken by none other than Victorique.

A flurry of thoughts quickly formed in my head. “There’s no way she’s talking about her weight… what is she talking about? Is she referring to Kujo watching over her? But she seems so carefree… what could have possibly happened for her to think of herself that way?” I had no idea how such a smart girl could have had something bad happen to her.

That was when it dawned on me. Gosick wasn’t a mystery for its multiple story arcs. Victorique herself was the mystery. What happened to her in the past? What will happen to her in the future? How will Kujo play a role in this?

Gosick was not of the mystery genre, but of the adventure genre.

Your mentality going into the show will influence your enjoyment. Gosick isn’t about the mysteries for each arc, but rather using the mysteries to develop the characters. How do most shows do character development? Usually talking to each other or doing random events in town or such. Gosick provides an interesting background event to watch as the characters develop during the mysteries.

In other words, the show isn’t a fair mystery. They aren’t there for you to solve, they’re there for you to watch Victorique and her Watson, Kujo, solve. As they’re doing that, it’s the viewers job to see Victorique’s story and the characters’ roles click into place.

As you find out more about Victorique, it’s just… it’s sad. All of the crap that she has been through and did nothing to deserve. As the story goes on there’s just one thing you as a viewer want.

You want Victorique to be happy. You want her to get the happy end that she’s been wanting all her life. Despite all of the conflicting messages you’re given that say it won’t happen, you still hold hope that she’ll finally be happy. Her happiness will be your happiness.

You even want Kujo to be happy. He may not have as terrible a past as Victorique, but they both just need to catch a break. Kujo may not be the brightest bulb in the bunch either, but what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for with just being an overall nice guy. What happened to when people liked a character for just being a good person, and it didn’t hinge on their intelligence? If you saw someone in real life struggling to pass a class they weren’t good at, or pass a tough test coming up, would you hate them? No, it’d bring a smile to your face. Just having your heart in the right place is enough to admire someone.

Gosick brought my mind back to an age where my mindset was not in wanting see the big baddie finished, or the corrupt government overturned, or watch a cool character be cool, or watch a show to laugh at and not take seriously. No, Gosick brought me back to an age where I just wanted characters to overcome their past, present, and future obstacles. Back to where I sighed with relief when I was sure they were out of harms way. Back to where a happy end for the characters would be the highlight of my day, or even week.

And for that, I have nothing but praise and the loudest of applauses for Gosick.

RATING: 10 out of 10.

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8 Comments on “Review: Gosick”

  1. tomphile says:

    Wow, a ten out of ten? That’s a great score!

    I remember watching this show for around 11 episodes before I dropped it. I get that it got much more interesting at that point and that I’m missing out (possibly) but the show didn’t capture me then.

    I wonder if I’ll ever get around to it, but after your glowing review, I might.

    • Riyoga says:

      The first half had more subtle character development I’d say. That’s probably why most people thought the second half was much better.

      As long as you can sympathize with the main characters, you shouldn’t regret watching the show.

  2. Nadja says:

    I really need to check this out. Maybe I can marathon it all in one fell swoop?

    200 episodes here I come!

    • Riyoga says:

      Yes, yes you do. That’s 24 episode knocked out right there, too. (heh, that rhymed)

      If you give me a day or two, I should have my Spring Season Awards up. Then you’ll know for sure which shows I recommend watching and which to avoid (though usually the scores already speak for themselves).

  3. Marina says:

    HUZZAH! I’m so, so glad you gave GOSICK such an awesome score, as I think it gets such a bad rap for being a genre that it really doesn’t try to be. I like that you clarify that “Gosick was not of the mystery genre, but of the adventure genre.” That’s exactly how I felt about the show, and it irked me how so many viewers bashed on the show for being nothing but a series of predictable detective cases. It’s all about the characters in GOSICK, and Kujo’s and Victorique’s relationship. I wanted to cry with happiness at the closing credits of the final episode :)

    • Riyoga says:

      Yeah, that actually irked me a lot too. That’s why I tried to make this review as powerful as possible to make the point that it wasn’t really about solving mysteries.

      I actually thought they could have spent more time on the finale, like one more episode or something. But I still enjoyed the finale a LOT, so it’s really only a minor gripe to me.

  4. John says:

    As you already know, I agree with your review :) but who am I to be saying that haha. Thank you for having this show be one of the few you gave me to watch. I would have to say it was my favorite this last season :)

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