How I’m Celebrating My Birthday

Staying up all night memorizing these Greek names for the restaurant (technically a Taverna & Lounge) I start working at tomorrow.


I got this. (No I don’t please save me I’m scared)

I added a new banner just for today, too. I made it myself in commemoration of my birthday.
It also happens to serve as a banner for why I’m never allowed to make my own banners ever.


11 Comments on “How I’m Celebrating My Birthday”

  1. Yi says:

    Oh you tsundere~

    Happy birthday! Have a good one. ^ ^

  2. baka_girl says:

    Ooooh~ Today is your birthday?
    Happy birthday! ^o^

    • Riyoga says:


      I saw on Twitter that you felt Madoka Magica was only okay. Not enough bishies for you? Haha.

      • baka_girl says:

        Haha, maybe!
        But Madoka really irritate me (sorry Madoka’s fans :p) and the only character that was likeable for me was Sayaka..

      • baka_girl says:

        Oops, I mean Homura, not Sayaka (heck, I can’t even remember her name properly >,<)

        • Riyoga says:

          Eh, I feel like Madoka gets more crap than she deserves. She reacted pretty realistically to this insane stuff happening around her, which was definitely the way to go with the show.

          Homura got the most character development, that’s probably why. The motivation for her actions was rooted much deeper than the others.

  3. Marina says:

    Nice new banner! And happy birthday :) Grats on the new job, too. I LOVE Greek food, and usually order things like falafels and moussaka. Good luck for your first day!

    • Riyoga says:


      All the food made here is pretty good, I’ve tried some of it. I’m a guy that hates eating his veggies, but I ate those Artichoke Croquettes up like they were dessert. It was good stuff. I haven’t tried some of the more Greek stuff, though (the ones with only Greek names, haha).

      I actually don’t see those two things on our menu. But it might be that they’re a different name on ours. My mum said she liked this one Greek food I didn’t see on our menu, but we had something with a different name that practically had the exact same description.
      Maybe the Greeks just can’t decide on names.

  4. Nadja says:

    Happy birthday!

    Love the new banner. xD Such a tsundere.

    Good luck on your first day. I’m clueless when it comes to Greek foods, but it seems like you’ve gotten it down pat. :)

    (Well, that’s weird. The “Enter your comment here” won’t go away. >.>)

    • Riyoga says:


      My banner is crap. It was supposed to be funny how bad it is, but everyone likes it. I fail at failing.
      Or maybe you guys just find it funny BECAUSE it’s so bad? That was the intended effect. Hmm…

      Heh, I still don’t have it down. I know most of the names by now, but now I’m trying to be able to recognize all the foods at an instant glance. It’s tough, especially when some items only have a single difference in ingredient (such as pork instead of chicken and vice versa).

      It’s a WordPress conspiracy.

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