Status Update

I’ve managed to go quite a few days without posting, yet again, so I thought it was only fair I took the time to at least write up why I’m being so slow.

The quick explanation is that things have been hectic for me, and unfortunately blogging is not a vital part of my life, so other things came before it.

The not-so-quick explanation is that the first delay happened due to me getting used to my new job and being a terrible manager of my own time. This second delay is because I basically got a vacation planned at, quite literally, the last minute.

So yes, I’ll be on vacation for the next few days. I’ll be back on the 27th, however, I’m participating in the Rusty Hearts closed beta which starts that day. Not to mention, I’ll also have work to go to when I get back.

And I suppose now’s the best time to say it: I’m truly sorry. These delays are absolutely unacceptable, especially given that I pride myself on my speed of getting posts out in relation to the seasons starting and ending. I’m not sure how I let this happen (heck, I still need to start about half the shows I’m planning to watch this season), but I don’t want it to happen again.

I don’t know how, but I’ll make it up to you guys. I’m also not sure when, considering I’ve been looking forward to Rusty Hearts for weeks, but I’m willing to bet I’ll have some downtime each day where I’m not playing. But even if there isn’t, I’ll eventually make it up to you guys.

Though that does remind me, if any of you are going to be in the closed beta, add me and we can kick some ass together. I’m not sure how the friend system will work for the game, but if we get usernames I’ll be Riyoga (obviously). I already know I’m going to play as Frantz.

Well, whatever. You can use the comments for this post to get a hold of me as far as partying up for Rusty Hearts goes.

Anyways, again, I apologize for the delays and I’ll try not to let something like this happen again.

EDIT: There’s actually a small chance that I’ll have a bit of free time to write a post or two during my vacation, but I wouldn’t count on it.

9 Comments on “Status Update”

  1. TRazor says:

    Take your time. The TRazor has returned to the aniblogosphere and will keep the people busy for a while ;)

  2. Nadja says:

    Hply crap! I don’t know what Rusty Hearts is (though the website looks cool), but my last name is Frantz. -thinks about potential risks of posting last name on internet, then remembers that I don’t care about anything anymore-
    What a coincidence! If I was drinking something, I would’ve spit it all over the computer screen.

    But yeah, don’t worry about getting stuff up during your vacation. It’s supposed to be relaxing, so just focus on having a great time. If you can fit in a preview or a blog post every now and then, that’s fine, but I wouldn’t fret over it.

    You could do some blatant filler posts. Those are always fun. xD

    Anyway, I hope you have a great time wherever you’re going. :)

    • Riyoga says:

      Your last name is awesome.
      Now I expect Frantz ultimate attack to be “Update strawberry milk.”

      Rusty Hearts is a dungeon-crawler-esque free-to-play online MMO coming out soon. At least that’s what I think it’s like. I’ll know for sure when the closed beta starts.
      But in one of the developer videos on Youtube that I’m too lazy to link, the game was described as a mix between Castle Crashers and Devil May Cry, which pretty much gave me a boner considering I love both of those games/series.
      Oh, it looks like the main site has a gameplay trailer on the front page now. Guess that works too.

      You should try out the Rusty Hearts closed beta and play as yourself (Frantz). I’m assuming it’s one of those “call it a closed beta but treat it like an open beta” deals, considering there’s a gigantic button on the site that says “JOIN CLOSED BETA.”

      Also, I’m at DISNEYLAND. And I’m riding the new Star Tours ride about 9000 times so I can see all the variants.
      …No, I’m not kidding. That’s really what I’m doing (with some other rides here and there).

      • milkis13 says:

        ahaha thank you. It feels so weird seeing my last name all over the website. I’m wondering how they came up with the name in the first place. 0.o

        I literally understood about 20% of what you said, but from the way you talked about it, it sounds great. AND HOW CAN I RESIST PLAYING AS MYSELF? Except Frantz is a dude. But hey, whatever. I have a brother.

        DISNEYLAND??? Man, that’s awesome. I’d kill to go to Disney Land or World.

  3. Nadja says:

    Oh whoops. My name came out as milkis13. Sorry ’bout that. ;)

    • Riyoga says:

      My bad. I’m used to talking to people that know about all the crap I play and such. I guess a simpler way of putting it is: you choose your person, story starts, you enter a level and kill shit, once all the shit is killed you fight a boss, then you move on to the next level.
      At least that’s what it looks and sounds like. The closed beta will be the first time anyone has played the game.

      Awesome. If you let me know when you’re on then we can kick ass together. Or if you prefer to fly solo, that’s cool too. I have some friends that will only play games if other people they know are on, and I have friends that prefer doing things on their own, so I understand both preferences.

      I saw all the possible destinations for Star Tours and it only took six rides. I’m just awesome like that.
      I’ve never been to Disney World, but I want to someday. Have you never been to Disneyland? If not, then you seriously need to plan on it at some point. You only need two or three days to ride everything, but damn is it all awesome.

  4. Nadja says:

    Haha well, put like that it seems like my kind of game. ;)
    I just need to get a feel of the game, and then plenty of ass shall be kicked by the two of us. I mean, I am a Frantz, so I should immediately level up to 9,000 or something.

    I’ve never been to Disneyland considering I live in Ohio (Cedar Point is incredible tho). My parents have this weird aversion to southern California- they say it’s too crowded and don’t want to deal with the traffic (we have gone to Laguna Beach before, though). My mom (the one who makes all the travel reservations) is somewhat of a travelling hipster. She only wants to go to the places where no one else is. Some of our past vacation destinations include: Hope, Idaho (a town of less than 100), Birch Bay, WA and Hancock, MA. I have made it down to Disney World a few times, though. I believe the last time I was there, I was in 3rd grade and deathly afraid of roller coasters. The only rides I remember going on were the Peter Pan one and the haunted mansion. All in all, it was a magical experience. I even had breakfast with princesses. :3

    • Riyoga says:

      Rusty Hearts is already taking up all of my time. It’s too fun. Though I’m hoping to get a post out today.

      Oh yeah, L.A. has a reputation for having the worst highways ever, and it definitely seemed that was true when we drove on them. But that’s where it’s somewhat convenient for you guys to not live nearby; you just get to take a plane to L.A. and go from there. Not that L.A. isn’t crowded, but at least you don’t have to drive for 6-8 hours.

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